Kyle Bass Continues to Make Predictions

Kyle Bass is the founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management as Wikipedia shows. The company is based in Dallas, Texas. It is run by Kyle Bass. He has been acknowledged by many as a techno guru that has a record of being deciphering economic cycles. There has been so much with the recent developments in China and he states that an approaching financing crisis is imminent. When he attended the Sohn Investing Conference in San Francisco, he spoke about the potential crisis and gave his foreshadowing. He stated he feels it will be even bigger and have a great impact on the entire world. He expects things will become rockier than it did in the crash of 2008. While the global impact won’t be that severe, he does expect the boat to be rocked a bit.

It just so happens that when the crisis of 2008 hit, he predicted what was going to happen. During this time, people thought he was just blowing smoke. However, now that his main prediction came true, people are listening to him now even though he’s also got a reputation as a bit of an investment gambler. He was known as a superstar for quite sometimes and road that high as long as he could. Even all the good he has done can’t outweigh the bad and the horrible calls he has made. It seems that he is always on television sharing his point of view. This conference brought together many people who would listen because China has trillions of dollars standing in reserve accounts.

It doesn’t really matter if they have almost $4 trillion in storage. That kind of money can only go so far when a storm comes blowing in. Less than a decade ago China had a much bigger base. It is estimated that the total net worth of the entire country is about $10 trillion. China is one of the most emerging markets in the country, but they are undercapitalized. If China goes into a recession, it’s going to hurt them big time. It could affect the overall growth of the country by more than fifty percent. As for a recession in the United States, experts don’t feel it will have that dramatic of an effect.

So many people are concerned that when the global economic structures are at a halt that it will cause a recession. Actually, there won’t be any growth in the US either, regardless of what the fall out brings, though it won’t be the end of the world either. The United States already has the banks recapped so that if there is a problem they will have it taken care of. China is anticipating the crisis too. They have bonds printed and this can help them get through times of desperation. It seems that Bass is just so eager to spread all sorts of predictions about the future; the problem is he doesn’t have the best tract record and it’s anyone’s guess who will take him seriously.

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