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Fine Dining for Your K-9

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America is a country of pet lovers; it is not uncommon to see people sitting at a dinner table and sharing their scraps with Spike. Add to this that America has become a nation more concerned with food being healthy and preservative free while maintaining its palatability, and you have the factors that are the driving force behind the United States’ new fascination with gourmet pet food. It is estimated that gourmet pet food now makes up over 50% of the pet food industry with much of the grub being delectable enough for human consumption. Blueberries, strawberries, lamb, turkey and real grilled hamburger can all be found in different brands of dog food.
Purina seems to be leading this charge into healthy gourmet meals for the pooch with its Beneful line of food products. They offer eight varieties of dry food, and a wopping 20 different types of wet food to satisfy your dog’s taste buds, appetite, and immune system. While dry dog food has always been considered the “less savory” of the two, that may no longer be the case with Beneful‘s line of dry dog food products. They offer on twitter real salmon, real chicken, real beef and egg; even the pickiest dogs could fall in love with choices like these. If you want that special four-legged member of your family to get his veggies as well, then Beneful makes that just as possible with its myriad of wet foods to choose from. Imagine your dog enjoying a Mediterranean style meal with lamb, tomatoes, brown rice and spinach, are you jealous yet? How about chicken, carrots, peas and wild rice for dinner? That’s not for you by the way; this is all for that four-legged friend of yours. The canine race is man’s best friend, and the new trends in gourmet food speak to that truth and then some, as now Rover can eat just like one of the family. There are even organic foods for him that can be found in Whole Foods if you want to keep everything all naturale. Now, it seems that when it comes to food, the only thing that humans still have that dogs don’t is restaurants, and even that may not be too far off.

European Startup Companies Are Investment Targets For Venture Capitalists

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Europe has had its fair share of challenges recently. The Greek debacle and the influx of refugees from the Middle East have dominated the news, but those issues haven’t stopped venture capitalists from investing in tech startup companies in Germany and the United Kingdom. In fact, American companies are investing millions in young tech companies that have a plethora of new ideas and management teams that excel in conquering challenges.

Companies like Salesforce Ventures, Microsoft, Google and Intel, are either acquiring or investing in tech-related companies or other firms that have the potential to produce an extraordinary amount of profit. One company that is familiar with these startup companies in Europe is Highland Capital Management. The Dallas-based Highland Capital Management is known for investing in European assets as well as assets around the world. The company has more than $21 million assets under management, and the firm has a team of experts that combs the international market for potential investments.

Highland Capital was established in 1993 by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada. Both men are experienced investors and money managers. Dondero spent time with American Express in the 1980s, and he developed an investment strategy that he still uses today. That strategy has given Jim Dondero the opportunity to invest in startups around the world. Dondero likes to invest in healthcare, technology and energy companies, but the main focus for other investors in Europe is tech companies. Microsoft, Google and Intel have already invested millions in tech companies in Berlin and England, but Dondero believes that other countries have young companies in other industries that can produce excellent returns.

According to a recent article published by the Seattle Times millions of dollars are being invested in companies like Relayr. Relayr is based in Berlin. The company makes software and sensors for heavy duty Internet applications. Google has invested in the music publishing company, called Kobalt, and Intel has invested in an open-source database company based in Finland called MariaDB. Those investments are just the beginning of a long list of investments, according to Jim Dondero.
Highland Capital Management will continue to invest in Europe as well as other areas of the world. Dondero’s goal is to be one of the top 10 investment firms in the world, and he usually accomplishes all his goals.

The Many Flavors of Beneful

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Dog owners understand that having a dog is gift. The companionship and joy they bring into our lives is beyond measure. Balancing your dog’s nutrition means keeping happier and healthier longer. Many dog food brands lack flavor and are made with substandard ingredients. Beneful has gone above and beyond to provide your dog with healthy foods made from natural ingredients that are sure to appeal to your dog’s tastes. Many dogs prefer very standard flavors of dog food. Typical dog food flavors include salmon, chicken and beef. While other dog foods might use these as mere flavorings, Beneful uses acutal meat in their dog foods. Beneful Playful Life dry dog food gives basic flavors like beef and egg, while Beneful Chopped Blends offer more developed flavor combinations like turkey and sweet potato or chicken and wild rice. The subtle addition of these healthy ingredients gives your dog a more balanced diet while staying true to the flavors they love and rely on. You may be a pet owner that would for your dog to experience exotic flavors and expose them to unique ingredients. Beneful also has options such as the Tuscan Style Medley, Romana Style Medley, and Mediterranean Style Medley that offer more distiquished flavors that are sure to please your puppy’s palate. Offering your fur-covered companion the excitement of unique flavors could be the trick to getting dogs with picky appetites to eating more regularly. Whether your dog has very adventurous tastes or likes to stay closer to the basics, Beneful has a dog food that is sure to delight your barking buddy. The flavor of your dog’s food is important because it will dictate whether or not your beloved canine eats enough food to stay healthy. The variety of flavors Beneful is available on Amazon and is sure to please even the most selective dog and is made from ingredients that will help your dog stay healthy longer.

Highland Capital Management Celebrates The Success of Their Efforts

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Highland Capital Management, a renowned credit management firm with headquarters in Dallas, has once again received an award for maintaining their positive practices in the market. Co-founded and managed by James Dondero, the company has appeared in the list of the US Hedge Fund Performance, and award that Jim cites has offered them more motivation to offer better products and services. The company, which holds more than $20 billion credit capital from various people and firms, has been selected and awarded in the category of small/large healthcare funds of the year. They have maintained great and fair policies all along and Jim cites this as one of the things that have allowed them to achieve the great outcome.

Running a company is something that requires some prudence. James Dondero is optimistic they will manage to maintain their position despite many challenges that occur in the market each day. This award among others has earned the company more trust from the public, something that spells a better future for them. They are expecting to receive clients, who ate going to invest through them to enjoy the benefits of working with a well established company. For more than ten years, they have offered great services, which have been characterized with seamless management and assistance where possible. This is attributed to the fact the company has invested in having the right staff in place. Highland Capital Management with the help of Jim, has ensured the hiring process only bring on board competent individuals who are committed to making positive changes for the system.

James Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital Management and their CEO, is a shrewd individual with a focused mind. His willingness to try out new things has seen the company upgrade to many products that have proved useful to the clients. Jim has been offering advice to all the managers of the company to ensure all strategies that are laid offer value to the firm. He is also well educated and capable of offering a report about the market and how to prepare for misfortunes.

Staying relevant in the market is not an easy task, but with the help of Jim Dondero, Highland Capital Management has been able to cling on to the top position. James Dondero is also a philanthropic individual and has helped many young individuals understand how to perfectly manage their start up businesses in a highly competitive niche.