George Soros And His Foundations in Russia

George Soros is a very well known economist on that is Native to Hungary. Soros is a man that migrated to England from Hungary when he was just a young man in 1947. Soros was trying to escape from the Nazi dominated Hungary. Soros went to England and went to the London School of Economics. He later moved to the United State where he decided to settle down. While living in the United States, Soros was able to gain much wealth by founding an international investment fund. Now Soros is a multi-billionaire and he still maintains an active watch on the European economy.

Apart from being a well versed economist, Soros is a world-renown philanthropist. Soros was active in giving donations to black students that were located in South Africa. He did this in the late 1970’s when apartheid was still going on. Soros wanted to help black students to attend Cape Town University. Soros has always been a man that has fought for neutrality and democracy; he has given of himself and of his funds to help further humanitarian acts.

Recently Russia decided to put a ban on a foundation started by Soros. Russia claims that the foundation is a ‘threat to the foundations and constitutional system of the Russian Federation.’ The foundation is called the Open Society Foundation and this foundation was created to advance democracy in the country of Russia. Russia has not made any more statements about the reasons why they decided to ban the foundation.

In times past, Russia welcomed efforts that were made by Soros to improve the condition of their citizens. Soros believes that this is going to be a temporary ban on his foundation, and he believes that the aspirations of the Russian people for a better world will not be held back forever. Soros has the belief that good intentions will achieve positive results in the future, and that Russia will not be able to hold its citizens down forever. speaks of George Soros as being a man that has funded networks ever since the 1970. Soros supports human rights, public health, education, and freedom of expression. Soros is a true human rights activist, and even though he is 85 years old, he still puts much of his time and energy into the improvement of humanity.

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