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The Tech of Coriant

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Coriant is a tech company that, while new, has been in existent for years now. It first started up as a sector within Nokia Siemens. Inside of the company, the division helped produce fiberoptic cables and other hardware used to boost network connections and to improve the way large businesses and companies interact with one another through the sharing of data. While the company has moved on its own, it still focuses on producing the same kind of material, only now as an independent company under the watchful eye of Shaygan Kheradpir.

When Coriant first started to produce fiberoptic cables and similar networking equipment, this sort of technology had just started. It did prove to be new and helpful with the continual expansion of the tech industry. However, when Nokia Siemens was purchased out and a new management team moved in, the Coriant division spun off in order to create its own entity. Now, as an independent company, the new board of directors still wanted to focus on the creation of fiberoptic networking hardware and software. With this being said though, the company did realize he needed to bring in someone with experience to run the company. Otherwise, without the aid of a new professional who had knowledge on fiberoptic equipment and the ability to manage other businesses, it might struggle to find its way in the new world. With the help of Shaygan Kheradpir, the company found the individual they were looking for.

Shaygan Kheradpir does have experience in the world of fiberoptic technology. When he worked as a department head for Verizon, he helped produce not only the DVR service the company new utilizes, but he also helped create the fiber optics technology for the company’s FiOS Internet and cable service. All of this has prove to be especially helpful and it made him a desirable candidate for the job. On top of being a CEO for Juniper Networks, he served on the board of directors for several other companies as well. Now, he has become the head of Coriant and he aims to do everything he can.

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Why Top Brazilian Banks Prosper Despite Economic Difficulties

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While Brazil has been experiencing economic difficulties in the past few years, the country’s top two banks, Itau Unibanco and Banco Bradesco have done quite well. Their profits accordingt to respectively rose 36% and 28%.

How did they do that in a struggling economy? As Igor Cornelsen, top Brazilian banker and investor, points out, the secret lies in knowing the market as well as experience with turbulent conditions. It seems that successful Brazilian banks are focusing on lending those with good credit standing, which makes operations more secure and cost effective.

Igor Cornelsen sees the appointment of Joaquim Levy as finance minister to be a positive development for the Brazilian economy and its banks. Many see Mr Levy as a wise policymaker, and with a friendly and sensible attitude towards the private sector, which is in opposition to populist ideas held by many of Brazil’s politicians.

Mr. Cornelsen also tells business people and investors on bizjournals to pay attention to China. Any positive news coming from the Middle Kingdom are likely to be good for Brazil, especially its natural resources sector.

He also hopes that the new administration will let Brazilian Real to depreciate further, thus improving country’s competitiveness. He also thinks that the country’s Current Account needs to be improved. Yet, Brazil’s large market of nearly 200 million, vast natural resources, and a need for infrastructure development make this market to be attractive for foreigners.

For those looking to invest in this large South American country, he advises establishing relationships and networks with the locals, being ready (and patient enough) for the red tape, and knowing how to handle foreign currency restrictions.

Igor Cornelsen has been recognized as one of the top bankers in Brazil. He’s also an investor and currently works as a consultant. In the past, he manged some of the biggest Brazilian banks.