George Soros Shares His Insight About The Collapsed Of The European Union.

Recently, George Soros was interviewed by Gregor Peter Schmitz of the German magazine, WirtschaftsWoche, about the current situation in Europe and the prediction of the collapse of the European Union. George Soros had a lot to say from his economic and political understanding of Europe and also from his personal experience as he was born in Hungary during the Nazi inversion and studied in England. He has also been involved in philanthropic work both in Europe, especially in Germany during the division between the east and the west. His Open Society Foundation has been on the forefront of fighting against injustices such as democratic and human rights violations in countries such as Hungary and Syria.
George Soros began his discussion by congratulating the current chair of the European Union, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor for fighting hard to hold the union together up to know despite the numerous challenges the union is facing. He said that though he has been a critic of Angela Merkel, her leadership ability and insightfulness can not be compared with that of any other leader. He said Angela Merkel was the first person to predict the European crisis correctly and started preparing the union with policies such as the European asylum seekers policy.

According to George Soros, the Russian inversion to Ukraine and the Syrian crisis are the two major problems that are powerfully threatening the stability of the union. The Russian inversion on Ukraine proved that the European Union has lost control over Russia, a very aggressive instability minded nation lead by the dictatorial Vladimir Putin. It also proved that the European Union had lost the power to protect smaller nations in its union from attack by the larger nations. On the hand, the Syrian crisis was generating millions of refugees in Europe that were flooding in other countries in the union. Though some countries like German were readily taking in refugees, others like Hungary and Poland had launched anti-refugee campaigns that were driven by there, political leaders.

The European Union also has another problem of immigrants from other nations worldwide. The increased number of immigrants arriving in Europe every day are a big threat to the economy of Europe. Angela Merkel has proposed a policy that will allow immigrants into Europe at a rate which Europe could absorb them healthily. There is also the issue of the euro crisis and the British membership referendum about its membership to the union. George Soros thinks that Angela Merkel can diligently handle all these problems and put the European Union back on track.


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