CCMP Capital – Business Practice Named World Class Investment Partner

CCMP Capital according to the Wall Street Journal has been contributed by a long line of companies that have existed to come together. It is a private equity firm that is globally know and produces business throughout the world. CCMP capital Advisors has been known and reported to have invested more than $16 billion in buyout and equity growth transactions. The company’s heritage has been producing equity transactions since 1984 with a long line of expertise and years of experience. The company has been well known to concentrate on four different areas of business which have stemmed from previous companies, but exhibited a solid business structure for the company. The four different areas that they mainly focus on are consumer and retail businesses and services, industrial businesses, healthcare practices and chemical and energy services. Their active model structure has named them the world-class investment partner with a reputation that is prominent and outstanding.

CCMP Capital claimed its independence in 2006 and since then has worked to deepen the industry with experts who have driven power and years of experience in their field of practice. The teams at CCMP Capital exhibit exception management force, power and execution. They ensure that clients are taken care of and are satisfied with the business. Their goals continue to increase their business transactions drive the company into a new high of growth along with maintaining the operation efficiency of the business.

The company received much of its reputation and high standard procedures through a man named Steve Murray. Steve Murray was a private equity investor who sadly passed away one year ago. His career started in 1984 when he was studying economics at Boston College. He received his degree and decided to go from his master’s degree in business administration. He graduated from Columbia Business School in 1989. His career started in 1984 while he worked as an analyst for Manufacturers Hanover Cooperation. That was the beginning of his high sustaining career in investments. He worked for many companies throughout the years. All of which either bought the previous company out and branched off to form another company, much like what happened with CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital actually became a spin off From JP Morgan Chase in 2006 and was co-founded by Stephen Murray. In 2007 he was named the chief executive officer (CEO) and president of the company. Murray really enjoyed his time as a philanthropist working with the Food Bank and the Make A Wish Foundation. He also served on the board of many important, major companies like Aramark, Generac Power Systems and Cabelas. He enjoyed helping others and will be truly missed for his hard work and dedication, ensuring that CCMP Capital remain in the spot light like it is today.