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4 Tips For Those Wishing To Invest In Gold

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As you very well know, investing in gold is big business. Every week millions of gold bullion coins are sold all over the world. This equals a big money making opportunity for those who distribute gold. But as the saying goes, everything that glitters isn’t gold. That’s why its important you know a few things before you invest in gold.

Here are 4 tips for those who wish to invest in gold:

Tip #1 – Stay Away From Rare Coins

While buying something rare is very appealing, if you aren’t an expert in rare coins there is a good chance you will end up getting ripped off. Unless you plan on hiring a professional grading service to help you investigate the rare coins, its best to stay away from them.

Tip #2 – Compare Dealer Prices

Just like you would shop around when buying a car or home, you should do that same when it comes to investing in gold. The good news is comparing gold prices is fairly simple. Once you know the spot price you can easily figure out the premium for which the gold is being sold. As a rule of thumb, never pay more than 5 percent for gold bullion coins. To find out the spot price of gold visit or

Tip #3 – Focus On North American Coins

The easiest coins to buy and sell are the American Eagle and the Canadian Maple Leaf. The interesting thing about the American Eagle is its gold content and purity is backed by the U.S. Mint. American Eagle coins can also be put into individual retirement accounts.

Tip #4 – Ask About Dealer Buyback Policies

When investing in gold, there will come a time when you will wish to sell it back. Find out if your dealer charges a fee to do so. Each dealer is different and will handle buybacks differently.

U.S. Money Reserve Can Help

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest and most respected distributors of U.S. government-issued coins in the United States. When you buy from them you can buy with the confidence of knowing you are getting access to some of the best coins on the market.

If you have any questions about investing in gold or any other precious metals, give U.S. Money Reserve a call at 1-866-MINT-GOLD. You can also visit them online at and request a free gold information kit.

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Sam Tabar Offers Tips About Investments

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Sam Tabar has offered tips for investing in the new year. If there is one thing that is needed for investors, it is a lot of knowledge and tips. A lot of the knowledge gained comes from being in action. Sam Tabar also understands that there are some pieces of information that could be missed while in education or just forgotten. These tips can be used in order to bring into memory sound investment strategies. These strategies and tips can help one make profitable investments. Sam Tabar is one of those investors that is very generous with tips and advice that will help people make great investments.

For those that are making investments without education, it is very important to get as many tips as possible. As a matter of fact, it is better to not get started investing right away except to get a preview on how it works. Otherwise, it is best to step back and observe while keeping the investments out of it. It is important to observe the price action and look for relevant news that has been released at the time of the price change in the commodity. That way, one could get a better feel of the market.

While he definitely has the proven pedigree, besides Sam Tabar, there are plenty of other sources of information that one could learn from. If an aspiring investor is curious, he could learn from the mistakes of someone that has failed in making profitable investments. However, it is better for one to learn from the likes of Sam Tabar. The only way someone is going to be successful like Sam Tabar is to study his career. On the same token, the only way for one to be successful in anything, he has to learn from the success stories in the industry. He must learn enough from the successes so that he could develop a similar mindset to the successful person.

As one takes the time to learn, he must be willing to learn from others who are learning from the same source. They may have some insight to what people like Sam Tabar are teaching. Then at some point, one will be able to earn from the market as he invests in profitable commodities. However, even profitable investors can afford to learn from others. Sam Tabar himself is open up to learning from other successes in order to improve his own strategies.

Sam Tabar has a wealth of information on his Twitter, for people who are looking to profit from commodities. He will tell them what to look for in companies and the signs of a company to avoid. He has made huge profits in companies and he wants others to make huge profits and succeed in their paths. Make sure to follow him on Vimeo to keep learning.

Does White Shark Media Live Up To The Hype?

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With so many positive claims made by White Shark Media about their online marketing services and capabilities, it can be hard to decipher between what is true and what is mere marketing on their part to attract new clients. This review aims to answer that question using what their clients are saying about them and their experiences over the years, since having opened in 2010. TopSEO’s website reports that White Shark Media has 144 employees under its wing, dedicated to managing a group of 600 clients. Making sure that customers get the full attention that is required to fully manage their marketing ad campaigns has not been a problem yet, but only time will tell as the company expands, as well as the companies their clients manage. So far, they seem to be doing well, and doing it right, according to their clients statements.

A number of White Shark Review clients have voiced their happiness with their services on the Disqus website. The majority express their gratitude for what they have done to give them higher conversion rates and increased sales in general. Even when there is not a full understanding of what these services are doing in the background on, the clients seem to be pretty impressed in what they are seeing happen with their online business ventures. Increased sales in the double digit percentiles has to get any business owner a bit excited, and being able to compete with other companies much larger than you must give a sense of being on the right track for the future. One client is quoted here for White Shark Complaints as saying “Good work really appreciate to work with them!,” but there are so many more of this nature. If you desire, you can read the rest of the reviews at this link:

Most small online businesses overlook the necessity of having a proper marketing firm set into place for handling ad campaigns and optimization for ranking. However, doing this could mean the difference between seeing a business fall by the wayside or thrive as it grows into a household name across the globe. White Shark Media seems to be living up to their claims of carrying their clients into new frontiers, whereas many others simply do not. If your online business needs to expand, speaking with one of their specialists could be the way to go. At least, you may be able to gauge what is needed for you to take the next step through another route.

Is the Community Council in Venezuela a Form of Grassroots Democracy?

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Community councils are common in Venzula, a country that is run by socialist President Nicolas Maduro. These community councils are run by supporters of Venezuel’s Bolivarian, which is the name for the government started by former President Hugo Chavez. These meetings and community councils can apply for aid from the state governent and help to run government social programs.

Supporters say that these programs are a positive way for local people to be involved in the government and have a say in how things are run, but there are also many critics of these community councils, who believe that the community councils are a form of oppositional government.

Whatever the effect that these community councils have, it is clear that they are a part of every day life in Venuzula. Community members of all ages, including the very young and the very old attend these meetings, which happen on an almost daily basis. These meetings inducted by Danilo Diaz discuss a wide range of topics, from how to distribute money from social programs intended to improve schools or feed needy residents, to how to solve the problem of a farmer who’s sheep are constantly escaping and crossing the road. Whatever the purpose or effect of these meetings, they are very popular, with an estimate of over 30,000 community councils according to official statistics from the Venezuelan government.



Smile on Skout and Reap the Rewards

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Smiling, happy people draw others. The laws of attraction make a point of noting how people act contributes to how people react to them. This is not just the case in real life, but also online. Skout recently did an survey of its users. The results of the survey reveal replacing a stoic picture with a smiling one is going to reap massive rewards.

April brings “National Humor Month” and Skout took the opportunity to learn a little bit about smiles and their effect. Based on research, persons with a nice smile in their profile photograph are better able to make connections with other people.

Should this come as a surprise?

A person who is smiling appears like a fun individual to be around. A smile has a disarming, positive psychological effect. A smile on a happy face gives off positive vibes. Skout’s tracking of its members reveals this.

Skout provides an app for a dating and friendship social platform. The app is designed to connect people through both their interests and geographic location. Creating a profile on Skout requires adding pictures and various images. Careful thought should go into the selection of the images to be sure they yield the desirable effect. On a dating and companionship platform, this means the images must support and contribute to interactions. Smiling helps with this cause a lot.

Skout’s survey involved getting the opinions of 3,372 of its users. That is a pretty sizeable sample, and one capable of delivering credible results. The survey took revealed photos of people laughing received extremely positive reactions. Smiles, laughter, and being upbeat in general draw people to others.

And a lot of people are drawn to Skout. The app has a large following. Skout is considered a “mobile-social network” and people from all over the world are members. The display of the members is perfect for a smartphone. Just tapping on an image loads the profile. Quick and easy access to profiles makes contacting the person even easier.

Those without smiling or laughing photos may wish to add them. Doing so is going to help stimulate a lot more activity on the platform. “Activity” means meeting more and more interesting people, and that is a desirable outcome.

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