Smile on Skout and Reap the Rewards

Smiling, happy people draw others. The laws of attraction make a point of noting how people act contributes to how people react to them. This is not just the case in real life, but also online. Skout recently did an survey of its users. The results of the survey reveal replacing a stoic picture with a smiling one is going to reap massive rewards.

April brings “National Humor Month” and Skout took the opportunity to learn a little bit about smiles and their effect. Based on research, persons with a nice smile in their profile photograph are better able to make connections with other people.

Should this come as a surprise?

A person who is smiling appears like a fun individual to be around. A smile has a disarming, positive psychological effect. A smile on a happy face gives off positive vibes. Skout’s tracking of its members reveals this.

Skout provides an app for a dating and friendship social platform. The app is designed to connect people through both their interests and geographic location. Creating a profile on Skout requires adding pictures and various images. Careful thought should go into the selection of the images to be sure they yield the desirable effect. On a dating and companionship platform, this means the images must support and contribute to interactions. Smiling helps with this cause a lot.

Skout’s survey involved getting the opinions of 3,372 of its users. That is a pretty sizeable sample, and one capable of delivering credible results. The survey took revealed photos of people laughing received extremely positive reactions. Smiles, laughter, and being upbeat in general draw people to others.

And a lot of people are drawn to Skout. The app has a large following. Skout is considered a “mobile-social network” and people from all over the world are members. The display of the members is perfect for a smartphone. Just tapping on an image loads the profile. Quick and easy access to profiles makes contacting the person even easier.

Those without smiling or laughing photos may wish to add them. Doing so is going to help stimulate a lot more activity on the platform. “Activity” means meeting more and more interesting people, and that is a desirable outcome.

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