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Beneful Products

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There are few pet food brands in the world today with the brand equity of Beneful. With a full line of products, Beneful offers their Wal-Mart customers great quality at a low price. Many Beneful dog food options are great for pet owners who want their pet to eat healthy. Over time, this is a great investment in your pet. Studies show that pets eating healthy food live several years longer than those that do not. Anyone looking for the best in dog food options should look at Beneful. Beneful makes dry dog food, wet dog food( and dog treats.

Healthy Eating

When pet owners think of Beneful, many of them think of healthy eating. There are dozens of flavors that pet owners can choose from. Many of the flavored food options taste great and are also healthy. This is the perfect combination for pet owners who want their pets to live a long life. One of the most popular flavors of food is the chicken-flavored food. Many dogs love the taste of chicken, and the flavoring makes dog excited every time it is time to eat. Instead of having to force your pet to eat healthy, you can simply buy the healthy dog food options from

Organic Pet Food

One of the fastest growing segments of the pet food market is organic pet food. Over the past few years, the demand for organic pet food has more than doubled. This is a sign that pet owners want the best for their pets. Anyone looking for organic options should consider the Beneful line of organic products. Beneful has dozens of organic pet food options on Amazon that are made with environmental sustainability in mind. Beneful is the industry leader in pet food, and the organic options are just one more reason dog owners trust the company.

ClassDojo Is Changing The Classroom Atmosphere

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ClassDojo was developed to change the classroom atmosphere from the ground up by making it possible for teachers, students and parents. The ClassDojo application software was designed to allow students, teachers and parents to communicate throughout the school day using images, videos and messages. Progressive ideas such as personalized learning and SEL can also be adapted with great ease thanks to the innovative application.

The ClassDojo application allows school communities to become a close knit unit that collectively work on making the school platform a better place to learn and children to thrive. ClassDojo is a very fast growing platform that is loved by many around the globe in more than 180 different countries. Alone in the United States it is being used by more than 2/3 of the school systems.

The ClassDojo application was originally developed by a group of educators, designers and engineers from around the world. Some of these professionals come from industries such as Amazon, Airbnb, Google, Facebook, Y Combinator and Dropbox. Where others are from charter and public schools. This clashing of real world understanding with innovative technology has made ClassDojo so effective in changing the education platform. Education is made a lot more fun and current through the ability to share with the entire community.

The applications unique features allow students to learn very important skills such as persistence and teamwork. The ability to share videos and photos of moments in the classroom lets parents engage in the atmosphere without being physically present. Children using the ClassDojo application have shown to have a more positive outlook on education while enjoying the experience. This makes it easier for the parents and teachers to provide an atmosphere of learning and creativity.

ClassDojo also lets the user connect with other users. For example if teachers want to contact parents, they can do so directly through the application software. No more having to know telephone numbers. Simply connect via the application. If there are any class announcements the teacher in charge can distribute them via the application and ensure that all in the community have the necessary details. This saves on paper and printing as well as time and effort. Another great feature is the immediate translation of messages into over 25 different languages. This is great for those in the community who understand better in their mother tongue.


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The Success of Darius Fisher

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With more and more businesses being dependent on online coverage, it has now become a necessary investment to hire online risk assessment firms that can not only manage any potential risk, but can also prevent risk. Online reputation management teams have recently become any business’ secret to success. By creating positive reputations online, risk management firms actually increase customers as well as total revenue to the company. The innovator within this industry is Darius Fisher, the proud owner of his own online risk management firm known as Status Labs. Darius is the President as well as the co-founder of this company and has constantly been hands on with the company ever since it was created. Within just a few short years of being a business, Darius Fisher has created an empire.


This digital management firm specializes in risk prevention, digital crisis management, as well as creating new strategies for companies to repair their digital presence. Darius Fisher and his team of experts have taken advantage of using social media, Google, among other popular sites on the internet to spread positive images of companies. Darius Fisher and his team’s most popular clients are not just businesses, but also individuals who are often in the public eye such as politicians and even athletes. Often enough, Darius Fisher likes to compare what he and his team does to that of the popular TV show,. Like the TV, Status Labs makes a living off of making their clients look better in the eyes of the public.
Within the last few years, Status Labs has become a global business that includes over 1,500 clients from 35 different countries around the world. Darius Fisher understands the political business as he started out his career as a political consultant. In addition to this, Mr. Fisher’s experience as a copywriter has given him experience and knowledge of what is specifically needed in order to run a top risk management firm. Darius Fisher and his expert team at Status Labs are excited to continue growing their business and have even recently expanded their office to a larger office in New York City.

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The Best Choices for Your Dog: Beneful Dog Food

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Beneful dog food makes a wide variety of dog food products to suit the needs of every dog. If you are looking for a healthy, nutritious meal your dog will enjoy look no further than the Beneful dog food line.

Beneful creates a wide variety of dry dog foods such as the Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals made with Real Beef. This dog food is full of real ingredients including beef, spinach, peas, and carrots! It is filled with antioxidants and contains 100% of the daily value of nutrients that your dog needs to be healthy. It’s contents are made up of 24% of crude protien which is important for growth and immune system support.
For puppies, Beneful Dry Dog Food with Real Chicken is an excellent choice. It is made with real ingredients like chicken, peas, and carrots. Puppies need more protein than adult dogs and this Beneful dog food consists of 28% of crude protien which makes it a great option for your puppy!
If you are looking for a wet dog food option for your dog, Beneful has many great varieties to choose from! One such option is Beneful Wet Dog Food ( Chopped Blends Beef. These 10 oz resealable tubs are made with real beef, carrots, peas, and barley. They are made up of 10% crude protien and is good for both puppies and adult dogs. One container is about the same as one cup of dry dog food. These products are available on most groceries like Wal-Mart.
Another wet dog food option is the Beneful Wet Dog Food Incredibites with Beef. This variety of wet dog food is chopped into small pieces and sold on in 3oz cans making it an ideal meal for small adult dogs. It is made with real beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice and consists of 10% crude protien. One can of this dog food is about the equivalent of 1/4 cup dry dog food.

Activities have never been easier and comfortable with Fabletics wear

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Looking great in whatever you do is something that everybody wants to achieve, be it workout, going for an evening out with friends, in the office or even for an event. Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics has made all this possible with her line of women wear. JustFab Inc. co-founders, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler partnered with Kate Hudson to launch Fabletics, which mainly focusses in the active wear for market, in 2013. Their goal and objectives is to create and design clothing that motivates you to stay active and feel confident in whatever activity you undertake. The prices on are fair and the quality offers you value for your money. The joy and inspiration comes from seeing everybody embrace their beauty and live the happy life you choose to live every day.

Fabletics offer the best designs that allow you to feel free and express yourself in the most fashionable way imaginable. It raises your self-esteem, and this enables you achieve all your set goals. They have a range of outfits to choose from, from sportswear, which support your fitness activity of choice from running, spin, yoga or the gym, to outfits that you can live and run your errands in in a fashionable way. Because of Fabletics, they have created designs that help you look good in the streets and anywhere you go. The system for acquiring your outfit of choice is easy and does not consume much of your time. First, you take a brief quiz which will help the company create a personalized outfit that fits your lifestyle. After this has been done, you can choose from the many available styles designed for you. You then check out either as a guest or as a VIP member or you can come back whenever you are ready and shop for the best outfit of choice and with the best savings.

The actor, fashion maker and mother of two has recently released a line of athleisure dresses on which incorporate different factors from previous outfits and experience of many. Hudson spoke to about the latest design in her line of costumes, and what is installed is the best ever seen. This will can be found in Marie Claire Magazine. The inspiration came from everyday experience and the need to be casual in all that is done. It is made in a manner that you can wear the outfits in any form of event or occasion including dates, events, workouts, or an outing with friends or family. The main aim is for you to feel comfortable in all that you decide to undertake. According to Hudson, the outfits are made to ease the stress of wearing many clothing which sometimes becomes uncomfortable and a hustle to handle and work in. They come with inbuilt bras hence no need to wear any extra bra.

With more inventions in the making, the future is secure and promising for Kate Hudson, and the Fabletics community in terms of better and more performance enhanced outfits for all occasions and life style. 

The Manse On Marsh Exceeds Expectations

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Anyone who has ever had to look for an independent assisted living facility understands how important it is to pick the right one. As a child of someone who has reached their senior years, it was important to me to find a great place for mom. As a result, we started to look into a selection of facilities. We found The Manse On Marsh to be exceptional.

Having a committed leadership team who can be reached onsite was very helpful. The staff of The Manse on Marsh is amazing. Chris Skiff is the center’s owner and we found it awesome that he was there to answer any questions that we had and to talk with us and the residents. The Manse On Marsh is just a very cool place because they have a great staff who care. Our experience is that they care about the community which they serve and they also care about each other. The Manse on Marsh has an amazing location right downtown and there is so much for the community to do. They have activities and the rates of the housing are cost effective too. There are so many things that we love about this center. Perhaps all of these reasons are why they have been getting awards from people who love what they are doing at the center. It’s a very supportive community for the seniors and anyone who needs assisted living.

This center is one of those where you notice that it special when you walk in. You see happy, smiling faces and people who enjoy each other and their staff. We have noticed their movie room too. This theatre is just amazing. The seats and comfortable and they make popcorn and show movies of all types to the residents and their families. You can watch everything from the classics to modern day movies. We enjoy our visits with mom when we go to The Manse On Marsh and it is easy to get her out shopping or out for some fresh air. We love the fact that she s living the good life and a full life at this caring community center.  The good Yelp reviews really drive the point home, and it’s worth checking out their blog for more information.

The Role of The Manse on Marsh in Assisted Living

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The vigorous nature of today’s world makes taking care of the aged members of the society a challenge. The aged are being seen more of a liability, with most people relegating their upkeep to caretakers. To step in this gap, lawyer Chris Skiff came up with the idea of opening a residential facility where the old can be taken care of by experts as they interact with people of their generation. The center provides incomparable services to the elderly in an apartment-style environment that is designed to improve their interaction with each other. Its main purpose was to provide a superior level of services to those who are aged.

The Facility

The Manse on Marsh has been in operation for more than fifteen years, within which it has catered for the needs of hundreds of senior citizens. The center has been widely recognized as one of the best facilities offering assisted living in the United States. It is located in the vibrant city of San Luis Obispo, California. This offers residents the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest in a dynamic, caring and friendly environment.  Something really highlighted on Twitter.

The safety of those living in the center is prioritized above any other thing. This explains why they are offered a variety of options, which ensures that they have a sense of independence in their decision making. Their privacy is also guaranteed because they are offered different accommodation alternatives. They can choose to live in studio apartments, one bedroom apartments or self-contained cottages. Residency is on a short term or long term basis. Regardless of the type of residency chosen, there is guaranteed access to all services availed at the facility.

Complementary Services

The center offers extra services which go a long way in ensuring the comfort of its clients. There are well trained residential medical caregivers, who are always on call twenty four hours a day. This ensures that the medical needs of everyone living in the facility are met. To ensure their well-being, members of staff go around the rooms checking on each resident. This is done at least five times a day. Those who opt to move in permanently are usually helped to sell their property. This ensures that they do not fall prey to fraudsters.

Fun activities are also arranged throughout the year to eliminate any boredom that might come about due to doing the same things every day. Activities that keep them busy include religious services, games, lectures and debates, fitness exercises and even yoga. These keep them engaged and go a long way in enhancing their lives. Due to its unmatchable services, the center is widely regarded as the best community for the aged in Central California. Residents together with their relatives have given it rave reviews, which is proof of its superiority.

Michael Zomber; a Renowned Guns and Sword Experts

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Michael Zomber is a renowned firearms and armor collector and a distinguished historian. He was born in 1949 in Washington D.C. of German parentage. Zomber spent much of his childhood years in New Jersey and Philadelphia. For over 30 years, Zomber has built a reputation as a knowledgeable and ethical arms dealer. According to Renascent Films website, this experience has seen him make several appearances in History Channel episodes as an expert and historian. The episodes include; Automatic Pistols, Guns of the Famous, Shortguns, Dueling Pistols and Guns of the Orient. Michael Zomber is also an internationally acclaimed authority on Japanese samurai swords.

One of his major works is the Soul of Samurai film documentary, where he talks about certain Samurai customs and practices. Zomber has written several books and documentary features. His written credits include; Shogun Iemitsu, Sweet Betsy that Me: A Child of the Civil War and Jesus and the Samurai. For the Shogun Iemitsu, Zomber has written a full screen play and television series. Over the years Zomber has had a long checkered career, According to the University of Michigan website, in 2003 he was wrongfully convicted of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. Under the conviction, Zomber was charged with overcharging firearms collector and millionaire businessman, Joseph Murphy.

The conviction forced Zomber to leave his family in order to serve 2 years in a prison camp. In 2008, the conviction was overturned and forced into a retrial by the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. The charges were finally withdrawn by the prosecution in July 2009.  During his time in prison, Zomber spent a lot of time tutoring prisoners to pass GED examinations. He also wrote several legal documents, novels and nonfiction books. Outside his official work engagements, Zomber supports various organizations, whose mission is to bring peace.

The peace promoting organizations include; UNICEF, the International and Global Exchange, Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders. Zomber is married and has two children, Christopher and Gabriella. His wife, Andrea is the President of the highly reputable Renascent Films, which is an independent boutique film production company. During his early schooling years, Zomber attended Friends Central School in Pennsylvania and graduated with a cum laude. He holds a bachelors degree with honors in Psychology and English Literature as well as a master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA.  Follow Michael on Facebook, and be sure to have a look at his official website.

Talk Fusion Lives Up To Its Name

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Communication has become more streamlined in modernity than perhaps in any other time in human history, baring an advanced sunken civilization vis-a-vis Atlantis. Communication continues to revitalize itself over time, and one of the reasons that happens is modern political climates across independent nation-states have made citizen development of technology for use in a corporate climate possible. In a feudalism or authoritarian socialist regime, technological advances don’t usually happen as quickly. But in America, one man can change the whole world just by going after a solution no one has tackled yet. In this case, that man was Bob Reina.

In 2007 Bob Reina wasn’t trying to change the world. In fact, he wasn’t trying to change anything; he was just trying to send an e-mail with a video embedded inside. He couldn’t figure out how to make that happen, and when he called America Online, he was told what he wanted wasn’t possible. Now, in a society with strictures on freedom, what Bob did next probably wouldn’t have been thinkable. But Bob was in the right place and the right time, so he was able to commission an IT friend to develop software technology that would allow a video to become embedded in an e-mail. The two were successful at their endeavor, and as of 2016, Talk Fusion can boast influence in some one-hundred and forty separate countries.

Talk Fusion is also continuously developing the technologies at its disposal. Recently they’ve come out with a proprietary, patent-pending high definition video chat application that is so popular it’s topped the charts in Indonesia, and become the fifth most popular video chat app in Japan. Talk Fusion is offering a thirty day free trial of their technology, and the trial does not require any credit-card information. Things like that are what have boosted Talk Fusion into membership with the DSA, or Direct Sales Association: they’ve got enough confidence in their product to take a loss on a new client for a month.

Lastly, Talk Fusion’s options are available on Android, Macintosh, and Windows systems; as well as on a variety of tablet operating systems.

Harrowing Story Of A 13 year Old left Alone in Darkest place and comes back with Spotlight

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At the Age of 13 years old, Yeonmi Park was introduced into sex through a chronic sexual violence by a trafficker threatening to jeopardize her life by becoming the second wife after raping her mother in her presence front of her. Before she could even know the definition of the word freedom, Yeonmi could not need to be told rather define it in her mother’s friend being killed and curtained life of her father, and human trafficking that existent in her world.

Yeonmi was born near the border of China in North Korea city of Hyesan during the reign of Kim Jong-II. With her mother, narrowly escaped to and become refugees in china. Yeonmi childhood encounter with her mother depicts the state of women in North Korea, family values an experience that made her run for freedom in China and later New York. Her father died running out of slavery and never knew whether freedom and democracy do exist.

Her strong character to survive through Gobi desert to Mongolian border and finally to South Korea show the determined human spirit to defeat and challenge injustice and struggle to get a better place to relax. Yeonmi state at which she narrates back at home for her family presents the state of great fear, torture, and abuse of women.

Yeonmi sadistic story at the age of 13, and now narrating the story shared by the at 22 years old presents spotlight into the world where her story speaks for money who cannot manage like Yeonmi. Yeonmi tries to communicate to the world children suffer and passes through hardship in the hand of bad and dictatorial leadership.

Having gone through difficult experience and trauma, forced prostitution, and trafficked in the hands of China by gangsters, Yeonmi now enjoys the freedom and actively fights for the freedom of others. She finally got united with her family and speaks for many who have deprived their rights in darkest corners of this world. Her story struck her mind more than she can hold but her present life and life of her family erodes the memories that pinned her down. Yeonmi presently studies criminal Justice and she is working as an activist. She released a book on Amazon about her amazing journey to get freedom.