Harrowing Story Of A 13 year Old left Alone in Darkest place and comes back with Spotlight

At the Age of 13 years old, Yeonmi Park was introduced into sex through a chronic sexual violence by a trafficker threatening to jeopardize her life by becoming the second wife after raping her mother in her presence front of her. Before she could even know the definition of the word freedom, Yeonmi could not need to be told rather define it in her mother’s friend being killed and curtained life of her father, and human trafficking that existent in her world.

Yeonmi was born near the border of China in North Korea city of Hyesan during the reign of Kim Jong-II. With her mother, narrowly escaped to and become refugees in china. Yeonmi childhood encounter with her mother depicts the state of women in North Korea, family values an experience that made her run for freedom in China and later New York. Her father died running out of slavery and never knew whether freedom and democracy do exist.

Her strong character to survive through Gobi desert to Mongolian border and finally to South Korea show the determined human spirit to defeat and challenge injustice and struggle to get a better place to relax. Yeonmi state at which she narrates back at home for her family presents the state of great fear, torture, and abuse of women.

Yeonmi sadistic story at the age of 13, and now narrating the story shared by the Reason.com at 22 years old presents spotlight into the world where her story speaks for money who cannot manage like Yeonmi. Yeonmi tries to communicate to the world children suffer and passes through hardship in the hand of bad and dictatorial leadership.

Having gone through difficult experience and trauma, forced prostitution, and trafficked in the hands of China by gangsters, Yeonmi now enjoys the freedom and actively fights for the freedom of others. She finally got united with her family and speaks for many who have deprived their rights in darkest corners of this world. Her story struck her mind more than she can hold but her present life and life of her family erodes the memories that pinned her down. Yeonmi presently studies criminal Justice and she is working as an activist. She released a book on Amazon about her amazing journey to get freedom.