The Manse On Marsh Exceeds Expectations

Anyone who has ever had to look for an independent assisted living facility understands how important it is to pick the right one. As a child of someone who has reached their senior years, it was important to me to find a great place for mom. As a result, we started to look into a selection of facilities. We found The Manse On Marsh to be exceptional.

Having a committed leadership team who can be reached onsite was very helpful. The staff of The Manse on Marsh is amazing. Chris Skiff is the center’s owner and we found it awesome that he was there to answer any questions that we had and to talk with us and the residents. The Manse On Marsh is just a very cool place because they have a great staff who care. Our experience is that they care about the community which they serve and they also care about each other. The Manse on Marsh has an amazing location right downtown and there is so much for the community to do. They have activities and the rates of the housing are cost effective too. There are so many things that we love about this center. Perhaps all of these reasons are why they have been getting awards from people who love what they are doing at the center. It’s a very supportive community for the seniors and anyone who needs assisted living.

This center is one of those where you notice that it special when you walk in. You see happy, smiling faces and people who enjoy each other and their staff. We have noticed their movie room too. This theatre is just amazing. The seats and comfortable and they make popcorn and show movies of all types to the residents and their families. You can watch everything from the classics to modern day movies. We enjoy our visits with mom when we go to The Manse On Marsh and it is easy to get her out shopping or out for some fresh air. We love the fact that she s living the good life and a full life at this caring community center.  The good Yelp reviews really drive the point home, and it’s worth checking out their blog for more information.