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WEN Puts The Va-Va-Va-Voom Into Blogger’s Fine Frizzy Mane

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Ever had a bad hair day?
We all have and can blame it on the lather we find in our regular shampoos. Most are unaware that the lather is damaging our crowning glory, because harsh detergents known as sulfates create the suds. These sulfates weaken the hair shaft, creating dullness and even damage.

Popular west coast stylist Chaz Dean believed there had to be another way, and so he invented the famous WEN hair system with the no-lather shampoo formula. His cleansing conditioners are sulfate-free and gentle with natural botanical ingredients. His WEN system brings back radiance and healthy shine to every hair type in any condition.

Bustle beauty blogger Emily McClure wanted the bounce and gloss she saw in those famous WEN infomercials on QVC, so she decided to try out the system for seven days. She kept a daily hair log with selfies to chart her progress.

Since WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners are not lather shampoos, the customer is encouraged to use a lot of product to properly wash the hair. For her medium length locks, Emily was supposed to use 16-24 pumps of product, but Emily freaked out at the “excessive amount” and broke the rules, only using a minimum amount for a short-haired person. Whether that affected her results, we’re not sure, but she did complain of flat hair during a portion of her 7-day test, and maybe that was due to insufficient amount of product.

As she got into the daily morning WEN wash, Emily posted hair selfies with gorgeous, shiny, soft hair. Her close gal pals even noticed the difference immediately, and Emily was pleased.

If she went off the morning WEN wash or skipped a wash, Emily felt her hair got greasy.

She concluded that WEN works fabulously if you stick to the routine. Wen hair is available on Amazon.

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The Bid to Incorporate Olympic Valley Threat Fought Off Successfully

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Andy Wirth, who is the current CEO and president of Squaw Valley Holdings LLC, shares his insight into the recent events that have plagued the Squaw Valley community and its residents. The Squaw Valley Holdings LLC is the holding company responsible for the Squaw Valley Resort which is known world wide as a top tourist destination.

Andy Wirth, who has been apart of the North Shore community on Lake Tahoe for many years has also been very interested in not only making this area more accessible to tourists world wide but also to improve the lives of all ages within the community. This community improvement has been very close to Andy Wirth’s heart as he finds himself involved in many boards and other business.

In recent years he also suffered from a near fatal sky diving accident which saw him almost loose his arm. The journey was a very tough one and has taken months for him to return to full use of his arm. During his journey he came to meet a group of Navy Seals that were stationed within plan to Incorporate Olympic Valley.

This interaction saw him return to prior health faster as their will for survival and brotherhood gave Andy Wirth the strength he required. He thanks them for their friendship through the sponsorship of the Navy Seal Foundation. This is done through the iron man team he launched in order to create awareness and raise money for the Navy Seal Foundation.

The Squaw Valley region has had a difficult last few years as both the weather conditions and incorporation threat has had the community and its business’s in an unsettled state. The weather in the recent years has not been favorable to the ski resorts as drought has been troubling the north shore Lake Tahoe areas.

This has not allowed for snow to properly form which is the main attraction in winter. The other issue is the threat of incorporation of the Squaw Valley. According to Andy Wirth this would not be beneficial to the area and could potentially raise taxes and reduce beneficial services which the community rely on.

Andy Wirth told the Reno Gazette Journal that there will be a change on both fronts. The incorporation was thankfully withdrawn and the change in weather conditions has allowed business’s to open weeks earlier than usual. Andy Wirth has further plans for the community to improve the real estate in the valley by constructing both commercial and residential properties.

This is apart of the overall improvement ideas he has for the Squaw Valley community that are close to his heart. The community needs to work together more.

Get full details: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

Securus Technologies Releases A State Of The Art Analytical Tool, THREAD 3.1

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Recently as reported by PR Newswire, Securus Technologies released THREAD 3.1, an integrated large data analytical tool for the corrections market in the U.S. The firm provides leading civil as well as criminal justice technology solutions for corrections, monitoring, public safety and investigations. The revamp of Securus’ important investigative solutions product seeks to advance user interface to the most recent technologies based on the web. The company preserves a powerful analysis that clients are have used to. THREADS seek to improve system performance, as it is easy to use.
According to Kelly Solid’s PR Newswire statement, Securus Technologies’ general manager of business management, the firm eradicated unnecessary system actions and modernized the user interface. It also improved record loading, navigation, as well as the search function. This situation enhances user experience and increased performance. The 3.1 release enhances the software platform from the traditional Silverlight to HTML 5. It also facilitates direct integration with other Securus products like Secure Call Platform. I believe that it is one of the simplest interfaces to use as it offers investigators with a proactive tool. Additionally, it offers a very actionable intelligence along with focused leads.

THREADS 3.1 comprises of other important features. The SCP calls can be listened through the THREADS application. Additionally, it features reports are context sensitive, provides guided real-time analysis, as well as personalized mapping and printing. For many years, THREADS has been the standard unit in regards to investigative solution. It has been used in detecting and reporting apprehensive inmate calling patterns, communication events and associations. In my view, THREADS 3.1 advances Securus’ solution to the highest level. Presently, Securus is upgrading its services for its existing clients free of charges. Details of this story were originally posted on PRNewswire as found through this link

About Securus Technologies
Securus Technologies provides several services such as video visitation services. It provides one of the most convenient ways to access or visit the incarcerated. Depending on the availability of the facility, it is easy to pre-schedule an onsite visit. Additionally, a visit can be scheduled from home using a computer. I believe it is the most effective way of eliminating travel, thus saving time. This information was originally reported on Securus’s website as detailed in this link

Securus’ headquarters is found in Dallas, Texas. It serves close to 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correction groups. Securus also serves approximately 1,200,000 inmates across North America. The corporation offers incident management, biometric analysis, public information, information management and monitoring services. Recently, Securus Technologies hired John Bell as the senior sales executive to create a high-tech and software based sales team. The team will boost Securus Technologies’ broadened portfolio of more than 800 products for the correction and law enforcement sector. This information was originally published on Financial News as found through this link

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Lime Crime Dominates the Creative Makeup Industry

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Lime Crime, is an innovative and creative makeup company owned and overseen by Russian born, New York raised Doe Deere. She’s not just any Millennial entrepreneur. She’s a makeup mogul and loves every minute of it. She has her own site that sells her unicorn makeup and more as well as being a part of retail chains such as Urban Outfitters.

What’s so special about Doe Deere?

This young lady has a knack for style and a passion for color. She believes in breaking every old-school rule of thumb when it comes to both, and it shows. Doe’s purpose is to show young women that they can cross the lines of fashion and show their own style.

She’s successful because she never gave up her dream, yes, her unicorn dreams. But, this was not the way it all started, exactly. It started because this very talented lady was sewing her own clothes that she designed and needed the colors for her makeup that she needed. She couldn’t find it. So, she took the bull by the horns so to speak and developed her Unicorn branded makeup in the pretty purple tubes and palates. Lime Crime is the boldest colored makeup and has been recognized many times for the only company that you can get the boldest colors in.

She has Unicorn Lipstick, perlees and Velvetines for luscious bold lips. She has palettes and bundles to choose for your whole face. Shopping Lime Crime is something anyone at any age or gender, which is Doe’s wish, should try Lime Crime at least once. It’s a makeup that any adventurous person with that is their own style pioneer will become addicted to.

Doe has said in many an interview that there are no holds barred when it comes to age or gender or rules of makeup. Cut loose and be who you really are! Wear a bold lip with a bold eye. Wear plaid with stripes just be sure that the colors are coordinated. This is the only rule. And wear colors that are many in number remembering the rule.  Follow them on Facebook, and be sure to stay on the Twitter feed for updates in real time.

Whistleblowers Are Free To Report Any Securities Violators As The Dodd-Frank Act Protects Them

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Through the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, individuals shall be protected when they report any violations of the federal securities laws to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is worth mentioning that the Congress enacted this Act in 2010. It is considered as the most imperative piece of legislation in terms of financial regulations in the United States after the Great Depression. The new whistleblower program was established under the Dodd-Frank Act. Individuals that report any violations will be provided with financial incentives and employment protection.

The first law firm to engage in whistleblowers protection in the United States is Labaton Sucharow. Over the years, the firm has advocated and protected SEC whistleblower attorneys. The firm has employed the services of investigators who provide excellent whistleblower representation services. In addition, Labaton Sucharow has been working with forensic accountants having broad enforcement expertise in federal and state law as well as financial analysts. All these attributes have seen the law firm build unparalleled securities litigation platform. Jordan A. Thomas who worked in the division of enforcement at SEC, as the assistant chief litigation counsel and assistant director, has played a pivotal role in developing the whistleblower program. As part of his role, he was involved in drafting the proposed legislation besides overseeing the final implementation rules.

Whistleblowers are eligible for 10-30% of the collections of monetary sanctions as provided by the SEC enforcement actions, especially where the sanctions are in excess of $1 million. In addition, the rules of the program provides that if the threshold is met, whistleblowers may receive additional awards based on the collection of the monetary sanctions that have been brought by varying law enforcement and regulatory organizations. The program rules prohibit any retaliation by employers against whistleblowers that file their reports with the SEC. Whistleblowers may report violations of the securities if an attorney represents them. This information was originally published on SEC Whistleblower Advocate as explained in the link below

If you are interested in requesting a case evaluation or learning more about the SEC whistleblower program, you may contact the whistleblower representation team through email and by telephone. You may also use the website. There are no charges for initial consultations or case evaluations. Through attorney-client relationship, all information is made confidential and protected. In the first consultations, a whistleblower is not required to avail personal identifying information or securities violators’ names. International whistleblowers may access translation services upon request.