Lime Crime Dominates the Creative Makeup Industry

Lime Crime, is an innovative and creative makeup company owned and overseen by Russian born, New York raised Doe Deere. She’s not just any Millennial entrepreneur. She’s a makeup mogul and loves every minute of it. She has her own site that sells her unicorn makeup and more as well as being a part of retail chains such as Urban Outfitters.

What’s so special about Doe Deere?

This young lady has a knack for style and a passion for color. She believes in breaking every old-school rule of thumb when it comes to both, and it shows. Doe’s purpose is to show young women that they can cross the lines of fashion and show their own style.

She’s successful because she never gave up her dream, yes, her unicorn dreams. But, this was not the way it all started, exactly. It started because this very talented lady was sewing her own clothes that she designed and needed the colors for her makeup that she needed. She couldn’t find it. So, she took the bull by the horns so to speak and developed her Unicorn branded makeup in the pretty purple tubes and palates. Lime Crime is the boldest colored makeup and has been recognized many times for the only company that you can get the boldest colors in.

She has Unicorn Lipstick, perlees and Velvetines for luscious bold lips. She has palettes and bundles to choose for your whole face. Shopping Lime Crime is something anyone at any age or gender, which is Doe’s wish, should try Lime Crime at least once. It’s a makeup that any adventurous person with that is their own style pioneer will become addicted to.

Doe has said in many an interview that there are no holds barred when it comes to age or gender or rules of makeup. Cut loose and be who you really are! Wear a bold lip with a bold eye. Wear plaid with stripes just be sure that the colors are coordinated. This is the only rule. And wear colors that are many in number remembering the rule.  Follow them on Facebook, and be sure to stay on the Twitter feed for updates in real time.