Securus Technologies Releases A State Of The Art Analytical Tool, THREAD 3.1

Recently as reported by PR Newswire, Securus Technologies released THREAD 3.1, an integrated large data analytical tool for the corrections market in the U.S. The firm provides leading civil as well as criminal justice technology solutions for corrections, monitoring, public safety and investigations. The revamp of Securus’ important investigative solutions product seeks to advance user interface to the most recent technologies based on the web. The company preserves a powerful analysis that clients are have used to. THREADS seek to improve system performance, as it is easy to use.
According to Kelly Solid’s PR Newswire statement, Securus Technologies’ general manager of business management, the firm eradicated unnecessary system actions and modernized the user interface. It also improved record loading, navigation, as well as the search function. This situation enhances user experience and increased performance. The 3.1 release enhances the software platform from the traditional Silverlight to HTML 5. It also facilitates direct integration with other Securus products like Secure Call Platform. I believe that it is one of the simplest interfaces to use as it offers investigators with a proactive tool. Additionally, it offers a very actionable intelligence along with focused leads.

THREADS 3.1 comprises of other important features. The SCP calls can be listened through the THREADS application. Additionally, it features reports are context sensitive, provides guided real-time analysis, as well as personalized mapping and printing. For many years, THREADS has been the standard unit in regards to investigative solution. It has been used in detecting and reporting apprehensive inmate calling patterns, communication events and associations. In my view, THREADS 3.1 advances Securus’ solution to the highest level. Presently, Securus is upgrading its services for its existing clients free of charges. Details of this story were originally posted on PRNewswire as found through this link

About Securus Technologies
Securus Technologies provides several services such as video visitation services. It provides one of the most convenient ways to access or visit the incarcerated. Depending on the availability of the facility, it is easy to pre-schedule an onsite visit. Additionally, a visit can be scheduled from home using a computer. I believe it is the most effective way of eliminating travel, thus saving time. This information was originally reported on Securus’s website as detailed in this link

Securus’ headquarters is found in Dallas, Texas. It serves close to 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correction groups. Securus also serves approximately 1,200,000 inmates across North America. The corporation offers incident management, biometric analysis, public information, information management and monitoring services. Recently, Securus Technologies hired John Bell as the senior sales executive to create a high-tech and software based sales team. The team will boost Securus Technologies’ broadened portfolio of more than 800 products for the correction and law enforcement sector. This information was originally published on Financial News as found through this link

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