Kyle Bass And China: What Gives?

Is Kyle Bass standing in a “pro” position toward China’s version of socialism, or is he against it? Or does Bass have in mind an idealized version of socialism which he’d rather see China adopt? It’s hard to tell. Many would argue that Bass isn’t even a socialist, but his history seems to demonstrate otherwise. From CAD to Bear-Stearns, Bass has a long history of capitalizing from the big-ticket losses of substantial economic powers; just like any socialist. He also has strong ties with a despotic socialist leader. Bass is from Argentina, and the president of that country is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. She has defaulted Argentina on two occasions in only thirteen years, and Bass seems to support her fully in everything he does and says in her regard.

When all these things are taken together, Bass saying China has a “forty to fifty percent” likelihood of facing a substantial economic collapse by the end of 2016 is something which sounds a little iffy. Socialist economic policy has different outcomes that are being sought, ergo predicating different modes of achieving them. Bass also said in the same Business Insider interview that China has built a credit bubble set to collapse within the next two to three years. While he doesn’t see a “Lehman Brothers moment” for the country, he does see collateral damage from the fallout resulting from his hypothetical collapse.

After saying these things, Bass continued the interview and when asked about his endorsement for president of America in 2016, he said that Hillary Clinton seemed to be the “most sane” player. When one considers that Bass also thinks de Kirchner is doing a great job with the Argentinian economy, and that CAD is a great way to help the sick remain sick, it seems as though Bass’ endorsements of China and Hillary may serve to drive American citizens toward obviously bad choices for the sake of diminishing this country’s economic largesse. It wouldn’t be a scheme beyond Bass, or the kind of socialist tactics those of his apparent ilk use on a regular basis. The Chinese crash seems imminent, but it could be that Bass is nurturing an ulterior motive in saying as much.