Why Skout Is Worth Using

Skout is a unique app that brings you the chance to make new friends from any place without any problems. This FREE app has given the opportunity to countless people the chance to finally meet new people and make friends from across the globe. While it is an app for making friends, you can make it known who you are interested in, whether it is men or women. Using a very simple grid view platform of who is online, you can tap on any images to see their profile in an instant. You can utilize different forms of personalization to help provide an easier chance on finding the right person. http://download.cnet.com/Skout/3000-12941_4-75619529.html

Skout can allow for you to “wink” at them, add them to a list of your favorite people, and even just start an instant chat which is a great way to get started. You can also block them or report people in an instant.

Being ranked currently at the No. 381 top FREE apps, it is an app worth using because of the great reception it always gets. In fact, dozens of countries have received their own versions and have actually gotten the languages to be completely set for their country. It’s amazing to witness all the languages users can go through, and anybody who wants to decide to use the Poland option can do so instantly. Countless countries are heading to Skout because of the general usage that can allow for you to grow and meet a wide range of people. The app was recently purchased not too long ago for more than $55 million dollars, and this shocked the app community proving that it is an app that is here to stay and grow. http://venturebeat.com/2016/06/27/meetme-acquires-mobile-flirting-app-skout-for-55-million-in-cash-and-stock/

There are many apps that focus on different things. For example, there are apps that like to focus on strictly dating or strictly friends, but Skout puts them together to make it equal and give that open shot of finding friendship or love without that specific pressure. There are also features where you can find people based on city, state, or even country, allowing you to find people from across the globe, which can be quite exciting. There are all kinds of people who use this app, and so a lot of long distance friendships are born. It’s a wonderful app that can give you the chance to grow and develop friendships using a simple easy platform.

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