Successful Southeast Asian Female Role Model: Malini Saba

As of one of the top South east Asian businesswoman and philanthropist, Malini Saba knows how to work hard and help others. Her company has earned her massive success, which allows for her passion projects. Saba’s investment company, Saban, has a wide portfolio of interests in investments, such as US tech companies, gas and oil companies in China, and Australian real estate. Her keen insight into looking ahead at trends is how she has been so successful.


This success has helped her to work on passion projects, like “Stree: Global investments in Women.” She carried her business world expertise to her non-profit organization. The broad goal of Stree is to change the way that low income to middle class women and children view themselves and their place in society. Initially started and endorsed by former president Bill Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor. The goal for Stree is to provide resources and assistance for women and children to gain access to healthcare, legal help, and government involvement. Stree wants to give women an active voice in the public policy of Africa, Central American, India and Eastern Europe. Most of these countries are typically dominated by dominating males.


Her charitable ways do not stop there. Saba has donated $1 million to help open the first heart research center for Southeast Asians in California. Also, she has toured areas damaged by natural disasters, such parts of India and Sri Lanka affected by a tsunami, and she also promised to donate $10 million. Saba has shown she is a good-hearted business women who is concerned about giving back.


Her success that has enabled her to give generously. During the 1990s, she began her successful career in investing as a venture capitalist in California. The companies she invested in were PayPal, NetScreen, and Sycamore Networks. Malini Saba is a true role model for young women. She moved from Australia to United States with only $200. She received her own education and attended lectures at Stanford University for free because of her husband. Malini Saba exemplifies what it means to be a strong willed, caring businesswoman, who has not forgotten about the world.

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