Doe Deere Is In Love With Color

Color is something that I’ve always responded to in life. I love color. Give me a brilliant shade of lime green or a shimmering shade of pink and I’m happier than you can imagine. I want to have color in my life and I want to have it as much as possible. This is why every room in my house is filled with color. My bedroom is purple. My kitchen is a lovely shade of lemon. The same applies to my feelings about makeup. I want to have color and I want to have it in my life as often as possible. Many cosmetics companies offer shades that are bland and really have very little color at all. Who wants to wear beige on your lips?

Lime Crime Color

I was so happy that I found a site called Lime Crime. Lime Crime, run by the fabulous and colorful Doe Deere, is about color at all times. Deere is someone who completely understands the power of color. She makes it her business to see where you can put color. Nothing boring on her site. I love how she has pictures filled with color of all kind from the most vivid shades of bright blue you’ve ever seen to yellow so out there it looks like the best lemon tart you’ve ever eaten in your life. She knows that the key to life isn’t being a wallflower who is afraid of color. Instead, you can see how she runs for the color in her life on her site.

Finding The Right Shade

As someone who finds color a personal means of expression, I was very happy to work with her. I want makeup colors that aren’t colors you can barely see. Instead, I want people to know that I have color on my face and right on my eyes. This is where she can also come in as someone you can easily emulate. You can see how she is able to harness color in her own life and bring it to life even more. She’s not someone looks at life via only a handful of shades. She’s someone who helps bring them into her products at all times, letting us participate in her fantasy and be part of her art in a very direct way.

Loving It

I really love what she does with color. She isn’t afraid to use multiple shades at the same time. This is my own idea about color. While sometimes, I just want to retreat in plain black, most of the time I’m all about color. I want, as she wants, to be there in the center of the color field. She shows that you can bring color to life and bring the world of shades into what you do. I’ve been buying her products for years and I’m always happy with them. She lets you buy colors that are just the right thing to put on your face on a really gloomy day in November.

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