George Soros Throws His Financial Support Behind Hillary Clinton

George Soros has always been seen as something of a lightning rod for the mood of the richest in U.S. Democratic Party during a Presidential election cycle, which is why the provision of millions of dollars for the campaign of nominee Hillary Clinton by Soros has proven so important to many in the party. Hungarian born investment specialist Soros has recently made a return to the public eye by becoming active once again as a hedge fund trader, and for his vocal opinions given to the press about the political situation in the world; public records show George Soros has provided around $25 million in support for former Secretary of State Clinton and other Democratic causes.

During his investment career George Soros has become known as a man who is willing to gamble on the success of his gut instincts, which prompted him to gamble on the British currency on being devalued in 1992, a move that made Soros more than $1 billion on a day that became known as “Black Wednesday”. The decision to follow his instincts and support Clinton is one George Soros is reported to feel he should have done in 2008 when he instead chose to support President Barrack Obama’s election campaign; reports state George Soros has recently expressed his regret to Clinton over failing to back her 2008 campaign and has enjoyed an open door over policy with Clinton to discuss policy and international events.

George Soros has not limited himself to providing support for the Hillary Clinton campaign fund, but has also provided a large level of funding for Super PAC’s supporting Clinton’s campaign. Various Super PAC’s have been courting the 85 year old Soros to gain his financial support and gain the prestige that is associated with his patronage of any Super PAC; the $7 million George Soros has given to the Priorities USA super PAC supporting Clinton has been seen as a sign he is now willing to match the $27 million provided for Democratic candidates and causes in 2004. Aides close to George Soros have also reported he is considering a further donation of around $3 million in his bid to aid the eventual defeat of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Although George Soros is obviously concerned with the political situation in the U.S., his motivations for returning to the political arena include the need to make sure many political problems around the world are handled. Soros even decided to miss the Democratic Convention where former First Lady Hillary Clinton was nominated as the candidate for the Democratic Party as he was instead concerned with monitoring political issues in the Middle East and Europe.

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