How Co-working Space Can Help Corporations


The use of co-working spaces has long been popular among freelancers and small start-ups, but now that trend may be coming to a corporation near you. According to a white paper published by office furniture manufacturer, Haworth, large corporations could seriously benefit from adopting co-working space.

One of the main benefits of coworking spaces, the study finds, is that these open work spaces foster a sense of community and sharings. Workers from one company could freely mix with workers from another company and create new ideas and processes that may not have occurred separately. In addition, coworking spaces are less hierarchical in nature, thus letting employees make decisions on the own and express their creativity.


The popularity of coworking spaces speaks to the aspirations of younger workers. They do not necessarily want to go to work for a large corporation. They tend to avoid the rigid structure of the corporate chain of command.


One of the main ways corporations can use coworking spaces to their benefit is by treating them as an alternative to traditional professional training. Employees in coworking spaces can interact with other people in their field and gain knowledge and experience and a more natural, fluid manner. This could also be cheaper than in-house training and gives employees a welcome break from their daily corporate schedule.


Using coworking spaces could also allow similar companies to collaborate on different projects. A few companies could rent out coworking space and have heir employees fork together to achieve a common goal. These projects could move beyond the initial goals and create an even more valuable end product due to te synergy created by the culture of collaboration.


If this trend continues, NYC coworking spaces will be in high demand. Your business will need the help of experts. Companies like Workville are leaders in the coworking industry. They cater to a community of talented startup and small businesses. With move-in ready offices and flexible workspace, they offer all that their tenants need to succeed.

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