IAP Worldwide Steps to Become a Leading Global Organization

IAP Worldwide has become one of the leading global providers of services such as logistics and procurement to government, individual and non-governmental organizations. The company, which started back in 1953 from a humble beginning, has remained consistent in providing a broad range of services improving businesses and saving many lives over the years.

Because of its efforts, the company has been able to win trust from the government of the United States, and it has so far won many more lucrative contracts.

Earliest Project

Among the earliest projects that the company undertook is when they helped in the building of the space launch based in Florida. There was the launch of 2,500 space shuttles. The project was a great success, and it was because of their involvement which saw the timely completion. From there, they have always improved their services and increased their number of projects.

Today, they are a leading provider, and IAP Worldwide have expanded their markets to become a leading global provider of a variety of services. They have integrated engineering and aviation so far.

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Acquisition of Johnson Controls

After the Florida project was complete, IAP Worldwide did not stop there, but it went on to acquire Johnson Controls. It became strong and began offering services such as maintenance, operations, and management of military bases among other leading services. The merging saw the formation of IAP Worldwide Services.

Offering US Army Support

Later, the company won a contract whereby it worked with the US Army in Saudi Arabia. They provided supplies of generators and other vital equipment. The project was completed, and because of the success, the company was now trusted by the government to work fully with the United States Army. They offered support to the Army during Desert Storm operations. The company is now a partner of the US army and it provides full support using its highly trained personnel.

Several Projects

IAP Worldwide has now grown to provide services to global organizations and individuals. They have so far completed several projects which have gone smoothly. Recently, the group announced that it won a contract to work with the army where they will be providing integrated services, logistics, fielding and supporting the System-Army Distributed Common Ground.

The organization was also keen to ensure that those affected by hurricanes in various states did not suffer much as it offered support swiftly thus saving the lives of many residents. With the many projects that the company has completed successfully, it continues to lead in service provision.

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