Mike Baur’s Career in Business

Mike Baur has established himself as a highly successful businessperson in Switzerland. He is currently an entrepreneur who owns a company called Swiss Start up Factory. His company specializes in mentoring new businesses. As well as being an entrepreneur, Baur is also an investor who has participated in the investment of startup companies. This allowed him to take advantage of the lucrative nature or investing in new companies. Before Mike Baur got involved in entrepreneurship and investing, he worked in the banking industry for two decades. While in the banking industry, Mike would assist entrepreneurs with financing for their new companies. All of these experiences have helped Mike Baur establish himself as one of the most versatile business people around.

Baur co founded the company known as Swiss Start up Factory in 2014. This company was intended to provide mentoring, coaching and financing for new startup businesses. With Swiss Start Up Factory, Mike has provided a number of entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their ideas about a new business. Baur often evaluates each business idea and determines which ones have the most potential in being profitable as well as meeting a demand in the market. Once approved, Mike will often provide support and mentorship to new entrepreneurs on a regular basis. This unique business developed by Mike Baur serves as an alternative to traditional banking and consulting services.

Prior to getting involved in entrepreneurship, Baur invested in startup companies. This allowed him to realize the potential of new businesses and how lucrative they can be. For a number of years, Mike would invest his own capital into these startup companies with the hope of earning profitable returns. Fortunately for him, Mike was able to make lots of money investing in startups. As a result, he would keep on investing his own money in startup companies for up to ten years. This experience helped provide Mike with the idea for his own company as well.

At the very beginning of his business career, Mike Baur would help businesses by working in the banking industry. He would serve as a business banking specialist for a number of years in which he would provide advice and financing. When working for financial institutions, Baur would often discuss the financial needs of new businesses and look for ways to help them. In most cases, Mike would provide loans which would allow startup companies to fund their operations. With this experience, Mike was able to get first hand knowledge and experience in evaluating startup companies and their lucrative potential.


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