Wengie DIY Edible School Snacks

Wengie offers very unique and creative videos on her YouTube channel. One of the most creative videos to date is her edible school supplies video. In this video Wengie uses edible ingredients to make fun looking school supplies. They are not only safe to eat but they are also adorable and super easy to make.


The edible crayons she makes are done using geleatin and a few products found around the house such as straws and tape. The crayons are bright and colorful and so realistic looking. They are very quick and easy make and taste delicious. They are a fun way to be creative and enjoy using a variety of different colors.


A nifty trick Wengie uses to make a glue stick is by using tasty candy. She simply uses candy and a few empty school supply containers she cleaned out herself to create a realistic looking glue stick. It is not only cute but very useful.


Another great trick is creating fake edible glue. This is great as a prank or joke on friends. Throughout the video Wengie shows viewers how to clean out and refill a glue bottle with edible candy. Be sure to follow the directions precisely for best results.


Throughout the video Wengie also shows a ton of different cute tips and tricks for making edible school supply snacks. They can be made for fun, for a light snack or even to play a prank on fellow friends and classmates. With so many great ideas it is easy to see why it is one of her top viewed videos with millions and millions of views. Her channel currently has well over 5 million subscribers making it one of the top YouTube channels in Australia. She offers unique and creative content that appeals to a large variety of people.

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