Celebrating the Career of Jeffry Schneider 


Jeffry Schneider is an entrepreneur who counsels other individuals and businesses in sales and marketing. Jeffry Schneider is also a native of Manhattan. Jeffry Schneider is best known for his ability to train sales teams. Schneider’s experience spans more than two
decades, and he has served in several well-known organizations.

As a student, Jeffry Schneider was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts. Today Schneider still enjoys training new sales teams. Schneider is also a well-known fitness expert, and to keep healthy, Jeffry eats a well-balanced diet and keeps a strict exercise regime. On several occasions, Schneider has been spotted in attendance at the Ironman events.

When Jeffry Schneider’s career was in its infancy, he worked diligently and received promotions due to the talent that he demonstrated while dealing with businesses and clients. Strong interpersonal skills and a likable character enhanced the rapport that he created with business clients.

Schneider is a well-traveled man and has probably traveled all the well-respected destinations globally. According to Jeffry, some of his best and most memorable destinations were rural Thailand and Hungary.

Schneider’s unique approach to managing his company is what makes him an interesting person in business. Currently, Schneider continues to employ innovative approaches to business strategies and remains committed to developing comprehensive well-known firm

A philanthropist, Schneider contributes substantial amounts each year in support of child welfare programs including include the Cherokee Home for Children and the God’s Love We Deliver.


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