Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy Gives Students A Leg Up

What The Success Academy Does

The Success Academy is Moskowitz’s effort to give the students of NYC a chance to make something of themselves. So far, there are serious problems plaguing the public school system of NYC and she wants to do everything she can to get to the bottom of them and provide students with the best work environment she can give them. This is where her initial plan to change the NYC school system is all about.



How Public Schools Stack Up

Public schools in NYC are simply not in good condition. Average grade reports are dropping, students are often not involved in anything beyond class, and there simply aren’t enough students graduating and going off to college. The problems this entails down the road are going to become huge when these kids are forced to live in a world where they will need a college degree to compete. Eva Moskowitz decided she wanted to do everything she can to make sure that this problem is fixed and that the student sof New York City have a chance to make something of themselves.



What She Plans To Do Next

Eva Moskowitz is now one of the most prominent education advocates in New York City. She is doing just about everything she can to fix the world around her and to make things better for the next generation. She is currently interested in how she can use politics to make this happen and has even considered running for office. With regards to many other issues, she wants to make education front and center in her campaign. NYC parents understand that they kids aren’t always getting exactly what they need and she is able to change things for them.



About Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz is an education advocate focusing on the use of charter schools to make schools in New York City better. She has made a greater effort than just about anyone to make this happen and she has even made herself front and center in the fight for our children’s future.


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