Brown Agency- The Agency That Ensures Success

When you think of modeling and acting, what comes to mind? Amazing show lights? Polished runways? Being in a major studio film? They are always poised; with a flawless walk and photogenic features. Modeling is a popular career that most people crave to participate in! If done correctly, acting and modeling can make anyone say, “hmm…I think I’ll buy that.” However, before the glitz and glam comes the process of hard work and determination. TV shows like America’s Next Top Model and Strut have shone some light on daily hustle and bustle of this career. Likewise, Brown Agency provides a full service to models/actors who aspire to phenomenal visual aids to movies, product, brands, and businesses!

Creating Perfection

Formed together by two leading modeling agencies (Wilhelmia Agency and Heyman-Talent South) in 2010, Brown Agency has become one of the top industry leaders in Austin, TX. Brown Agency is dedicated to creating the perfect client for the perfect opportunity via their agency! How does Brown Agency exhibit this? By walking potential clients, through their careers from molding the applicants to booking jobs! Unlike other professional places, Brown Agency understands that modeling and acting is a work in progress. Don’t have a professional headshot? Then no worries! Having less than perfect head shots, is not a dead end for the company! Just bring a few photos that you have! Brown Agency instills the fact that you don’t have to start off perfect to end in perfection!

Ensuring Success

Landing with a great agency is only half the battle for aspiring job seekers. Unfortunately, many find themselves becoming a part of agencies just to be placed on the back burner. Wouldn’t you want a company who can guarantee you work and success? Thankfully, Brown Agency can give their clients both! There are over 450 talents managed at this company. They have vast opportunities for all types of modeling and acting in fields such as: commercials, film, television, industrial videos, voiceover, print, catalogue, fashion, runway, conventions, trade shows, promotional and corporate events. Don’t believe it? Then follow the success stories on their website, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. The name of clients who book work and their jobs always listed. So not only do you get praised, but you also get exposure for more potential work. Surely, you won’t be on the back burner with Brown Agency!

The company quote, “We are only as good as our talent” goes a long way with this agency. If you want a company that can assist you with your career? Then come down to Brown Agency. Casting calls are held every Thursday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. No resume or appointment necessary! Allow the company who cares about your success to facilitate your modeling or acting career!

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