Eva Moskowitz’s ‘Ed Institute’ aims to help teachers improve their schools

When Eva Moskowitz founded Success Academy in New York City, her goal was to improve the education for as many children in the city as she could. Not just any children, however, but predominantly low-income children of color.


Children who do not usually get the same educational opportunities as the more affluent ones do.


Fast forward 11 years and Eva Moskowitz and her Success Academy has not only opened 41 exceptional charter schools in New York City, she and her teachers are currently educating more than 14,000 children. Three more schools will be opened in the city in the next year.


They are also educating them to such a high level, Success Academy has just received the Broad Prize for being the best charter network in the country when it comes to exceptional academic achievements.


The Broad Prize comes with an award of $250,000. An award Eva Moskowitz says Success Academy will now use to create a new program for their high schools students to help them prepare for university.


But the mission of Eva Moskowitz is not just to improve the education of New York children. She also believes every child around America should have the same opportunities.


So, this month, she announced a new program called ‘Ed Institute’.


The program has been set up to help teachers in other charter schools around the country achieve the same exceptional results by offering them the Success Academy curriculum, as well as the educational tools and resources they use and their teaching methods.


All of this is being offered to them free of charge by Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy, as they really believe any teacher, any school and any child can benefit from their methods.


To promote Ed Institute, Moskowitz also sent the Success Academy’s reading lessons to 15,000 school officials around the country, so they too could see what the Academy is doing and why they are so successful.



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