How Sujit Choudhry has strived to be a revered Law Expert

Sujit Choudhry is a scholar who has accomplished a lot in the legal industry. He is the founder of the Center of Constitutional Transitions, which is an organization that was created to generate reliable knowledge that can be used in developing constitutions across the globe. The body has teamed up with multinational institutions to ensure that it accomplishes its mission. Choudhry has led it in creating a network of more than 50 law professionals who are based in over 50 nations. CCT has been striving to promote democracy, form new constitutions, and improve the existing legislations. Sujit has ensured that the organization fills gaps that are in the laws of different countries.

Sujit Choudhry understands the challenges that people face when interacting with new cultures. He has lived in four different countries and learned how to work in an environment with new people. His experience has enabled him to establish himself as a top comparative law expert. The exposure that Sujit has acquired in his career has allowed him to understand how he can use constitutions in transforming violent politics into democratic governments that support peace.  For additional reading, click

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The comparative law scholar has been serving as the founding director of CCT from the time when it was established. He is an internationally recognized authority in the field. As a top scholar, Sujit has been striving to combine the research that he has done to develop reliable constitutional processes. The law experts that he has worked with have specialized in addressing issues that are associated with the constitutional law. He has been appointed to assist in transforming constitution by various governments across the globe. Choudhry has also traveled to more than 20 countries where he as attended important conferences that focus on the industry.

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Choudhry has been serving as a professor at the California University’s law school. Sujit Choudhry has also been appointed to act as the Dean of the school of law at the institution. The New York University hired him as a visiting professor, and he was also the chairperson of Toronto School of Law. Sujit has attended the Harvard, Oxford, and Toronto University and hold law degrees from all these institutions.

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