Transition And The Constitutional Way

It’s in man’s nature to become better than he is.

Tomorrow, each person alive sees a great future, a great amount of opportunity and a great peace for all to know or experience. But not everyone gets a chance to actually see these things come to fruition. There needs to be a common practice and for getting the things we need most to exist in life.

For Sujit Choudhry, who is the most prominent figure today for transition, getting a nation to adopt the constitutional way is his only way of life. It consists of a basic set of knowledge that took him years to develop and more time to master. But in the short years of Sujit’s life, he accomplished a lot. Read this important interview of Sujit on

No Nation Got There Alone

From getting nations into a world of equality to supporting the needs of education, there’s no shortage of what Sujit has contributed. The fact is, no nation, which we find prominent today get there alone. It’s all been an uphill battle and for equality. This might lead you to better understand what’s actually needed in transition.   Check how Sujit analyzes a current issue, hit

The first step is to have a goal in mind.

Every country that has a great amount of growth requires, wants and aspires to something. This aspiration is the heart of transition. Once the objective is laid, then the best step is to look into other nations and to make a simple comparison. This is the basis for what’s called comparative constitutional law.

Comparative Law and It’s Need In Society

As societies expand, their expansion is commonly based on a few guiding ideals.

We find those principals in the constitutional makeup of various countries and nations. Among that information, we find what is most likely to work and the things that have no chance if given it. When that information is acquired, a unique perspective is comes.

Important article with Sujit and his works as the subject here.

Through perspective, we develop the right and wrong answers for how a developing group of people will expand. These outcomes often vary. Therefore, extensive study and research goes into each project. This method is the foundation of professionals within Sujit’s league of work.  For a closer look at Sujit’s profile, check on

These professionals are highly ambitious and simply understand the need for change.

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