Democracy and Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally respected professor and scholar whose is a renowned expert on constitutional law and politics. In particular, his life-long studies have investigated ways to create and maintain peace, constitutional design in divided societies, federalism, decentralization, and semi-presidentialism, check for a related reading. In addition, he often looks into various areas of justice, language policies, minority rights, and bills of rights. He has written extensively on all of these subjects. Canadian constitutional law is a particularly common subject in his writings.

In one of the chapters in a book he just finished he addresses a tweet sent out by Eric Holder, former Attorney General, in December 2017 ( He referred to a potential termination of White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller as “an absolute red line”, which, if actualized, should result in countless peaceful demonstrations in protest. The tweet was basically a call to action that declared the end result of this governmental action was in the hands of the people. He was saying that it needs to be the people of America who need to decide if a politician has, in fact, abused his authority.

In the chapter that dealt with this, Choudhry went into detail about the tweet was centered on the idea of constitutional self-enforcement with a particular focal point in view. Choudhry said that it was totally inappropriate for Mueller to perform something like this. But that was just one example of a focal point with the constitution in view. He says another focal point would be presidential term limits.

This is an appropriate focal point. It is a focal point that restricts presidents who may want to do away with it and stay in office longer than the prescribed two terms.

When politicians are going against a clear focal point like this, Choudhry says that is the time to call in the opinions of the citizenry. However, might also attempt to supersede the term limits be getting the permission from the populace first. Other ways he or she might do so might be by seizing power with the aid of the military or performing electoral fraud. Choudhry says there are several examples of constitutional focal point infringements going on throughout the nation right now. He says that all such infringements are a threat to true democracy (

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