Surf Air Shows Appreciation For Members With Enhanced Benefits

Surf Air, an air travel club that offers all you can fly benefits to members, is providing its customers with a list of benefits in honor of the company’s five-year anniversary. The company is doing so to show gratitude for the loyalty shown by members and to also upgrade the overall member experience.

Surf Air has entered into a partnership with All Roads North that will make the luxury road trips that are offered by All Roads North become available to Surf Air members. The All Roads North experience includes trips throughout the United States that are designed to give clients the benefit of the company’s insider knowledge regarding the best lodges, ranches, and hotels the nation has to offer.

Surf Air will also work with The Private Suite LAX to offer members a complimentary membership along with preferred rates to a recently built terminal that is located at the Los Angeles International Airport. The private terminals will provide private TSA and Customs screenings that will allow members to avoid busy terminals and long waits in a variety of lines.

A third partnership with FoundersCard will provide members with complimentary VIP services that include savings on standard fares, check-ins with priority status, and access to a popular network of hotels and resorts.

About Surf Air

Surf Air is a first of its kind air travel club that offers clients all you can fly memberships to designated areas. The growing fleet of executive aircraft operated by the company provides members with a stress-free flying experience via private airports that are located throughout the United States and Europe. Surf Air also offers charter services globally through the company’s Surf Anywhere program.

Surf Air members have expressed extreme satisfaction with the club’s streamlined booking process that allows them the luxury of arriving at airports as soon as fifteen minutes before their departure and fly comfortably away on an executive quality jet.

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