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Why Sujit Choudhry and other international scholars had to pen a letter to Catalonia and Spain

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When two people are involved in a conflict, it tends to affect not only them but also those around them. The scenario is even worse when the two feuding sides involve a large group of people as it causes stalling in economic and social progress. For instance, the ongoing conflict between Catalonia and Spain affects the entire European Union block, causing several international law scholars led by Sujit Choudhry to take action.

The scholars recently took it upon themselves to write an open letter to Catalonia and Spain, urging them to put their differences aside, and lawfully settle the heated secession issue.


Why the situation has been escalating from bad to worse

The scholars do not hesitate from pointing out the mistakes made by both sides that seem to have made the already bad situation, worse. For instance, even though they agree that the Catalonian president made a right decision by first postponing Catalonia’s declaration of independence in a bid to solve the matter peacefully, it is essential that he stops insisting on secession as some Catalonians have expressed their doubts about being independent. The also courageously point out that Spain’s prime minister has been violating international law by issuing the arrests and prosecutions of those who have been in support of the secession.


Suggestions by the scholars 

In the letter, Sujit Choudhry and his fellow law scholars remind the two nations of the importance of being vigilant and also gives them a few suggestions that will help bring ease to the political unrest they are currently experiencing.

On the one hand, they urge President Pudgemont of Catalonia to draft an official referendum which will allow his people to express their desire to be an independent nation lawfully. On the other hand, they urge the prime minister of Spain, to refrain from initiating any actions that might prevent the Catalonians from partaking their democratic right, see ( for more.

According to the scholars, a referendum is the only thing that will allow the citizens to express their wishes and desires lawfully.


Insight on Sujit Choudhry

Born in New Delhi, Sujit Choudhry is a reputable law scholar, who has spent his entire life in the legal realm. Sujit who established the Center for constitutional transitions, is also a professor at various prominent facilities such as the University Of New York School of law. He has also taken part in different peacekeeping missions and constitution building processes. When he is not busy carrying out his professional duties, Sujit can be found writing. As of now, he has authored myriads of articles and work papers about the law, click to know more info.

CEO Matthew Fleeger Looks to Take Gulf Coast Western to New Heights in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

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It is important for any company to find the correct leadership if success is to be found; for Gulf Coast Western, which specializes in the business of gas and oil, a better match may not exist than the wonderful Matthew Fleeger. A versatile individual serving a number of roles, Mr. Fleeger functions currently as director, president and chief executive officer. There is no doubt that his service to the company has been instrumental in its growth.

When it comes to being the leader of a powerful business, however, this far from the first rodeo for Matthew Fleeger. After earning his degree from Southern Methodist University, he became the founding father of MedSolutions, Inc. It was here that the gained some of the most valuable experience that would prepare him for his current role. Since he was also the president and chief executive officer at MedSolutions, Inc., taking the reigns at Gulf Coast Western was a very natural thing for him.

It is never easy to make the proper changes in a company shortly after taking over its leadership responsibilities, but Matthew Fleeger certainly can make it look easy from the outside. Improving a company’s culture of internal structure can make a mountain of a difference, and this was readily apparent when Fleeger was with Palm Beach Tan Inc. The company made big waves in the tanning salon sector under his vision as director.

With the help of a CEO who has a history of exploding the growth rate of companies he leads, it is only a matter of time before Gulf Coast Western becomes a true force to be reckoned with when it comes to the American oil and gas market, and Matthew Fleeger will be an important part of of growing the company even further, a task he seems more than ready for.

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