Who is Agera Energy?

During 2014, one of the worst winters we can remember hit. Energy prices were rising causing customers budgets to completely turn upside down. This was the perfect time for a new retail supply company to launch, and that is exactly what happened. That company now, Agera Energy.

Today Agera Energy is a leading supplier of electricity and natural gas; serving both residential and commercial customers across the United States. Currently, about Agera Energy has accumulated 1.8 million Residential Customers which means 600,000 people have contracted with them over the past three years. This has caused the company to grow faster than any other private energy supply company.

Agera Energy supplies both homes and businesses from the smallest apartments to the largest industrial companies. They provide you with electricity and natural gas to cook, heat, clean, and work. All while providing products and best customer services that are designed to meet your specific need.

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