Flavio Maluf Eucatex

Flavio studied mechanical engineering in FAAP and later went to New York University where he studied business administration. Flavio is the president of Grand food Group which produces Golden pet and premier pet food. His father was a Brazilian politician, Flavio family owned Eucatex group which used to supply building material such as a vinyl floor, paints, baseboard, panels, and doors it also makes gorgeous toys and furniture. The company made their items from eucalyptus wood fiber which is a particular type of wood. The laminating floor also made from eucalyptus wood which made of different styles such as Elegance, classic prime, and Rustic. The company’s product is environmentally friendly; it also recycles the plant’s leftovers and uses them to create energy. Flavio beliefs so much in charity and he provides the best health care for everyone and he has donated his items to hospitals and maternity. He shares his business ideas through giving business advice to community people and also writing blogs which featured in newspaper and magazines. Read more about Flavio at terra.com

Flavio is responsible for the continued success and production of high-quality products. There a high number of pets in Brazil that when he got the opportunity to stick quality food for pets. The company was able to compete with long-established pet feeds, and this has helped the company to have a healthy long term growth. Through Flavio maluf guidance the company has developed a better lead over its competitors over the product that is made to provide nutrition dry animal food. Eucatex group has a higher observation of environmental standards on its products which formed from a highly sustainable eco-friendly and economic Eucalyptus tree. The company has led to the building of a new world cup stadium in Brazil which has a vibrant color that is provided by Eucatex paint, and it attracts attention and admiration of soccer fans.

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