Holding Back Old Age with Dr. Dov Rand and Bioidentical Hormone Therapies

Dr. Dov Rand works hard with helping his patients to live younger and more productive lives. He is the current president of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Rand specializes in the area of hormonal therapy. He has been providing this type of treatment to patients at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers sine 2010.

People are constantly getting older. This is a fact of life that cannot be avoided. Bioidentical hormone is used to slow down the aging process. However, Dr. Dov Rand does not expect bioidentical therapy to literally turn back the clock. Instead, this treatment is used to give older people more strength, endurance and to help them to look younger (Zocdoc).

Dr. Dov creates a special hormonal mixture for each patient to ensure that they are getting the right hormones they need to improve their situation. He does this by elevating good hormones within a person’s body. Good hormones include testosterone, estrogen and progestins. Other good hormones are used as well. The doctor will implement bioidentical therapy to help patients to improve their memory, to get rid of fatigue and to control weight gain. All of these problems usually accompany old age. Hormonal therapy helps to eliminate this problem by reinserting or elevating good hormones back into a person’s body.

Keep in mind that Dr. Rand and his medical team can examine each patient’s blood work to find indicators of certain diseases. Once specific diseases have been identified, Dr. Dov Rand will then start to treat a patient with the types of hormones they need to improve their health. This is another important feature of this treatment option because it helps patients to get the specific healing effects they need to get better. Ultimately, the bioidentical hormonal treatment therapies offered by Dr. Dov Rand helps patients to hold back the process of aging and its unwanted effects.

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