Isabel dos Santos’s Charitable Work and Her Efforts in Empowering Women

Isabel dos Santos is the eldest daughter of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who was Angola’s president between 1979 and 2017. She is a businesswoman and the richest women in Africa. According to Forbs’ research in the year 2013, Isabel dos Santos had attained a net worth of approximately two billion U.S dollars making her the first billionaire woman in Africa.

Following his managerial position, she established a trucking business. The extensive use of the walkie-talkie technology opened the doors for her subsequent venture into the telecommunication industry. In 1997, she established her first business, the Miami Beach Club, which was the first night club and beach restaurant on Luanda Island.

Currently, she is the head of the Unitel Company that is among the largest telecommunication companies in Angola. Isabel dos Santos has extensive experience in economic development, infrastructure creation, energy, entertainment, finance, and media production as well as the implementation of emerging and new technologies.

Isabel dos Santos Charitable Works

Isabel dos Santos engages in various charitable activities that are reflective of her interests and goals in promoting integrity and hard work. She is committed to seeking out young talented individuals in her country and throughout the African continent.

The search for new talents is rooted in her desire to help and empower both the upcoming and talented young leaders in various sectors which include business, politics, and society. By empowering the next generation of leaders and shining spotlights on exceptional individuals in Africa, Isabel dos Santos hopes to provide them with a boost along their success path while highlighting their story to serve as role models to others.

Isabel dos Santos on Empowering Women

While at the United Nations debate in the United States, she spoke about the economic empowerment of women as the key to transforming society. Isabel dos Santos always provides the African women with some encouraging and hopeful messages that inspire them as well as other people in African nations pursue their respective ambitions in business. She believes that some of the most successful businesspersons in the universe have been from Africa because of its entrepreneurial spirit.

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