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Precious Metals Distributor US Money Reserve Predicts Recession

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During a span of 100 consecutive months, the United States economy has experienced consistent growth. While this growth has been very positive and beneficial for the nation, it is likely that there will soon be a recession. A number of economic experts and US Money Reserve has predicted that the U.S. economy will decline within a year.

A recession is part of a natural economic cycle and is therefore not necessarily a negative event that occurs. During a recession, the available labor gets scarce and wages therefore increase. Due to these two factors, companies stop hiring new employees. Along with companies not hiring new employees, the Federal Reserve increases the interest rates as well. A combination of these events usually causes a slowdown in the economy.

While many recessions are just part of a natural economic cycle, there are some that can be quite devastating. According to economic experts and US Money Reserve, a number of banks on Wall Street and government officials look to delay recessions in order to continue economic growth. In some cases, they need to create bubbles in order to delay a recession.

However, these bubbles are situations where certain assets are overvalued for a period of time. Once this period of time is over, the recession begins and the economy goes in decline. Many experts say that the larger the economic bubble, the more devastating the effects will be when it stops. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve | Manta

The negative effects of a recession can be quite severe in some situations. For companies, they can either go bankrupt, go out of business and/or lay off workers. This can lead to rising unemployment.

Recessions also effect politicians where an incumbent or a person running for office can fail to get elected by voters. It is important to note that the most recent recession was very negative for the economy due to many people losing their homes due to taking on too much debt and risky practices by lenders.

There are a couple of things that will likely effect the next recession. One of the factors is the rising debt levels among consumers. A number of people are taking on mortgage loans and other debt to finance their lifestyles.

Lenders are giving out more loans due to low interest rates. The amount of debt that is being taken on by consumers is comparable to debt levels right before the economic downturn of 2008. Another factor that can affect the recession is the divided politics. The current political climate is very divisive and as a result, efforts to save the economy and limit the impact of economic downturns can be jeopardized.

US Reserve is a company based in Texas that specializes in providing precious metals to consumers. It sells a variety of gold and silver items that people can use to build their wealth. These gold and silver products are quite beneficial as they can give people an asset that can remain valuable during economic downturns.

Along with offering precious metals products to consumers, US Money Reserve offers educational materials and news about the latest economic developments. The company has won a number of awards for its marketing and advertising along with its wide selection of valuable products.

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Sergey Petrossov makes Private Jet-Setting Easy

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Sergey Petrossov founded and is at the helm of JetSmarter. JetSmarter is an app that helps people hire or share private jets. Petrossov founded the company after attempting to hire a private jet and finding the process tedious and outdated. Besides private jet hiring services, the app also offers limited helicopter hiring services. The app has revolutionized the way people charter jets and helicopters.

Sergey Petrossov launched JetSmarter in the year 2012. Before creating the concept of JetSmarter, he was instrumental in co-founding innovative IT projects including a distance learning program for educational institutions where the medium of instruction was Russian and a website’s online chat system. He also gave advice to one of the world’s largest on-demand jet charter fleet based in South Florida. He created JetSmarter to connect customers with the best private jet operators. Today it is a billion dollar company with investors that include Wayne Chang, the Saudi Royal Family, and Jay-Z.

The focus of Sergey Petrossov in founding JetSmarter is to give everybody easy access to hiring private jets. The company is now called the Uber of the skies. The app also helps to lower the cost of hiring jets for existing private jet flyers and new private jet flyers simple. One can not only hire an entire private jet but can also book seats on private jets. Today JetSmarter serves over 15,000 members across the globe. Sergey Petrossov believes that filling seats of private jets by getting customers to book through his app will lower the costs of flying on private jets.

Sergey Petrossov has revolutionized the private jet hiring industry using his innovative mind and ability to work hard. He believes that JetSmarter will reduce the costs for customers who want to hire private jets and other aircraft in the near future.


Eucatex Love for the Environment

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Flavio Maluf is an entrepreneur. He is also an executive in the management of Eucatex firm. Flavio has spent much of his work in maintaining a sustainable condition in the business. The Eucatex has been operating for 67 years in dealing with building goods.

Flavio made an investment in surrounding and social advantages in a project of the land and reforestation. He wanted to maintain the distribution of trees and extend the company thus make sure that the land is in sustainable state.

His affection for the ecosystem made him to develop the Eucatex management in the entire Brazil country. He was able to create a program called casa da natureza to give environmental education and he got support from the public.

The program was mainly concentrating on the benefits of creating new forests, maintenance of existing forests, enhancing the issue that eucalyptus being a key product of the forest and a raw material source. He also encouraged visiting park practices, planting trees in urban areas and the managing of environmental trails. By using Eucatex environmental education program, Flavio Maluf was able to implement the program. This included the recovering process of planting trees in the areas that don’t have trees thus resulting in more visitors than 27,000 visiting the areas.

Eucatex firm gives the society the chance to take part in the project by socioeconomic diagnosis via the community’s professionals to do regular examinations. For example, the community’s environment and the farms around Eucatex to be interrogated on the means of enhancing their standards of living, ways of operating the forests and their well being of socially.

The lives of the people of the society were enhanced via the Eucatex apiculture project. The project assisted the community to develop projects for generating income. The people who were living near the forest were given the permission to plant pasture near the woods and to begin beekeeping programs to make use of the eucalyptus flowers and to provide honey as well.

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Paul Mampilly Says Ride Share Stock Lyft Is A Good Investment Right Now

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Paul Mampilly has hit the ground running with stock market predictions for 2019, and one stock he’s seized on is ride share service Lyft. The company is set to have an IPO that has investors buzzing, and Mampilly is urging his financial newsletter readers to take advantage while prices are still affordable. What he mentioned in a recent article on Banyan Hill is that the ride sharing industry is really taking off right now, and companies like GM and Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba have gotten in on it. Paul Mampilly mentioned these companies’ stocks could see their values go up since they both own a portion of Lyft, but he also says another company will see its value go up with the IPO, but he only mentions who they are to the subscribers of his Extreme Fortunes newsletter.

Paul Mampilly started newsletter writing after he spent many years in banking and finance. He was born in India, moved to the US to attend college and then began his professional career as a research assistant at Banker’s Trust. He did quite well there moving from that position to becoming an account administrator in charge of millions of dollars in assets. After several years in banking he went into independent consulting, but then made it big on Wall Street when he became part of the team at a fast growing hedge fund. Mampilly brought in major investment returns at that hedge fund, and during that time he won a competition for buying $50 million in stocks that grew by 76℅. He also bought stocks in Facebook, Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics when they had just started, and he made appearances on his business networks such as Fox Business and CNBC.

Paul Mampilly left Wall Street around 2012 because he realized he had enough savings to retire on and could now be with his family more, but he also realized he could help more people. Instead of running a firm offering wealth management services to the millionaires and billionaires, he now offers regular middle class people investing advice so they can take charge of their own wealth, buy their own stocks and do so without having to pay expensive commissions. His newsletters are fairly easy to read, and they can all be found at

Edwin Miranda: Measured in Performance

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The Final Word Measured in Performance

Edwin Miranda may have a sweet tooth for pasties, but the use of “cookies” builds in him a different type of appetite. Online marketing is Edwin’s focus, and measuring the results of a campaign verifies his work. That work is tracked by cookies; such are the kind you don’t eat. …

Edwin started his agency young. He knew about the cloud of scams and promises in SEO. He knew about the issues that the dark web would create for marketers. Performance marketing became his solution. It relies on outcome. This is an idea he had at just 21-years-of-age. With performance, clients pay after they see results.

Through performance, budgeting for their ads is simply easier. The final outcomes show the costs of buying leads and turning their clicks into sales. The many companies paying for bargain content today show that online talk, even if it does sell, is cheap. Results that are measured truly are what say the valuable things.

Measuring ROI is a passion of Edwin. His business promises need accurate scales since outcome is his product and not the actual work he undergoes. KOI performance is a business agreement that ensures what the client gets in the end. Mr. Miranda ties his promises into the structure of predictive marketing.

Here’s where we see how being a few steps ahead of the consumer helps a great deal.

Predicting Tomorrow but Staying Grounded in Today

Predictive marketing may sound more elusive than it is. In it, there’s no need for working with—or conjuring spirits. Data is the central key to opening up a view of the consumer’s mind and behavior. Anyone predicting the future might instead be using tarot cards.

Mr. Miranda doesn’t predict events. His work, instead, puts a brand into the position to enjoy consumer spending as it occurs.

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How Jeremy Goldstein has Redefined Legal Representation in Financial World

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Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is home to some of the best financial advocates and more importantly — home to the Jeremy Goldstein. After working with numerous law firms in New York, Goldstein felt that it was time to start his law firm. Even though he has unmatched experience in different legal niches, he now deals exclusively with financial cases. The main reason why Goldstein deal with economic cases is that he felt that the niche lacked enough legal representation. New York University deals with all kinds of economic cases such as acquisitions and mergers. Unlike in criminal law — where most cases end up in trails — this niche gives him a chance to negotiate and settle cases through consensus.



Jeremy Goldstein has one of the best portfolios. His contributions to smooth corporate transitions are unmatched. Under his law firm, he has been part of numerous acquisitions. A recent piece by a New York magazine on law pointed out that Goldstein is one of the few legal minds that have been consistent in assisting companies in transitioning smoothly. He believes that his role in any acquisition is to find common ground — where the interests of every party are protected. Some of the most notable acquisitions under his watch include Goldman Sachs/Kinder Morgan, NYSE Group Inc./Bank of America among others.



In the American Bar Association, Jeremy Goldstein oversees the business wing of the association. He understands the importance of association in the legal world, and this explains the reason why he is part of numerous professional bodies. Under these outfits, Goldstein is also responsible for a couple of activities. He writes on different subject matters especially on mergers and acquisitions — as well as speaking at conferences around the USA. Through his knowledge on this vital subject, Goldstein is part of other influential bodies. For example, he is part of the advisory team at NYU Journal, and he is part of Fountain House. Because of his contributions in these bodies, he is a recipient of numerous awards — for example, The Legal 500.



Although his primary work at his law firm is dealing with legal matters, Jeremy Goldstein believes that any advocate should wear a human face when working with clients. He points out that he engages his clients on different subject matters — especially on career and personal finances. He is interested to know how his clients are doing in life. Although he observes the client’s personal space when discussing personal finances with his clients, Jeremy Goldstein points out that these dialogues are ideal in breaking ‘conversational walls.’ As an advocate, he believes that these types of conversations are also ideal when creating a good working rapport with clients — regardless of their occupation. Jeremy Goldstein also uses these opportunities to inject empathy in his work, which is critical as a financial lawyer.


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Tim Ioannides Career and Background

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Tim Ioannides has various qualifications, and he is a certified dermatologist who is behind the organization Treasure Coast Dermatology. Dr. Tim Ioannides founded this company to help people with skin conditions by finding effective solutions for them.

Tim Ioannides is an alumnus of the University of Miami where he got his medical degree. Dr. Tim also proceeded to perform a medical internship and later his residency at the University of Florida School of Medicine and University of Miami School of Medicine respectively.

After finishing his studies, Tim Ioannides worked in the private sector for a cosmetic surgeon. Most of the tasks he performed were for enhancing the physical appearance of a person. It is here that his interest in the skin grew and how he could assist people in finding solutions to their skin problems. Tim Ioannides has dedicated his life towards bettering that of his patients. He is regarded by his staff members and community as loving and caring.

During an interview, Tim Ioannides spoke about his career and his daily life. The idea for his company Treasure Coast Dermatology came while he was working in the private sector. Dr. Tim wanted to distance himself from cosmetic procedures and provide medical solutions to skin issues.

His dermatology career is focused on the medical side of skin conditions and not the cosmetic side. Tim Ioannides has different schedules for different days depending on what is planned. However, he always wakes up at six in the morning and does a morning workout. The morning workout helps him be active throughout the day. Tim Ioannides spends some time with family before proceeding to work. His firm has locations in different areas, but he works with the same team daily which makes things easier for him. His day involves consultations with patients and face to face meetings. Tim Ioannides values teamwork and works alongside his team members to bring ideas to life.

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How Neurocore Uses Neurofeedback To Treat Many Types Of Mental Health Issues

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Neurocore is a company that offers a third way of treating many mental health issues including depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, ADHD, and migraines. The traditional form of therapy is to talk to a licensed therapist and take medication to treat one of these conditions. At Neurocore offer neurofeedback instead which has been proven to be effective and doesn’t come with side effects, unlike prescriptions.

When someone first goes to a Neurocore Brain Performance Center they have an initial assessment is done which establishes baseline brainwave activity. This is analyzed so that a clear picture of what is going on in the client’s brain is determined. They then develop a customized program that, through positive reinforcement and repetition, trains the brain to operate better and more efficiently.

Some people wonder why the same method of treatment works for so many types of mental health issues. On the surface, something like depression or ADHD seem to have absolutely nothing to do with one another. The succinct answer to this question is that when you have a stronger brain a lot more things are possible.

Whether someone wants Neurocore to help with their anxiety, migraines, or become a better athlete the process of neurofeedback starts in the same way. The client has a customized “hat” put on their head and a personalized “brain map” is created. During neurofeedback sessions, they watch a movie. Their brain is rewarded for remaining focused on the film by the movie not pausing. If attention waivers the film pauses until their brain has settled down and refocused.

The also use biofeedback at Neurocore in order to get a full picture of what is going on with a client. This includes heart-rate variability and other measurements. By using biofeedback clients learn to take slower, deeper breathes. This makes the heart function better which supplies better blood flow throughout the body including the brain.

Neurocore now provides its services outside of their Brain Performance Centers. They can go to a customer’s home and provide their services. The only service that needs to be provided at a Neurocore location is the initial brain mapping process.

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Rebel Wilson’s awards and her 39th Birthday

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Rebel Wilson, an actress in the cats’ movies, has recently celebrated her 39 birthday. She is a producer and writer. She was born in Australia and studied in an Australian theatre for young people. She has featured in many comedy series. Read on to find out how she celebrated her birthday.

She tried out a unique form of exercise, which included taking a cake and making glass at milk a bar. Later on, she posted two videos depicting dance moves with her friends. They were seen stepping out in cat costumes, but Rebel Wilson had furry armbands and also cat ears.

Rebel Wilson later posted that her friends threw a surprise birthday for her which ended up as a form of dance. The actress then highlighted her progress in Instagram and writing. Afterward, they went to her house, made some pizzas and danced.

Rebel Wilson will star in the upcoming series alongside co-stars like Taylor Swift, Ian McKellen, and many others. The actress highlighted her plans to work with Swift who is an American singer, and she has in the past surprised the other co-stars with gifts as a way of encouraging them.

Back to her career, she has been confident, and this has made her win the hearts of many. she is also planning to do her acting projects in Hollywood, but the road to success has not been easy considering some shows had been canceled. Other people put doubt on her and her complicated relationship which took her time and didn’t last.

She stands with confidence that nothing will stop her from achieving his dreams; this is based on a story published by media intending to know about her past life. Despite all this, the actress has won many awards which include; Keller man award of 2016, MTV movie award OF 2015, Best Actor – Female, among others.

Rebel Wilson has made various contributions to the film industry, for example, the official trailer that has been released recently. It is a well-thought film, and most themes, i.e. humor is covered well unlike in most of the previous films.

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