Edwin Miranda: Measured in Performance

The Final Word Measured in Performance

Edwin Miranda may have a sweet tooth for pasties, but the use of “cookies” builds in him a different type of appetite. Online marketing is Edwin’s focus, and measuring the results of a campaign verifies his work. That work is tracked by cookies; such are the kind you don’t eat. …

Edwin started his agency young. He knew about the cloud of scams and promises in SEO. He knew about the issues that the dark web would create for marketers. Performance marketing became his solution. It relies on outcome. This is an idea he had at just 21-years-of-age. With performance, clients pay after they see results.

Through performance, budgeting for their ads is simply easier. The final outcomes show the costs of buying leads and turning their clicks into sales. The many companies paying for bargain content today show that online talk, even if it does sell, is cheap. Results that are measured truly are what say the valuable things.

Measuring ROI is a passion of Edwin. His business promises need accurate scales since outcome is his product and not the actual work he undergoes. KOI performance is a business agreement that ensures what the client gets in the end. Mr. Miranda ties his promises into the structure of predictive marketing.

Here’s where we see how being a few steps ahead of the consumer helps a great deal.

Predicting Tomorrow but Staying Grounded in Today

Predictive marketing may sound more elusive than it is. In it, there’s no need for working with—or conjuring spirits. Data is the central key to opening up a view of the consumer’s mind and behavior. Anyone predicting the future might instead be using tarot cards.

Mr. Miranda doesn’t predict events. His work, instead, puts a brand into the position to enjoy consumer spending as it occurs.

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