How Jeremy Goldstein has Redefined Legal Representation in Financial World

Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is home to some of the best financial advocates and more importantly — home to the Jeremy Goldstein. After working with numerous law firms in New York, Goldstein felt that it was time to start his law firm. Even though he has unmatched experience in different legal niches, he now deals exclusively with financial cases. The main reason why Goldstein deal with economic cases is that he felt that the niche lacked enough legal representation. New York University deals with all kinds of economic cases such as acquisitions and mergers. Unlike in criminal law — where most cases end up in trails — this niche gives him a chance to negotiate and settle cases through consensus.



Jeremy Goldstein has one of the best portfolios. His contributions to smooth corporate transitions are unmatched. Under his law firm, he has been part of numerous acquisitions. A recent piece by a New York magazine on law pointed out that Goldstein is one of the few legal minds that have been consistent in assisting companies in transitioning smoothly. He believes that his role in any acquisition is to find common ground — where the interests of every party are protected. Some of the most notable acquisitions under his watch include Goldman Sachs/Kinder Morgan, NYSE Group Inc./Bank of America among others.



In the American Bar Association, Jeremy Goldstein oversees the business wing of the association. He understands the importance of association in the legal world, and this explains the reason why he is part of numerous professional bodies. Under these outfits, Goldstein is also responsible for a couple of activities. He writes on different subject matters especially on mergers and acquisitions — as well as speaking at conferences around the USA. Through his knowledge on this vital subject, Goldstein is part of other influential bodies. For example, he is part of the advisory team at NYU Journal, and he is part of Fountain House. Because of his contributions in these bodies, he is a recipient of numerous awards — for example, The Legal 500.



Although his primary work at his law firm is dealing with legal matters, Jeremy Goldstein believes that any advocate should wear a human face when working with clients. He points out that he engages his clients on different subject matters — especially on career and personal finances. He is interested to know how his clients are doing in life. Although he observes the client’s personal space when discussing personal finances with his clients, Jeremy Goldstein points out that these dialogues are ideal in breaking ‘conversational walls.’ As an advocate, he believes that these types of conversations are also ideal when creating a good working rapport with clients — regardless of their occupation. Jeremy Goldstein also uses these opportunities to inject empathy in his work, which is critical as a financial lawyer.


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