Paul Mampilly Says Ride Share Stock Lyft Is A Good Investment Right Now

Paul Mampilly has hit the ground running with stock market predictions for 2019, and one stock he’s seized on is ride share service Lyft. The company is set to have an IPO that has investors buzzing, and Mampilly is urging his financial newsletter readers to take advantage while prices are still affordable. What he mentioned in a recent article on Banyan Hill is that the ride sharing industry is really taking off right now, and companies like GM and Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba have gotten in on it. Paul Mampilly mentioned these companies’ stocks could see their values go up since they both own a portion of Lyft, but he also says another company will see its value go up with the IPO, but he only mentions who they are to the subscribers of his Extreme Fortunes newsletter.

Paul Mampilly started newsletter writing after he spent many years in banking and finance. He was born in India, moved to the US to attend college and then began his professional career as a research assistant at Banker’s Trust. He did quite well there moving from that position to becoming an account administrator in charge of millions of dollars in assets. After several years in banking he went into independent consulting, but then made it big on Wall Street when he became part of the team at a fast growing hedge fund. Mampilly brought in major investment returns at that hedge fund, and during that time he won a competition for buying $50 million in stocks that grew by 76℅. He also bought stocks in Facebook, Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics when they had just started, and he made appearances on his business networks such as Fox Business and CNBC.

Paul Mampilly left Wall Street around 2012 because he realized he had enough savings to retire on and could now be with his family more, but he also realized he could help more people. Instead of running a firm offering wealth management services to the millionaires and billionaires, he now offers regular middle class people investing advice so they can take charge of their own wealth, buy their own stocks and do so without having to pay expensive commissions. His newsletters are fairly easy to read, and they can all be found at

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