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Why Betsy DeVos Approaches Life in a Different Way

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It is a new world. In this age and time, people in high places are adopting ways of helping society through philanthropy. Wealthy individuals are deviating from their selfish tendencies and embracing trends that are meant to help society as a whole. One of the richest billionaires in town that we can relate to is Betsy DeVos. Betsy is not only an established entrepreneur but also a full-time reformer as well as a seasonal politician. Her humane ways have been the means through which the wife of Dick DeVos has been able to bring major transformations in communities across the United States. Born from one of the wealthiest families in the world, Betsy has had all handed to her on a silver platter. However, Betsy DeVos has also found a way of earning her riches through hard work. Visit Betsy’s profile page on Facebook.

The alumni of the Holland Christian High School, since her formative years, have had a passion for foreseeing that the education sector in America gets transformed. By her wealth, power, and influence, all if not of most of Betsy’s dreams have manifested in real time. As a strong Christian, Betsy has always found cracks in the education system of the United States of America. To this end, she and her husband Dick have joined hands and formed The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, an organization that has categorically provided institutions of learning with financial aid. Through philanthropy, Betsy has been mainly supportive of children coming from low-income families. Mrs. DeVos has been passionate about improving art and culture, education in general, the charter system, as well as leadership.

Betsy’s will to help others has been as a result of past events when she once witnessed parents from low-income families struggling just to give their children the opportunity to go to school. Touched from within, Betsy has struggled to realize the change in the education sector. Thanks to Betsy’s efforts, students can now learn beyond their zip codes. Above all, Betsy DeVos has strongly advocated for the charter system to get introduced in institutions of learning, and her husband’s West Michigan Aviation Academy is a testament to the same. Betsy’s political ambitions have not gone unnoticed. In the past, she offered her support to her husband Dick when he wanted to become governor. Betsy DeVos has also contributed generously to political causes, especially if they directly affect the Republican Party. At age 59, Betsy is the 11th Secretary of Education, a role given to her by President Donald Trump. Her appointment as the new secretary of education comes at a time when extreme reforms in the sector are needed. In my view, it is my belief that Betsy is the right person for the job. Read more articles at about Betsy.

Sujit Choudhry:Lawyer, Educator, Author And Constitutional

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Constitutional scholar Sujit Choudhry and many other experts in the field recently attended a workshop on constitutional instability in Ukraine. The workshop was organized by the prominent Ukrainian think tank, the Center for Policy and Legal Reform, and the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. The workshop’s goal was to discuss the many constitutional challenges faced by the semi-presidentialism system of government in the Ukraine and find ways to improve the governmental processes.

Some of the problems Sujit Choudhry and the other constitutional scholars discussed included:

  1. The president having too much power.
  2. The need for a stronger legislature to provide checks and balances.
  3. The electoral system that’s poorly designed.
  4. Too many weak political parties.
  5. The need for a stronger separation of powers.

The Center for Constitutional Transitions, the organization Choudhry founded, is conducting ongoing research on Ukraine’s governmental and constitutional structures. Related article on  International constitutional law experts pledged to continue to monitor Ukraine’s issues closely.

According to,  born in New Delhi, Sujit Choudhry is internationally acknowledged as a leading scholar on constitutional law. A Rhodes Scholar, he has law degrees from Oxford University, Harvard Law School and the University of Toronto. Choudhry has also taught law at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law and New York University School of Law and was on the law faculty at the University of Toronto. He has also won numerous awards. They include a Cecelia Goetz Professorship, a William E. Taylor Memorial Fellowship, a Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship and a Trudeau Fellowship.  Check this must-read interview of Sujit on

Sujit Choudhry has published almost 100 articles, book chapters, papers and reports on constitutional law and related topics. Check this recently written article of Sujit here.  His organization has brought together over 50 experts and helped with constitution building activities in more than 25 countries worldwide. Choudhry is a member of numerous organizations including the Institute for Integrated Transitions and the International Society of Public Law. He also collaborates with a vast global network of organizations and think tanks involved in constitutional law and issues related to it. A former consultant with the World Bank Institute, he remains very active as a lawyer, educator and author.  Click for Sujit’s timeline activities.

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Doe Deere’s Small Brand Has Taken Over Cosmetics

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Doe Deere has always loved the unique things in life, and it may not have been surprising for those who know her well that she decided to try out her own custom-made cosmetics. The sale of these products soon led to the formation of Lime Crime, Doe Deere’s personal brand that sells hair products and nail polish of exquisite colors and are created by a team of designers that share Doe Deere’s passions. The very reason Doe Deere has been so successful has been an adherence to her personal philosophies and the belief that everyone should be able to let their inner self out without judgment. learn more:


Doe Deere may be an example of how sometimes mixing business with pleasure actually can work to your benefit. In an interview given by Savoir Flair, Deere explained how from the moment she wakes up to the end of her day, she has a routine that makes every part of her day go smoother and allows her to accomplish everything she’s set out to do. She also is the first to try out every new Lime Crime product that is released and has even said she will never market a product she hasn’t used. Deere has always been one to explore different things from the moment she first got into business. Learn more:


Doe Deere grew up in Russia not long after the Soviet Union had collapsed and even at a young age became interested in selling things. One of her first products she sold was fake tattoos, and most passersby on the streets loved them. Around age 17 she decided to relocate to the US to attend college and attempt to become famous in a band. The dream of being the next phenomenal pop singer didn’t quite materialize, but she did meet the love of her life during this time and then turned her attention to other passions. Learn more:


Doe Deere soon enrolled in a major cosmetology school in Manhattan and before long the Lime Crime brand began to take shape. It was first marketed in 2004 on eBay, but as customer demand for the product started increasing Doe Deere then opened up Lime Crime HQ. She would soon move the company to Los Angeles and then start marketing it on a much wider scale. Doe Deere says her key to success has been to dream big and when one dream doesn’t work out, have another one that you don’t give up on and follow through to the end.


Scott Rocklage: The Business Minded Leader Behind 5AM Ventures

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Scott Rocklage is an entrepreneur and businessman who has over thirty years worth of experience dealing with business ventures. He is a vital part of an investment company known as 5 AM Ventures, which is responsible for investing in companies that are involved in the research and implementation of new technology in the medical field. Scott Rocklage became a part of the company in 2003 and had contributed immensely to their overall growth and development.

Scott Rocklage has always been a man with a plan. He has always lived by the principle of having a good plan of action to be successful at what he does. Even when it comes to the companies that come to 5 AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage always devises a good plan of action for them to implement which can help them to deal with their business concerns.

He is extremely good at making his clients feel comfortable when they come to the firm and believes in forming close personal relations with them to understand their needs on a more holistic level. He has worked in the field of medicine and health care for an extremely extended period of time, which makes dealing with the clients coming to 5 AM Ventures a whole lot easier.

Because of Scott Rocklage, the company has been able to land some of the biggest clients in the medical field. They have helped numerous companies, transforming them into businesses worth noting. With his insight into the medical profession and his incredible knowledge in the business field, Scott Rocklage has proven to be an extremely effective leader to the company.

5 AM Ventures was founded as a result of a collaborative effort from Scott Rocklage and his business partners, John Diekman, Andy Schwab and Karin Mueller. The partnership has been working extremely well for all of them, as the company is headed in the direction that they envisioned for it.

Through the company, they aim to revolutionize various aspects of the medical profession, also to provide leading healthcare solutions to people all over the world. The company’s primary focus is to help those who bring innovations to the medical field.

Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

Osteo Relief Institute Can Restore Your Quality of Life

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Arthritis is very common, and in the US more than 50 million people suffer from it. However, when it comes to treating Arthritis it is important to understand that it isn’t one disease but a general term used to describe joint pain and disease. While there are more than 100 forms of Arthritis, Osteoarthritis is the most common (HealthGrades). Osteoarthritis commonly sets in from middle age onward. It is a degeneration of cartilage around the joints, as well as bone degeneration. As a result, the sufferer will experience stiffness and pain around their affected joints since bone is rubbing on other bones. Over time as the condition worsens, the affected person will experience weakness, discomfort, stiffness and swelling.

Osteo Relief Institute

While there is unfortunately no cure for Osteoarthritis, there are treatment options that can slow its progress. There are also steps you can take on your own to hinder its progress including daily routines of gentle exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, moving frequently, avoiding repetitive movements, and quitting smoking since since it will damage connective tissue. Other options to consider are medications, physical therapy, and even surgery.


Fortunately there are organizations like the Osteo Relief Institute in Jersey Shore dedicated to professionally treating Osteoarthritis (EdgeWater). You can go in for a free screening to find out what treatment options Osteo Relief Institute can offer you. They offer advanced treatment with their state-of-the-art equipment. The staff at Osteo Relief Institute will offer a combination of treatments and procedures to provide you relief and quality of life, no matter what stage of Osteoarthritis you are suffering from. Their goal is to help you to effectively treat the disease while avoiding more aggressive and dramatic procedures such as surgery.


While a diagnosis of Osteoarthritis can be discouraging, there are professionals like those at Osteo Relief Institute dedicated to providing osteo relief. This disease does not have to ruin your quality of life, and proper treatment can postpone negative effects and the hold they can take on your life. Call the professionals at Osteo Relief Institute today to schedule a free screening!

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An Interview with Sujit Choudhry, a Constitutional Expert and Adviser

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Sujit Choudhry is renowned internationally for his authority and experience on constitutional comparative law and politics. Through a keen research, Sujit Choudhry is an advisor to the various constitutional building process of countries such as Libya, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, and Ukraine among others. Apparently, Professor Choudhry is the director of the Constitutional Transitions Center which particularly mobilizes knowledge and generates support for constitutional building. The Center partners with other centers such as multilateral organization, NGOs, and think tanks.  Hop over to for additional article.

In an interview with CEOCFO magazine, Sujit Choudhry revealed that the idea behind the Center of Constitutional Transitions is to generate and mobilize relevant knowledge in the effect of assembling and directing global experts to realize policies based on evidence. For the full interview, check  The organization also implements research in a global network to enhance performance. Sujit worked for several years as a constitutional expert for emerging democracies, drafting and amending the Constitution. He identified a gap in the constitutional research sector that hampered effective constitutional framework construction. For this reason, Sujit Choudhry set up his own firm to mitigate this challenge with credibility.

Sujit Choudhry has law degree from three distinct institutions. As an immigrant, he navigated new political and legal entities for most of his life. Sujit Choudhry confesses that the knowledge he gained has been very paramount in his line of work and career. He recognizes the effort of his parent who afforded premium education for him to become a professor like them. In essence, Sujit’s academic contribution to various liberal democratic challenges is clear from enhanced understanding of the comparative constitutional law.  Read his point of views on certain issues, click

More to read here.

In his career, Sujit has worked with a variety of cultures. This has widened his ability to perceive generic laws holistically. His experience as a lawyer has enabled him to view failure as an attempt of making his visions more valid. Being able to manage limited resources that include time and money is also a challenge that has mostly shaped his career. His major accomplishment is consolidating experts from different countries and getting them solve problems mutually. Finally, Sujit noted that the Center of Constitutional Transitions is overly set to complete various collaborative projects and other three large thematic.  For Sujit’s service and contact info, hit on

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A Look at Sujit Choudhry’s Input in Constitutional Law

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Sujit Choudhry is a lawyer by profession. He was recently interviewed by CEOCFO concerning his input as well as achievements and contribution to law and constitution. The interview was conducted by the senior executive of the department Lynn Fosse. In the session, Sujit explained his interests as well as fundamental understanding of law and the justice system. Being an individual who has lived in multiple geographical areas, he cited his reasons for establishing an organization called Centre for Constitutional Transitions.  For the full interview, click


Following his experience in implementing the constitution across different sectors, Sujit Choudhry is prominent for his expertise in comparative law. He has extensive knowledge in the amendment of the constitution. Faced with the challenge to answer different questions that arise from the constitution, he found it wise to establish the Centre for Constitutional Transitions. This organization is committed to finding the right answers to legal questions. Sujit Choudhry is an immigrant. He used the opportunity to explore different law systems across different geographical areas. With that understanding, he is well positioned to answer various questions concerning the application of the act. He uses the law design to promote peace among communities with misunderstanding. Through multiple trips to different areas, Sujit has been able to pick various traditions by implementing the same traditions in solving issues.


As a prominent lawyer, Sujit Choudhry is followed by many attorneys. His understanding of the law systems plays a key role in developing policies that can be used by different communities. At the Centre of Constitution for Transitions, there are experts from various walks of life. These experts play a fundamental role in emerging evidence based policies to form fundamental laws that can be implemented for societal use. For his recent work, click


According to, Sujit Choudhry has an extensive educational background. He is a renowned professor of law with massive expertise. He has served at the California University of Berkeley as the dean. Initially, Sujit was at the Goetz Law School in New York. Following his broad understanding of comparative law as well as constitution implementation, he is well positioned to lead multiple institutions in practicing law. Sujit continues to offer advice on the application of the law in different legal systems across the various countries. He has been an active guest speaker in different nationalities.  For Sujit’s service and contact info, hit on

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The Broad Celebrity Appeal of the Ancient Kabbalah Mysteries

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Just read the latest celebrity bios and devotion to Kabbalistic practice is sure to come up. Whether its this millennial age or the dawn of the scientific and philosophic revolutions, this form of mystical Judaism continues to attract followers from the most elite members of society.

Simply, the Kabbalah is an elucidated and personal means of understanding and putting into practice the deepest and most profound elements of the Jewish faith and its mysteries.

In this article we discuss the various reasons celebrities become involved with this ancient Jewish practice.

A common theme reported by Kabbalah practitioners is a greater sense of control over their lives. Marilyn Monroe, Sandra Bernhard, Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears reported that their devotion to the practice gave them a sense of calm and the means to navigate the flux of unforeseeable challenges, which would devastate people without rooting in the Kabbalah, that affect their daily lives and learn more about Kabbalah.

For other celebrities, Sammy Davis Jr., Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna the Kabbalah and Judaism represent something larger than themselves to which they are inexplicably drawn. The attraction of the Jewish patriarchs, understanding the law and the prophets and identification with a remarkable people, who have survived as a distinct culture against unimaginable hardship and odds, forever changes the meaning of their lives.

However, this transformation is not always permanent. As a transient convert, after a series of personal setbacks, Brittney Spears now identifies herself as Hindu. But for those who have experienced the profound transformation offered by Kabbalah, there is no turning back.

Madonna went on to start her own Kabbalah centers. Elizabeth Taylor became Hollywood’s most outspoken pro-Israel advocate. Sammy Davis Jr. stated outright that he was overawed by being a part of [Judaism] that was much bigger than himself and more information click here.

As a testament to the transformational hope that it offers, after abandoning the Christian beliefs of her fundamentalist foster parents, Marilyn Monroe became a devoted believer in the hope that the Jewish faith offered her, throughout her grief-filled life, until her dying day.

Kabbalah Center

Started in 1984 by Rabbi Berg, with the goal of making the mysteries of the Kabbalah accessible to a broader audience, the Kabbalah Center serves its world-wide followers through its local instruction centers and by its online resources.

Today, the center delivers hope to a world searching for spiritual truth.

Todd Lubar Is Popularizing The Concept Of Smart Homes

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Smart homes are the new normal. They simplify some of the common tasks in our homes. Smart homes present a new experience in doing simple tasks in many households. From switching the lights on to drawing the window curtains, smart homes can help those who invest in them carry out some of the most mundane household tasks effortlessly.

Apart from the modest features that enable smart homes to perform routine tasks, some are equipped with more advanced features like smart toilets that can be able to detect health issues with the user and send the same data to a doctor. Real estate developers are increasingly leveraging the power of smart homes and buyers no longer consider this technology futuristic.

In today’s world, people are finding themselves in a position where they need to accomplish more within a limited amount of time. Some features in smart homes are informed by the need to achieve safety. For instance, someone who forgot to switch their microwave off would want to do it remotely from their office. Also, entrepreneurs are aware of the new opportunities that smart homes present regarding business.

According to Patch, the only challenge that comes with smart homes is their prohibitive initial costs of setup and maintenance. Many would agree that smart homes help in solving routine tasks effortlessly, but they cost a lot, making them unavailable to a majority of home buyers. Check out Medium to know more.

One of the leading real estate moguls leveraging the power of smart homes to build new enterprises is Todd Lubar. Todd has a particular interest in smart-living spaces. As the President of Global Ventures, LLC and Vice President of Legendary Investments, Todd boasts of more than 20 years’ experience in the field of real estate. In the past, he has been recognized as one of the leading mortgage originators in the US.

Todd Lubar derives a lot of satisfaction from helping people acquire their dream homes. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Todd Lubar also invests a lot of his time in assisting young people to grow in entrepreneurship. Through his philanthropic projects, Lubar can reach out to communities by helping them solve some of the social challenges they face.

See more:

Transition And The Constitutional Way

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It’s in man’s nature to become better than he is.

Tomorrow, each person alive sees a great future, a great amount of opportunity and a great peace for all to know or experience. But not everyone gets a chance to actually see these things come to fruition. There needs to be a common practice and for getting the things we need most to exist in life.

For Sujit Choudhry, who is the most prominent figure today for transition, getting a nation to adopt the constitutional way is his only way of life. It consists of a basic set of knowledge that took him years to develop and more time to master. But in the short years of Sujit’s life, he accomplished a lot. Read this important interview of Sujit on

No Nation Got There Alone

From getting nations into a world of equality to supporting the needs of education, there’s no shortage of what Sujit has contributed. The fact is, no nation, which we find prominent today get there alone. It’s all been an uphill battle and for equality. This might lead you to better understand what’s actually needed in transition.   Check how Sujit analyzes a current issue, hit

The first step is to have a goal in mind.

Every country that has a great amount of growth requires, wants and aspires to something. This aspiration is the heart of transition. Once the objective is laid, then the best step is to look into other nations and to make a simple comparison. This is the basis for what’s called comparative constitutional law.

Comparative Law and It’s Need In Society

As societies expand, their expansion is commonly based on a few guiding ideals.

We find those principals in the constitutional makeup of various countries and nations. Among that information, we find what is most likely to work and the things that have no chance if given it. When that information is acquired, a unique perspective is comes.

Important article with Sujit and his works as the subject here.

Through perspective, we develop the right and wrong answers for how a developing group of people will expand. These outcomes often vary. Therefore, extensive study and research goes into each project. This method is the foundation of professionals within Sujit’s league of work.  For a closer look at Sujit’s profile, check on

These professionals are highly ambitious and simply understand the need for change.

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