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A New Website And Products For The U.S. Money Reserve

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The U.S. Money Reserve has now been around for more than a decade. One of the reasons that they have been so long lasting is because of the guarantees that they provide to their customers. This guarantee has 5 parts, including a safeguard promise, quality assurance, personalized service, complete transparency and the Seal of Trust from the U.S. Money Reserve. These 5 points are meant to bring peace of mind to customers and potential purchasers. One of the aspects that the reserve is proudest of is their efficiency. Most times, the reserve is able to ship the inventory that was ordered with 24 hours. This means that it will take about 5 days for orders to be received and the delivery process is very safe, as it is fully insured, guaranteed and tracked.

The U.S. Money Reserve is so confident in its inventory and the quality of its product that it offers a buy back guarantee. As long as the coin is in the same condition it was delivered in and is still in its container, the reserve will buy back any coins that customers are not happy with within 30 days, at the original cost. There are also buy back options after the 30 days has expired that offer a pretty good deal. Customers can either expect to get the market value of the coin on the price of the coin with a 20 percent fee deducted. However, this does not apply to bullion purchases.

The U.S. Money Reserve was recently in the news. CBS19 covered the reserve because of the new website they have launched. The article noted that the website now has e-commerce capabilities so that customers can buy online with ease. Ryan Buchanan is the Vice President of Brand and Creative. He oversaw the redesign of the website. His main goals with the website were to make it easier for individuals to purchase bullion online and to educate the public about coins and bullion. The article then quoted Buchanan when he talked about how the new website would allow the reserve to better interact with its clients and provide a safe and secure method of purchasing precious metals.

The website provides customers with options of looking at metals and learning more or actually purchasing the precious metals. One page on the site has updates about the precious metals market. There is also an application like goodsearch on the website that is a knowledge center. Customers can use this software to learn more about the metals they are interested in or possibly already own.

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Is Sanders The Only Choice?

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In his recent interview on Fox News, Thor Halvorssen, the president of the Human Rights Foundation, discussed his conflict with the current election in regards to appointing a socialist President.

Halvorssen has extensive knowledge on individuals abusing power in the name of good,evil, or greed, with most of his studies focused on corrupt dictatorships through out the world. His discussion begins by clarifying that in the hands of an authoritative government, such as the U.S, socialism can be no different from Communism or Marxism, as the temptation to abuse power is all to real. Halvorssen does however clarify that Bernie Sanders is still his choice for President come election time, even mentioning that he has contributed to his campaign.

The interview seems rather directed by the hostess’ questions, as she attempts to elicit a direct negative quote about Socialism from Mr.Thor Halvorssen. However, he remains focused on his key point of potential for abuse, rather than an actual problem with the style of government. His extensive knowledge of dictatorships is clearly at work here, as he follows up most questions with an answer referring to Hillary’s “contributions” from many of the most infamous human rights abuse countries around the world.

On the other end of the spectrum we’re presented with Donald Trump, who has many policies on the table that are greatly disliked by many in America. Discussing him is in fact so toxic to the interview and obvious, that the hostess herself holds up a hand saying no further mention is needed besides, “Republican Front runner”.

In all, he expresses concern with establishing a Socialist government in a system that is known for abuse already, but concedes that voting for any of the other candidates is detrimental to the health of the country.

Hillary Receives $ 8 million donations from George Soros

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George Soros is said to have donated a total of $ 6 million to Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign which is the leading PAC. This marked the return of the biggest billionaire financier givers in America politics. The big check brings a total of $ 8 million the Hungarian-born investor has provided to the Clinton’s group in 2015.
According to the latest report which was filed on Sunday evening with the Federal Election Commission, the super PAC is said to have received $ 6 million while priorities USA Action managed to raise a total of $ 25 million in the second half of 2015. This brings the PAC’s tally to $ 41 million for the single year and still left it with a total of $ 36 million in the bank.
Hollywood mogul Haim Saban whom together with his wife Cheryl Saban donated $ 3 million, Donald Sussman and Herb Sandler donated $1.5 million each was the other major donors during the second half year. The super PAC which works for Americans also gave a total of $1.5 million.
However, Soros donation whichgave $1million to priorities the USA in the first half of the year and a further $ 1 million to Clinton backing stands alone but not because of the amount.
Most people see George Soros as a bellwether among the rich democrats. He is seen as one of the few remaining liberals who have shown interest to drop eight figures in an election cycle. He already donated more than $20 million in 2004 to the groups which tried to oust the then USA president George W. Bush. Soros, however, dialed back to his big money political spending after his failed effort.
Soros donated only $ 1million to priorities USA despite the intense courtship in 2012. The amount was meant to support president Barrack Obama reelection. However, Soros revealed to one of Clintons close ally that he regretted supporting President Obama over her during the 2008 primaries and praised Hillary Clinton for awarding her with an open door to discuss policies according to the emails which had been released last month by the state.
George Soros is the founder and also chairs the Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations. George was born in Budapest in 1930. In 1947, he fled to communist- dominated Hungary after surviving the Nazi occupation during the World War II.

The Expansion of Organo Gold

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Coffee is a product that is increasingly growing in popularity. Consumers love this product because of not only the taste, but also for the must needed energy boost that this product provides before the day begins. Coffee has been around for thousands of years and can now be manipulated in different ways to provide consumers with a variety of flavors and textures. With the growth of coffee, one company in particular has created a product that is centered around healthy living. This coffee brand is Organo Gold and has created a delicious product with a secret ingredient that has every consumer wanting more and more of the product.

Organo Gold is a coffee brand that was started in 2008 by Bernardo Chua. Mr. Chua has experience and knowledge of the business industry and has used his experience within the multilevel marketing industry in order to expand his business. Bernardo Chua decided to create a healthy company in the form of Organo Gold with the intention of shaping is around one particular secret ingredient. This secret ingredient is called Ganoderma and has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The current nickname for this herb is even the “king of herbs”.

Ganoderma, in recent news, has been proven to provide multiple health benefits to the consumer. One health benefit in particular is weight loss which is done through increasing the oxygen levels within the body. In addition to weight loss, Ganoderma has been proven to boost the immune system, detox the provide, and even reduce inflammation in the body. With these many health benefits, consumers are also delighted by the fact that Organo Gold also tastes delicious. Consumers praise Organo Gold for being the brand that energizes yet relaxes them for the day to come.

Bernardo Chua is proud to announce that he has used the success of the company for the purpose of creating the first organic plantation of Ganoderma is North America. This was done for the purpose of eliminating transaction costs as well as making Organo Gold more accessible to consumers around the world. Bernardo Chua is not only promoting his brand, but he also has the mission of promoting the importance of healthy living. Mr. Chua and his team are dedicated individuals that have the mission to promote integrity, excellence, as well as leadership all around the world. This company, though only eight years old, has already expanded to almost 40 countries.  Follow Bernie on his Facebook for continued updates on where Organo goes next.

George Soros Shares His Insight About The Collapsed Of The European Union.

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Recently, George Soros was interviewed by Gregor Peter Schmitz of the German magazine, WirtschaftsWoche, about the current situation in Europe and the prediction of the collapse of the European Union. George Soros had a lot to say from his economic and political understanding of Europe and also from his personal experience as he was born in Hungary during the Nazi inversion and studied in England. He has also been involved in philanthropic work both in Europe, especially in Germany during the division between the east and the west. His Open Society Foundation has been on the forefront of fighting against injustices such as democratic and human rights violations in countries such as Hungary and Syria.
George Soros began his discussion by congratulating the current chair of the European Union, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor for fighting hard to hold the union together up to know despite the numerous challenges the union is facing. He said that though he has been a critic of Angela Merkel, her leadership ability and insightfulness can not be compared with that of any other leader. He said Angela Merkel was the first person to predict the European crisis correctly and started preparing the union with policies such as the European asylum seekers policy. This policy has helped cushion out some of the impacts that the many crises the Union is currently facing.

According to George Soros, the Russian inversion to Ukraine and the Syrian crisis are the two major problems that are powerfully threatening the stability of the union. The Russian inversion on Ukraine proved that the European Union has lost control over Russia, a very aggressive instability minded nation lead by the dictatorial Vladimir Putin. It also proved that the European Union had lost the power to protect smaller nations in its union from attack by the larger nations. On the hand, the Syrian crisis was generating millions of refugees in Europe that were flooding in other countries in the union. Though some countries like German were readily taking in refugees, others like Hungary and Poland had launched anti-refugee campaigns that were driven by there, political leaders.

The increased number of Syrian refugees seeking asylum would have already brought Europe down to its knees were it not for good policies from Angela Merkel. The European Union also has another problem of immigrants from other nations worldwide. The increased number of immigrants arriving in Europe every day are a big threat to the economy of Europe. Angela Merkel has proposed a policy that will allow immigrants into Europe at a rate which Europe could absorb them healthily. There is also the issue of the euro crisis and the British membership referendum about its membership to the union. George Soros thinks that Angela Merkel can diligently handle all these problems and put the European Union back on track.


Kevin Seawright Proud of Summer Youth Employment Plan To Get Students Working And Learning

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Kevin Seawright, the CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corp, is working with NewarkWorks along with other city organizations to help create more secure jobs for the youth of the city during this upcoming summer.

The partnership has created the Summer Youth Employment Plan which has a goal of creating six weeks of paid summer work available to students in Newark that will not only pay them, but help give them experience in the workplace. The hope is that these paid summer positions will help increase college graduation rates in Newark. Outside of just creating jobs, the plan also incorporates financial literacy lessons, on the job training, college readiness programs, an empowerment lectures.

Kevin Seawright stated in an interview that they have really created a strong program this year and have strengthened it by redesigning the application process and requiring them to apply online. He explained that the online applicant process and boosted interested and as of the start of the week they already have 350 applications from area youth. Seawright also proudly stated with WorldClassMagazines that usually it takes six weeks to get through the application process, but the online venue allows applicants to be done in 23 minutes.

Another large goal of the Summer Youth Employment Plan is to increase the amount of jobs that they can offer to students looking for jobs and opportunities. Last year they had 3,000 positions available, but this year they are hoping to get the number up to 3,500.
Seawright is also focused on providing top financial literacy services to the students in the program. He has done this by partnering with top banks TD Bank and Santander Bank. He explained that by helping students learn how to open and manage savings and checking accounts they will be set up for financial success in the future as well as right now.

The program will kick off this summer on July 5th and will continue for six weeks closing on August 16th. The program employers will pay their student workers minimum wage. In addition, they will have access to the other programs designed to help them as they get closer to college.  Kevin Seawright’s full career is summed up beautifully on SlideShare.

The Tech of Coriant

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Coriant is a tech company that, while new, has been in existent for years now. It first started up as a sector within Nokia Siemens. Inside of the company, the division helped produce fiberoptic cables and other hardware used to boost network connections and to improve the way large businesses and companies interact with one another through the sharing of data. While the company has moved on its own, it still focuses on producing the same kind of material, only now as an independent company under the watchful eye of Shaygan Kheradpir.

When Coriant first started to produce fiberoptic cables and similar networking equipment, this sort of technology had just started. It did prove to be new and helpful with the continual expansion of the tech industry. However, when Nokia Siemens was purchased out and a new management team moved in, the Coriant division spun off in order to create its own entity. Now, as an independent company, the new board of directors still wanted to focus on the creation of fiberoptic networking hardware and software. With this being said though, the company did realize he needed to bring in someone with experience to run the company. Otherwise, without the aid of a new professional who had knowledge on fiberoptic equipment and the ability to manage other businesses, it might struggle to find its way in the new world. With the help of Shaygan Kheradpir, the company found the individual they were looking for.

Shaygan Kheradpir does have experience in the world of fiberoptic technology. When he worked as a department head for Verizon, he helped produce not only the DVR service the company new utilizes, but he also helped create the fiber optics technology for the company’s FiOS Internet and cable service. All of this has prove to be especially helpful and it made him a desirable candidate for the job. On top of being a CEO for Juniper Networks, he served on the board of directors for several other companies as well. Now, he has become the head of Coriant and he aims to do everything he can.

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Why Top Brazilian Banks Prosper Despite Economic Difficulties

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While Brazil has been experiencing economic difficulties in the past few years, the country’s top two banks, Itau Unibanco and Banco Bradesco have done quite well. Their profits accordingt to respectively rose 36% and 28%.

How did they do that in a struggling economy? As Igor Cornelsen, top Brazilian banker and investor, points out, the secret lies in knowing the market as well as experience with turbulent conditions. It seems that successful Brazilian banks are focusing on lending those with good credit standing, which makes operations more secure and cost effective.

Igor Cornelsen sees the appointment of Joaquim Levy as finance minister to be a positive development for the Brazilian economy and its banks. Many see Mr Levy as a wise policymaker, and with a friendly and sensible attitude towards the private sector, which is in opposition to populist ideas held by many of Brazil’s politicians.

Mr. Cornelsen also tells business people and investors on bizjournals to pay attention to China. Any positive news coming from the Middle Kingdom are likely to be good for Brazil, especially its natural resources sector.

He also hopes that the new administration will let Brazilian Real to depreciate further, thus improving country’s competitiveness. He also thinks that the country’s Current Account needs to be improved. Yet, Brazil’s large market of nearly 200 million, vast natural resources, and a need for infrastructure development make this market to be attractive for foreigners.

For those looking to invest in this large South American country, he advises establishing relationships and networks with the locals, being ready (and patient enough) for the red tape, and knowing how to handle foreign currency restrictions.

Igor Cornelsen has been recognized as one of the top bankers in Brazil. He’s also an investor and currently works as a consultant. In the past, he manged some of the biggest Brazilian banks.

Wikipedia Writers: Why to Hire the Pros at Get Your Wiki

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Have you already been able to make a Wikipedia page, or should you but don’t currently? In either case you should consider a Wikipedia writer for your personal bio or business. And here’s why:

  • High-quality presentation
  • Clear messaging
  • Accurate information

Not All Pages Are Created Equal

Have you ever seen a page that was nothing more than a snippet or a stub? Or have you seen a page that didn’t look as good as others? This is because a high-quality Wikipedia writer didn’t set the standard for the foundation.

When you hire a Wikipedia writer, the presentation of your information will be very professional. When people look you up, they will not only be impressed with the fact that you’re listed on the site, but also that your page appears to have been given considerable care.

Clear Messaging

What do you want to convey about yourself? The writer you hire cares about this, and the ones you don’t, well, don’t. Almost all Wikipedia writers want to get the right info down, but they may lose something in translation, or focus on something negative.

For example, let’s say your company is in the middle of a legal battle and it reaches the news. A Wikipedia writer may decide that that should be included in your page, and they may be right. However, with it may come an interpretation from an inaccurate news account. This is where a professional can help you set the record straight. And the best professionals are at Get Your Wiki. Just submit a request on their page and get a quote within 24 hours.

Accurate Information

If you leave your Wikipedia page up to the masses, it’s possible there will be a gross inaccuracy. The result? People who want to do business with you may have the wrong impression. This is precisely why musician Daniel Nigro uses a professional Wikipedia writer.

Nigro’s page reads like a resume, and nothing more. It doesn’t mention that he began playing the piano at the age of 7, guitar at 15, and took voice lessons at 16. His first band was a group called Sundaze, but they are never to be mentioned, nor his family background. Did he go to college? Yes, but not for music, so mentioning it makes no difference.

By hiring a true professional from a Wikipedia writing service, you can tailor your page to a product that is presented well with clear and accurate information. The alternative is to leave it to chance.

George Soros And His Foundations in Russia

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George Soros is a very well known economist on that is Native to Hungary. Soros is a man that migrated to England from Hungary when he was just a young man in 1947. Soros was trying to escape from the Nazi dominated Hungary. Soros went to England and went to the London School of Economics. He later moved to the United State where he decided to settle down. While living in the United States, Soros was able to gain much wealth by founding an international investment fund. Now Soros is a multi-billionaire and he still maintains an active watch on the European economy.

Apart from being a well versed economist, Soros is a world-renown philanthropist. Soros was active in giving donations to black students that were located in South Africa. He did this in the late 1970’s when apartheid was still going on. Soros wanted to help black students to attend Cape Town University. Soros has always been a man that has fought for neutrality and democracy; he has given of himself and of his funds to help further humanitarian acts.

Recently Russia decided to put a ban on a foundation started by Soros. Russia claims that the foundation is a ‘threat to the foundations and constitutional system of the Russian Federation.’ The foundation is called the Open Society Foundation and this foundation was created to advance democracy in the country of Russia. Russia has not made any more statements about the reasons why they decided to ban the foundation. Soros has asked the west to get involved in a financing package that he created to help the Ukraine in their struggle to get free from Russia’s hold.

In times past, Russia welcomed efforts that were made by Soros to improve the condition of their citizens. Soros believes that this is going to be a temporary ban on his foundation, and he believes that the aspirations of the Russian people for a better world will not be held back forever. Soros has the belief that good intentions will achieve positive results in the future, and that Russia will not be able to hold its citizens down forever. speaks of George Soros as being a man that has funded networks ever since the 1970. Soros supports human rights, public health, education, and freedom of expression. Soros is a true human rights activist, and even though he is 85 years old, he still puts much of his time and energy into the improvement of humanity.