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Susan McGalla – entrepreneur with a vision

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Susan McGalla is a perfect example of someone who has worked her way out to achieve top-notch positions in some of the biggest corporations in America. She is known to be an expert at marketing strategies and branding and that’s one of the reasons that she assists other firms as a retail consultant. Even though she is a perfect example of a perfect success story for women, not everyone has been able to achieve what she did and she contributes a lack of support in the community as one of the reasons for this. She wants more encouragement for women for higher management roles as there is only a quarter of top positions that are held by women. She mentions that there is no scarcity of resources to cater to the available demand.

Between 1994 and 2009, she worked with American Eagle Outfitters where she held many management positions and it was under her leadership that the organization grew in revenue from being a million dollar company to a billion dollar company. She firmly believes that if she could do it, anyone else could certainly surpass her. Only thing that is lacking is the involvement and support that could open up many avenues for success. She was even hired by companies like Wet Seal to bring out a transformation in their brands and she was quite successful in doing that. She stresses on how there is so much potential in the female workforce and how many companies who have diversity in workforce are able to outperform others who do not.

Talos Energy Makes History

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One for the Books

Talos Energy is one of the smaller gas and oil companies out there. With only 200 employees, it is certainly not considered the biggest contender in the industry. That is why their discovery of an estimated 2 billion barrel well off of the coast of Mexico is a real Cinderella story, and nothing short of a history-altering discovery that could shift the oil industry in a big way.

It has been no secret that the oil industry was floundering for some time. In fact, in 2014 oil prices were at upwards of $100 a barrel. Only two short years later oil prices fell to around $26 a barrel. Lots of factors, including heavy-handed government regulation, and an unstable economy, lots of oil companies were cutting exploration funding.

While others were cutting their funding and spending less time looking for new wells, Talos Energy, an underdog of the industry was out there making big plays. Working with the Mexican government when nobody else would was certainly a risky play, but like they say, no risk means no reward, and Talos made the big play, and it certainly paid off.

A Front-runner

Talos Energy is in a very strong position moving forward. That is because their discovery could spark a new kind of gold rush by big oil companies who are looking to cash in on new oil well discoveries. The fact that Talos got out there first though, is big news. They have a huge leg up over the competition, and this discovery means a big pay-off for their partners, investors, and even the people of Mexico and America.

Talos Energy and their partners are the first non-state owned oil and gas company to discover a well in Mexico in over 80 years! This is sure to spark a feeding frenzy, substantially increasing interest in shallow-water land block auctions. This means money pouring in from big oil names is a strong possibility. Mexico’s energy industry is likely to get a huge bolster from this. The entire face of oil and gas could be changing during what is nothing short of a history-altering event.

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Eric Lefkofsky, A Technology And Philanthropic Mentor

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Eric Lefkofsky JD, a University of Michigan alumnus, is a shining example of success in the tech industry. Mr. Lefkofsky is a co-founder and CEO of Tempus, a technology company that has built an operating system to aid in the fight against cancer. Tempus is using this platform to create the most extensive library of oncologic molecular and clinical data helping physicians to deliver up to date state of the art care. The company also offers individualized genomic sequencing services with molecular and therapeutic data to assist physicians in making real-time evidence-based decisions.

He has taught Applied Technology at DePaul University and a course in disruptive business models at the Kellogg School Of Management at Northwestern University. Easton Studio Press published Mr. Lefkofsky’s book Accelerated Disruption addressing how technology affects business at large. He has been an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business teaching course on entrepreneurship and building technology-based businesses.

Mr. Lefkofsky feels that his success comes with a desire and obligation to give back to his community and society at large. He serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Sciences and Industry, World Business Chicago, and he serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre. In 2008 Eric was asked to join the committee to bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago.

In 2006 Eric and his wife Liz established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a private charitable foundation established to nourish and advance philanthropic initiatives and projects which help to enhance the lives of the local population. The foundation states that its mission is to support.

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Democracy and Sujit Choudhry

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Sujit Choudhry is an internationally respected professor and scholar whose is a renowned expert on constitutional law and politics. In particular, his life-long studies have investigated ways to create and maintain peace, constitutional design in divided societies, federalism, decentralization, and semi-presidentialism, check for a related reading. In addition, he often looks into various areas of justice, language policies, minority rights, and bills of rights. He has written extensively on all of these subjects. Canadian constitutional law is a particularly common subject in his writings.

In one of the chapters in a book he just finished he addresses a tweet sent out by Eric Holder, former Attorney General, in December 2017 ( He referred to a potential termination of White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller as “an absolute red line”, which, if actualized, should result in countless peaceful demonstrations in protest. The tweet was basically a call to action that declared the end result of this governmental action was in the hands of the people. He was saying that it needs to be the people of America who need to decide if a politician has, in fact, abused his authority.

In the chapter that dealt with this, Choudhry went into detail about the tweet was centered on the idea of constitutional self-enforcement with a particular focal point in view. Choudhry said that it was totally inappropriate for Mueller to perform something like this. But that was just one example of a focal point with the constitution in view. He says another focal point would be presidential term limits.

This is an appropriate focal point. It is a focal point that restricts presidents who may want to do away with it and stay in office longer than the prescribed two terms.

When politicians are going against a clear focal point like this, Choudhry says that is the time to call in the opinions of the citizenry. However, might also attempt to supersede the term limits be getting the permission from the populace first. Other ways he or she might do so might be by seizing power with the aid of the military or performing electoral fraud. Choudhry says there are several examples of constitutional focal point infringements going on throughout the nation right now. He says that all such infringements are a threat to true democracy (

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Vijay Eswaran Shares Some Important Life Lessons with His Readers

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Vijay Eswaran, founder and executive chairman of QI Group of companies, is not only known for the success he has achieved as a businessman, but also for his thought-provoking books and articles that he has written in the past few years. Vijay Eswaran in one of the articles wrote about how the leader should be caring and affectionate towards the employees and the colleagues as it is how he or she would earn their respect and commitment for the organization. As, for example, Vijay Eswaran talked about how leaders like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and others never feared to compromise and to sacrifice for the benefit of their subjects and the larger purpose.

Vijay Eswaran said that the employees who work in a company are important as it is what builds the company, and not the amount of money in the bank. Without the dedicated effort of the organization’s employees, the company would fail to move ahead and succeed. The leader should be caring and respectful to the employees and must plan incentives and programs that would promote their personal growth and improve their living standards, socially and economically. Vijay Eswaran also said that it is important for the leader to be clear about the vision of the future. Without clarity in where the company is heading or what it is aiming to achieve in the future, plan of action cannot be devised. Vijay Eswaran has written several books on leadership and motivation in the past few years that has helped people understand the true purpose of their lives and follow their heart to achieve their life goals.

Vijay Eswaran also said that an organization should core values that it should be identified with, and it is the job of the leader to define these core values. The core values of the company should not be compromised under any circumstances as it is what helps in its lasting success. The trust of the people can also be achieved only if the company sticks by its values, even during rough times. Vijay Eswaran has been comfortable in a 9 to 5 job as he was not able to challenge himself. He believes that having a bucket list is good, but it should not define what one does with their life. It is essential that people embark on a new adventure once in a while so that they can create a legacy for their future generation.

Alex Pall Shaking the Music Industry

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Recently Chainsmokers released their hottest track “Closer” which was anticipated for by fans. Unlike their previous songs specifically “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses,” closer features Andrew Taggart, one half of the duo and Alex pall singing. Pall and Taggart are working to reveal themselves in the music industry more and more every day. They are working on being accepted as true artists who express thoughts and feelings in their music. Recently, the Chainsmokers did an interview talking about how music came to being part of their life, their radio banger and how their audience has grown.

Alex Pall was a DJ in New York, and then he worked as an art gallery where he realized dance music was taking most of his time because he was passionate about it. He was working then with their current manager who introduced him to Drew, and he got into music officially. Andrew Taggart was in college where he also had an interest in DJ and dance music, and he struggled by attending auditions and doing productions. Then he met a child who worked for Alex’s manager who told him there is a duo called Chainsmokers but one of them is leaving, and he thought Andre would fit the position. Andrew took a bus from Maine to New York, met Alex, they connected, and the next day they were making music, and four years later they have released “Closer.”

The duo was positive about making their career in music work. According to Pall, he knew it would work because they both knew what they wanted and they mostly had conversations about how they loved music growing up. They always had conversations about their album and how to get their audience to relate to their songs deeper and deeper. Taggart stated that is both challenging and easy to be a DJ duo when you want to build a strong identity as artists. The pair stopped limiting themselves to dance music, and they started releasing all kinds of music which were accepted by their fans such as “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” According to Pall, they have gone around the world three times to cater to the needs of their expanding audience.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Fighting Cancer With Artificial Intelligence

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Tempus has joined an elite group of private startup companies, as it is now officially a unicorn. Eric Lefkofsky, cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of Tempus shared information on the string of investments received by the company since 2015. During the Series A and B Rounds, Tempus received $ 30 million in investments. In April 2017 the data company received an additional $ 30 million in investments. During Series Round C, considered the late stage venture round, Tempus secured $ 70 million. Large investments are made to startups that have proven the ability to withstand hardships and in the long run turn a profit. Tempus received $ 70 million during Round C, and in March 2018 Tempus received an additional $ 80 million. It is estimated the healthcare data analytical company is now worth $ 1.1 billion. Kinship Trust, T. Rowe Price Associates, New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth are among the investors responsible for the bulk of the funding acquired. Eric Lefkoksky said the funding received from investments is used primarily to hire new employees, and they add on average about 30 new positions each month.

Tempus is a healthcare information technology company that uses data analysis to fight cancer. Eric Lefkofsky said Tempus’s approach is cutting edge, because for the first time we have access to large organized sets of data. By applying machine learning algorithms to historical healthcare data, healthcare professionals are able to identify effective treatments and apply them based on the real time molecular data from cancer tumors.

Eric Lefkofsky is also cofounder of Groupon, Mediaocean, Innerworking, Echo Global Logistics and UpTake Technologies. UpTake is a data analytical company that use predictive artificial intelligence to help investors make sound financial plan based on historical economic data. A graduate of the University of Michigan, Mr. Lefkofsky is also on the Board of Trustees of the Chicago Steppenwolf Theater Company, and a Trustee of Lurie’s Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

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Sujit Choudhry is known as a law advisor, author of several books, articles, book chapters, working papers, and reports. He is a famous scholar, by the title of a professor, who conducts researches that deals with issues relating to the constitution and known to have written widely on it of the Canadian law ( His published chapter of a book addresses crisis faced by democracies by the structure.

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On December 2017, Eric Holder stated the danger of termination of Robert Mueller from office suggesting that people demonstrate in peace if anything happened. Sujit Choudhry saw it as a result of either being in line with the constitutional jurisdiction or letting the citizens be the judges of the officials’ abuse of office and power.

He notes the failure of Eric Holder to state challenges faced in the legalities of trying to remove Robert Mueller from office. He says that the symbolic lines being red is a failure of democracy, due to lack of regard for limits in concerning office holding. He stipulates another way of disregarding the constitution as the holding of power without legitimate election process.

The chapter comprises Sujit Choudhry’s comments on the state of current politics that lead to the worsening of democracy and presidency being an individual government. He details the threats faced in Poland, through PiS about justice.

He addresses the issue of a president using established procedures to influence rules and customs to stay in power longer, which he refers to as backsliding of democratic rights. Sujit Choudhry quoted Bermeo by stating that focusing less on the relation of the economy and institutions while emphasizing choices and those who choose is critical in consideration of influence and quick interventions.

There is a discussion on Poland’s control of the tribunal, which is the custodian of the constitution. He states that the case experienced in Poland is similar to that of America. The press did his publication within the University of Oxford. At the closure of the chapter, he ultimately deciphers the symbolic phrase as a hidden message which translates into, the impeachment of the president from office.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Sets A Milestone In Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Jennifer Walden has many accolades to her name. Her artistry in creating the perfect features is well-known. Her interest in the whole person, not just the person’s face helps her decide how the individual presents him or herself. Dr. Walden is well versed in every aspect of a person’s physical shape. She helps many patients visualize and realize their true selves.

In her practice, Dr. Walden uses state of the art technology such as 3D imaging to help patients. Her hard work has paid off recently when she was elected as secretary of the prodigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). The society reports that Dr. Walden is the first female to hold this position. This new leadership role will increase her influence in the aesthetic plastic surgery field. Dr. Walden is already one of the few board-certified physicians specifically trained in the field.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s practice includes non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation and fat reduction methods. She comes highly recommended and has been named as a Texas Super Doctor and as a Top Doctor for Castle County, Texas for two years in a row.

It was her work promoting new techniques and methods that have endeared her to the public. She is an excellent speaker with many of her fellows learning much more about the industry than they would have known otherwise. Her expertise is mainly in laser techniques.

Dr. Walden does have a heart for children. She helped raise funds for the Guardian Angel Society. She also cares a great deal about spreading the word about heart disease in women. The work that Dr. Walden has done to raise awareness has helped thousands of children and women. For Dr. Walden, it is important that no child goes hungry and no child is abused. Her tireless efforts have been recognized as she was named as a runner-up for Austin’s Woman of the Year.

Austin will always have a special place in Dr. Walden’s heart. She loves Texas.

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Robert Deignan – Information Technology Leader

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Robert Deignan is an American Entrepreneur. He grew up in the South Florida area. He attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School and graduated in 1992. Robert is an avid saltwater fisherman for both fun and competition. In 2016, he was recognized in “The Coastal Star”, a south Florida publication for his last minute catch of the day. This catch won the tournament for him and his fellow team members.

Robert’s professional life started in 1995 when he graduated from Purdue University. He graduated with a degree in Business Science focusing on Organization Leadership. Robert quickly realized his business niche would be Information Technology (IT). He co-founded six different .com based companies from the years 1998 to 2002. During this time period, Inc. was created. Out of the 6 previously mentioned companies,, Inc. was the most predominant.

In 2002, Robert became the Executive Vice President of iS3, Inc. iS3 primarily offered virus protection for computer owners. The talents of iS3, Inc.’s staff did not stop at malicious software. Customers could call in for all technical computer mishaps and receive quality customer service. Robert left iS3, Inc. in 2011 to further his professional endeavors with ATS Digital Systems.

Robert is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Advanced Technical Support (ATS) Digital Services, LLC. ATS offers numerous technical support options. Customers can call into ATS 24/7 and receive the highest quality care from an ATS support staff member. The computer technicians that make up ATS are trained and certified to handle every computer need with ease. ATS was the first technical support company to receive the AppEsteem Certification. AppEsteem certifies that all downloaded software used by ATS is virus free. Customers that call ATS for help can rest assured their computers are protected.

Robert Deignan is a leader in the digital world. His background and professional endeavors show that his heart is in the Information Technology industry. He strives to help all computer users feel comfortable with his businesses. ATS is proof that he wants to bring value to the ever growing and changing technical world.