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Joe Arpaio is a free man Thanks to Trump – Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Continue their Fight Against Arpaio

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If you have heard of Joe Arpaio then it is likely due to the persistent effort made by the Phoenix New Times. The New Times was the very first newspaper to begin airing Joe Arpaio’s dirty laundry. The Phoenix New Times reported on things such as Joe Arpaio’s illegal asset hiding, illegal arrests, and many other immoral activities.

You see, at the time, Joe Arpaio was the Sheriff of Maricopa County. He was elected in 1992, and for 24 years, ran rough shot over the citizens of Arizona. Arpaio was able to remain in power for such a lengthy amount of time by using intimidation tactics, arresting the opposition, and likely much more that we don’t know about. Joe Arpaio got away with a lot of things, and the victims of Arpaio were given false hopes of justice on multiple occasions.

Just last year, Donald Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio of criminal contempt of court, yet another example of Joe Arpaio sneaking his way out of prison.

Joe Arpaio was charged with criminal contempt of court partly due to the illegal arrest of a Mexican tourist. After the arrest, it was brought to public knowledge that Joe Arpaio was using racial profiling as a method of law enforcement.

A judge ordered Arpaio to no longer enforce immigration law, an order which Arpaio ignored. Arpaio was held in contempt of court for ignoring orders of a judge. He was convicted in 2017, only to be pardoned by Trump a few months later. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

The pardoning can be attributed to Arpaio’s ties with the GOP and similarities in their fan bases. Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump both have extreme views on immigration, and this excites the GOP voters. Joe Arpaio’s experience in politics saved him from spending up to six months in jail.

Arpaio’s legal battle lasted 10 years, he was able to delay his conviction until he has political allies in high places.

Even though Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are no longer running the Phoenix New Times, they have a new outlet to connect with voters now. Front Page Confidential was founded around the same time as Arpaio’s conviction.

Lacey and Larkin are still covering Arpaio, trying to prevent him from winning Arizona’s upcoming Senate election. Front Page Confidential also covers a variety of other topics like civil rights, migrants rights, and even a little bit of pop culture.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have also been operating The Frontera Fund since 2013. In order to assist the victims of Arpaio, Lacey and Larkin are donating money to a variety of different charities that help Hispanics and Hispanic-Americans.

The Frontera Fund also provides information at its online domain that may interest immigrants. The website provides news on the ever changing laws of immigration and explains immigrants best options towards naturalization.

Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

NGP VAN has the Tools Needed for any Democratic Political Campaign

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The recent Democratic victories during last year’s special elections has fueled the entire party, getting them out campaigning and working to flip even more Republican cities and states.

If you are in charge of a campaign, their are certain strategies and methods that you know about, but many people do not know about software that can streamline the campaign process. NGP VAN, for example, has software for donor databases, door-to-door mapping, and databases to store voter email and phone numbers. A campaign that runs software such as this is a campaign ahead of those who choose not to use them.

There are many other necessary steps to running a campaign too. The very first step to beginning a political campaign effort is creating a plan for communication. Reaching your audience is an important step for obvious reasons: if your potential constituency never hears about your campaign, you are in trouble. You need to make your candidates stance on hot issues obvious and apparent as quickly as possible. This includes the use of newspaper ads and digital ads on social media and other websites.

Speaking of websites, creating a website for a politician is always a good idea. Even if your candidate doesn’t wish to personally contribute to the website, this ensures that the number one hit when someone googles their name is a controlled, regulated source of information directly ran by the campaign. You don’t want the only information available for potential voters to be negative.

Your field agents will be traveling door-to-door collecting hundreds of phone numbers and email addresses. You do not want this data to go to waste. If you file it away physically, you are only benefiting campaigns that you are a part of. A better option is to file it with NGP VAN’s Digital 8 software, helping your entire party by giving them valuable data. NGP VAN is the most trusted name in Democratic politics when it comes to campaign organizational software.

NGP VAN also has tools and software like Targeted E-Mail, Online Actions, and near limitless other programs that set them apart from similar organizations.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Speak out Amidst Controversy – Joe Arpaio’s Pardon

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In the Summer of 2017, Joe Arpaio was finally stuck with criminal charges. However, victims of Arpaio were forced to cease celebrations. President Donald Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio of his criminal contempt of court charges.

“Donald Trump is a moron,” Michael Lacey said, echoing the words of former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson – the latest member of Trump’s Cabinet to be fired. “This is a perfect marriage of two corrupt individuals,” added Lacey.

The same year Arpaio illegally arrested a Mexican citizen, the action that lead to his criminal charges, he also arrested Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the then-time owners of The Phoenix New Times. It has been nearly a decade; Arpaio’s worst year is now officially behind him.

What is most surprising about Arpaio’s history is that he hasn’t been convicted of more serious charges. Ever since he was first elected as Sheriff of Maricopa County, he has left behind a trail of corrupt behavior. Everything from torture and murder has been reportedly committed inside his jails.

As a result of their own illegal arrest, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sued Maricopa County and Joe Arpaio. In 2013, the lawsuit was settled and the journalists were awarded $3.75 million.

Jim Larkin, during an interview with The Phoenix New Times claimed Arpaio arrested them because they were constantly a pain in Arpaio’s side. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Joe Arpaio may have put Lacey and Larkin in his past, but the journalists haven’t forgotten about what Joe Arpaio did to Arizona during his 20 year run as sheriff. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have decided to put the settlement money to altruistic causes. The journalists have created both The Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential.

A few good things did come out of the entire Arpaio-Lacey/Larkin ordeal. Without the settlement money, Lacey and Larkin would not have been able to enter the world of philanthropy. Through The Frontera Fund, Lacey and Larkin support dozens of good causes in Arizona.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have previously worked with the ACLU and Aliento. The Frontera Fund’s coffers are used for a wide variety of causes but primarily focuses on Hispanics. On The Frontera Fund website, readers can find a wide array of information pertaining to DACA and other immigration laws.

The second organization created post-settlement was Front Page Confidential. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s newest effort in the publication industry is much more goal oriented than other papers. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Their unorthodox approach to journalism consists of only focusing on political action. The majority of content in Front Page Confidential is related to civil rights and migrant rights.

Lacey & Larkin Immigration Assistance, Saving a Nation

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Migrants tend to be significantly more oppressed because of their immigration status. While politicians are speaking about who is able to lawfully cross a boundary, migrants are still wondering: Can the boss under-pay me again? Who would take care of my kids if I’m deported? Can the color of my skin change my chances in court? Can they let me out of detention in time for my ninth birthday?

Before this month, delegates from countries across the globe met in the United Nations at Geneva, Switzerland, to begin with a very long process prior to negotiating a worldwide contract on migration. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Nations are trusting that in 2018 that they are going to have the very first US deal covering a variety of global migration in a holistic and comprehensive way. This is a tough endeavor anytime, but particularly in an era when migration coverages and xenophobia have become increasingly controversial. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin |

Migrants are eligible for individual rights by virtue of their humanity. But these rights are currently codified in an isolated patchwork of both treaty and customary global law, which will not set the rights for people crossing boundaries given adequate consent. The International Migrants Bill of Rights Initiative attempts to make sure that, within their efforts to obtain compromise, countries do not detract from present human rights law enforcement.

The Larkin and Lacey example began when both were taken from their own homes and imprisoned. The purpose in their kidnapping appeared to be a tactic for persuading them into giving away some incriminating evidence which they had on the County Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio.

The case got much more fascinating when police officers detained both men and started making requirements for the titles of their internet information sources.

For the past ten Decades, the duo was in and out of court. Since their victory, they’ve gotten a payoff of $37.5 million from the county. The 2 have decided that they won’t use the cash obtained for their sake; rather, they are going to put it to use in order to assist immigrant citizens of Arizona who might be going through similar issues.

Both have spent nearly all of their livelihood defending the rights of Americans as stipulated from the First Amendment. The conflict they’ve been fighting was fierce, and so they have hardly any aid. The cash they’ll get as reimbursement will probably help all migrants who have immigration problems with the US-Mexico boundary.

End Citizens United Aims To Overhaul The Election Campaign Finance Laws In The US

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After a series of debates and a long-standing argument that whether the latest United States Presidential Elections were rigged or not, it has at least come to the light that there was some truth to the rumors. There was, in fact, a Russian company that was linked to Kremlin that ran some politically influenced Ads on Facebook. The political ads published by this Russian company had the motive to influence the election campaign of the United States. It points to the fact that the election based laws of the United States is either weak or the election machinery is too weak to have not filtered any influence from the foreign entity.

To ensure that the current United State’s President Donald Trump and his team has no connection with this Russian company that ran political ads on Facebook, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been appointed. He would be determining whether Trump has played any role in this episode or if he has any connections with this event. However, even though the reputation of Robert Mueller suggests that he would dive deep into the matter to find the truth, there are serious concerns as to whether the Washington would do the same or cooperate in ensuring that happens. As per the campaign finance laws in the United States, there is no limit to how much money an individual or an organization pumps into the elections.


It is this campaign finance law that the End Citizens United, a political action committee, is fighting against. End Citizens United wants to end this law as the flow of campaign money can sway the politicians to work for the interest of their donors rather than the country’s general population. It would create a bias in the judgment of the politicians and the way the government functions. The incident of Russian company intruding the United States’ election only indicates how vulnerable such a campaign finance law can make our country.

End Citizens United works with the grass root donors and does not take large sums of money from wealthy individuals or huge organizations, but thrives on the small donations given by everyday people. The End Citizens United PAC has also helped in bringing awareness about the campaign finance laws in the US among the uninformed public, and why it needs to be overhauled for the long-term benefit of the country. End Citizens United aims to overhaul the campaign finance laws in the future with the help of people’s support and by creating more massive awareness.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin – The Story Behind the Origin of the Frontera Fund

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Human Rights are important relationships that should exist between the citizens and the government that looks over them. The government is responsible for the basic needs of its people and to protect them from being exploited. The best thing that human rights are that it is for everyone and is guaranteed internationally. The same goes for immigration rights. In the United States, the immigration rights have been in existence for very long, but today it has become a matter of disputes. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

It is quite evident that the Trump administration is doing everything they can to take away this right of the immigrants in the country. To fight the injustice, many different organizations work towards achieving these rights for the immigrants in the US. These organizations, most of them non-profit work against this injustice to allow every person in the country to live peacefully. Among the many, two top institutions that have been in the news are the Foundacion Mexico and the American Immigration Council.

Foundacion Mexico has its headquarter in Arizona and helps Mexicans in the country to earn a college degree. Often people do not have the means to get a college degree, and this is where the foundation comes into play.

They offer a scholarship to deserving students with the excellent academic background to get into college. Even those who do not have the right papers and are immigrants in the country can seek their help to get an education in the US. Another organization with the name of the American Immigration Council aims to improve the immigrant situation in the country.

They offer many educational exchange programs to allow the citizens to learn more about the immigrants and their history. They also hold educational sessions for those looking to find out how the immigrants in the country contribute towards its rich culture and heritage. They also work with lawyers to provide immigrants in the country legal help.

Another group that has made a name for fighting for the benefits of the immigrants in the country is the Frontera Fund that was set up by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. There is an incident that took place back in 2007 that led to the emergence of the organization. Mike and Jim were both arrested by the then Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio from their homes. They were shoved into the SUVs and were then kept in separate jail.

They were arrested because they wrote an article against the Sheriff for his misdeeds that he did not like. Both of them working as journalists for the Phoenix New Times wrote a piece about the mismanagement and the financial irregularities that were plaguing the Sheriff department, and they had all the proofs for the same. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

After a countrywide outcry, the two were released within 24 hours, and the charges against them were dropped. It was then that they decided to file a case against the country on First Amendment rights and won.

The settlement amount of $3.7 million that they won was used to set up the Frontera Fund to help people against racial and civil rights abuses.

Is Sanders The Only Choice?

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In his recent interview on Fox News, Thor Halvorssen, the president of the Human Rights Foundation, discussed his conflict with the current election in regards to appointing a socialist President.

Halvorssen has extensive knowledge on individuals abusing power in the name of good,evil, or greed, with most of his studies focused on corrupt dictatorships through out the world. His discussion begins by clarifying that in the hands of an authoritative government, such as the U.S, socialism can be no different from Communism or Marxism, as the temptation to abuse power is all to real. Halvorssen does however clarify that Bernie Sanders is still his choice for President come election time, even mentioning that he has contributed to his campaign.

The interview seems rather directed by the hostess’ questions, as she attempts to elicit a direct negative quote about Socialism from Mr.Thor Halvorssen. However, he remains focused on his key point of potential for abuse, rather than an actual problem with the style of government. His extensive knowledge of dictatorships is clearly at work here, as he follows up most questions with an answer referring to Hillary’s “contributions” from many of the most infamous human rights abuse countries around the world.

On the other end of the spectrum we’re presented with Donald Trump, who has many policies on the table that are greatly disliked by many in America. Discussing him is in fact so toxic to the interview and obvious, that the hostess herself holds up a hand saying no further mention is needed besides, “Republican Front runner”.

In all, he expresses concern with establishing a Socialist government in a system that is known for abuse already, but concedes that voting for any of the other candidates is detrimental to the health of the country.