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Brown Agency- The Agency That Ensures Success

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When you think of modeling and acting, what comes to mind? Amazing show lights? Polished runways? Being in a major studio film? They are always poised; with a flawless walk and photogenic features. Modeling is a popular career that most people crave to participate in! If done correctly, acting and modeling can make anyone say, “hmm…I think I’ll buy that.” However, before the glitz and glam comes the process of hard work and determination. TV shows like America’s Next Top Model and Strut have shone some light on daily hustle and bustle of this career. Likewise, Brown Agency provides a full service to models/actors who aspire to phenomenal visual aids to movies, product, brands, and businesses!

Creating Perfection

Formed together by two leading modeling agencies (Wilhelmia Agency and Heyman-Talent South) in 2010, Brown Agency has become one of the top industry leaders in Austin, TX. Brown Agency is dedicated to creating the perfect client for the perfect opportunity via their agency! How does Brown Agency exhibit this? By walking potential clients, through their careers from molding the applicants to booking jobs! Unlike other professional places, Brown Agency understands that modeling and acting is a work in progress. Don’t have a professional headshot? Then no worries! Having less than perfect head shots, is not a dead end for the company! Just bring a few photos that you have! Brown Agency instills the fact that you don’t have to start off perfect to end in perfection!

Ensuring Success

Landing with a great agency is only half the battle for aspiring job seekers. Unfortunately, many find themselves becoming a part of agencies just to be placed on the back burner. Wouldn’t you want a company who can guarantee you work and success? Thankfully, Brown Agency can give their clients both! There are over 450 talents managed at this company. They have vast opportunities for all types of modeling and acting in fields such as: commercials, film, television, industrial videos, voiceover, print, catalogue, fashion, runway, conventions, trade shows, promotional and corporate events. Don’t believe it? Then follow the success stories on their website, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. The name of clients who book work and their jobs always listed. So not only do you get praised, but you also get exposure for more potential work. Surely, you won’t be on the back burner with Brown Agency!

The company quote, “We are only as good as our talent” goes a long way with this agency. If you want a company that can assist you with your career? Then come down to Brown Agency. Casting calls are held every Thursday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. No resume or appointment necessary! Allow the company who cares about your success to facilitate your modeling or acting career!

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Use EOS lip balm daily for healthy lips

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Daily lip balm treatment is a practice used by those experiencing dryness due to health issues, weather or environmental conditions. The lip skin is thin and can become chapped during hot, cold, and windy days. A lack of hydration will cause lips to dry and cause cracking which will lead to dead skin. Those with sinus problems or incurring flu symptoms will have chapped lips due to the difficulty of breathing through the nose. Lips are an attractive part of the face and by moisturizing them daily will provide many benefits including a soft canvas to apply lip color, guard against sun light, and will create a pinkish color for the lip.

EOS lip balm moisturizes and rids of dryness. Use at bedtime will maximize the effectiveness. Moisturizing your lips will ease applying a lipstick and the color will shine even more so. EOS lip balm provides SPF protection from the sun while reducing the contact of germs due to the unique design of the container. The sphere shape permits the balm to be applied right away versus other brands that one must twist the knob each time the balm is to be used. EOS balm is made from natural products, hygienic, and is never tested on animals. Daily use of EOS balm will keep lips healthy by offering up the necessary Vitamin E for moisturizing and multiple types of wax that seals it in.

EOS lip balm is offered in a number of varieties including vanilla bean, passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, pomegranate raspberry, summer fruit, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew, medicated tangerine, vanilla mint, coconut milk, and blackberry nectar. Lips are one of the most attractive parts on the face and EOS balm will assist in keeping them soft while preventing activities such as speaking and eating from getting impaired. For more information, visit or the EOS official Facebook page.

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Doe Deere Is In Love With Color

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Color is something that I’ve always responded to in life. I love color. Give me a brilliant shade of lime green or a shimmering shade of pink and I’m happier than you can imagine. I want to have color in my life and I want to have it as much as possible. This is why every room in my house is filled with color. My bedroom is purple. My kitchen is a lovely shade of lemon. The same applies to my feelings about makeup. I want to have color and I want to have it in my life as often as possible. Many cosmetics companies offer shades that are bland and really have very little color at all. Who wants to wear beige on your lips?

Lime Crime Color

I was so happy that I found a site called Lime Crime. Lime Crime, run by the fabulous and colorful Doe Deere, is about color at all times. Deere is someone who completely understands the power of color. She makes it her business to see where you can put color. Nothing boring on her site. I love how she has pictures filled with color of all kind from the most vivid shades of bright blue you’ve ever seen to yellow so out there it looks like the best lemon tart you’ve ever eaten in your life. She knows that the key to life isn’t being a wallflower who is afraid of color. Instead, you can see how she runs for the color in her life on her site.

Finding The Right Shade

As someone who finds color a personal means of expression, I was very happy to work with her. I want makeup colors that aren’t colors you can barely see. Instead, I want people to know that I have color on my face and right on my eyes. This is where she can also come in as someone you can easily emulate. You can see how she is able to harness color in her own life and bring it to life even more. She’s not someone looks at life via only a handful of shades. She’s someone who helps bring them into her products at all times, letting us participate in her fantasy and be part of her art in a very direct way.

Loving It

I really love what she does with color. She isn’t afraid to use multiple shades at the same time. This is my own idea about color. While sometimes, I just want to retreat in plain black, most of the time I’m all about color. I want, as she wants, to be there in the center of the color field. She shows that you can bring color to life and bring the world of shades into what you do. I’ve been buying her products for years and I’m always happy with them. She lets you buy colors that are just the right thing to put on your face on a really gloomy day in November.

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The Latest Research Into Women’s Hair Care Shows Speed Is Of Great Importance

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The ever evolving nature of the hair care industry leaves this part of the beauty industry open for the completion of a large amount of market research to be completed into this subject. The latest trends spotted within the industry show women are looking increasingly to expert help for their regular hair care experiences, but also seeking the fastest possible options for safely caring for their hair; in fact, 31 percent of women expressed an interest in express hair care services and products to reduce the time spent on a beauty regime.

One area that has seen a great success in recent years is the growth of the WEN By Chaz brand that allows each and every woman the chance to reduce the amount of time spent washing, conditioning and drying their hair. The initial cleansing step of the Wen range includes a five in one cleansing conditioner that can reduce time spent washing and conditioning hair by combining these qualities in a single product; the cleansing conditioner from Wen by Chaz is perfect for all hair types and removes the need for detangler and leave in conditioners.

Read the Guthy Renker product review here:

The Wen By Chaz range has been developed by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean and follows the latest trends for women that include reduced time spent on any beauty regime. By removing the harsh sulfates found in most modern hair styling products the Wen By Chaz range allows hair to have a more natural feel, and reduces the number of chemicals being used on each woman’s hair. Wen by Chaz is available online on Amazon and at high end cosmetics stores like Sephora.

The growth in popularity of blow out bars and other express services shows how important speed has become to women around the world who are now living increasingly busy lives. For more information, visit

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The Importance of Lip Balm

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Lip balm is very important to use. However, it is easy to forget to use the product depending on the person. One advantage that lip balm has is that it keeps the lips form drying up, cracking and peeling. One thing to remember is that not all lip balm products are the same. There are some lip balm products that do not work as well because of the ingredients. Often times, people will use these products only to find that it is not as effective. The lips still dry up and crack as a result. Fortunately, there are some products that are very effective.
One product is Evolution of Smooth. This is one of the Amazon sold products that not only moisturizes lips, but it also regenerates them in a few ways because of the nutrients it carries. Evolution of Smooth lip balm has a lot nutrients such as vitamin E and shea butter which rejuvenates the lips. This keeps the driest part of the body from cracking and falling into other conditions. People who use this product will be satisfied with the effect it has on the lips. They will also impress others who will want to know how they keep their lips smooth. See,

To make things even better, Evolution of smooth also has plenty of different flavors which would make people want to apply the product. They have passion fruit, acai blueberry, pomegranate raspberry, strawberry sorbet, and plenty of other flavors. There are also product types like organic spheres and stick. Evolution of Smooth also has other products like hand and body lotion which adds moisture to the skin which rejuvenates. For those that are looking for something that will help heal and sooth their skin, Evolution of Smooth is the one product to use for all of their different needs. Evolution of Smooth products are available online on Ulta and on Amazon.


Wen by Chaz Dean: Yay or Nay

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Everyone is simply buzzing about the latest and greatest beauty hair care product, cleansing conditioner that keeps on popping up all over media sites like Total Beauty. Though there seem to be a few brands out there already, the one brand that sticks out the most is Wen hair by Chaz Dean. This celebrity endorsed product has been getting more and more people interested in cleansing conditioner because honestly who wouldn’t want to cut their morning routine in half? But does it actually work? One woman, Emily McClure, decided to conduct her own experiment and this was her result she wrote on under the title “I Used Cleansing Conditioner On My Fine Hair and This Is What Happened”.

Before I continue, here is just a little bit of basic information about the product that can be found on First, this product was created by LA celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean. This is a five-in-one product that takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, entangle, and leave in conditioner. The main focus of the product Wen is to strengthen and restore moister to the hair while cleaning it at the same time. Best part is that it is great for all hair types no matter what you are specifically looking for out of a hair care product.

To get an idea of how this product worked Emily decided to try it for a week. Early in her report she was a little bit skeptical because, from the picture she posted, Wen suggested she use almost double the amount of product she normally would. Her results afterward was that it made her hair voluptuous and shiny. At the end of the week long trail Emily decided that yes it did add shine to her hair but she needed to use it daily to keep her hair looking it best while using this product whereas before she could go a couple of days.

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WEN Puts The Va-Va-Va-Voom Into Blogger’s Fine Frizzy Mane

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Ever had a bad hair day?
We all have and can blame it on the lather we find in our regular shampoos. Most are unaware that the lather is damaging our crowning glory, because harsh detergents known as sulfates create the suds. These sulfates weaken the hair shaft, creating dullness and even damage.

Popular west coast stylist Chaz Dean believed there had to be another way, and so he invented the famous WEN hair system with the no-lather shampoo formula. His cleansing conditioners are sulfate-free and gentle with natural botanical ingredients. His WEN system brings back radiance and healthy shine to every hair type in any condition.

Bustle beauty blogger Emily McClure wanted the bounce and gloss she saw in those famous WEN infomercials on QVC, so she decided to try out the system for seven days. She kept a daily hair log with selfies to chart her progress.

Since WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners are not lather shampoos, the customer is encouraged to use a lot of product to properly wash the hair. For her medium length locks, Emily was supposed to use 16-24 pumps of product, but Emily freaked out at the “excessive amount” and broke the rules, only using a minimum amount for a short-haired person. Whether that affected her results, we’re not sure, but she did complain of flat hair during a portion of her 7-day test, and maybe that was due to insufficient amount of product.

As she got into the daily morning WEN wash, Emily posted hair selfies with gorgeous, shiny, soft hair. Her close gal pals even noticed the difference immediately, and Emily was pleased.

If she went off the morning WEN wash or skipped a wash, Emily felt her hair got greasy.

She concluded that WEN works fabulously if you stick to the routine. Wen hair is available on Amazon.

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Lime Crime Dominates the Creative Makeup Industry

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Lime Crime, is an innovative and creative makeup company owned and overseen by Russian born, New York raised Doe Deere. She’s not just any Millennial entrepreneur. She’s a makeup mogul and loves every minute of it. She has her own site that sells her unicorn makeup and more as well as being a part of retail chains such as Urban Outfitters.

What’s so special about Doe Deere?

This young lady has a knack for style and a passion for color. She believes in breaking every old-school rule of thumb when it comes to both, and it shows. Doe’s purpose is to show young women that they can cross the lines of fashion and show their own style.

She’s successful because she never gave up her dream, yes, her unicorn dreams. But, this was not the way it all started, exactly. It started because this very talented lady was sewing her own clothes that she designed and needed the colors for her makeup that she needed. She couldn’t find it. So, she took the bull by the horns so to speak and developed her Unicorn branded makeup in the pretty purple tubes and palates. Lime Crime is the boldest colored makeup and has been recognized many times for the only company that you can get the boldest colors in.

She has Unicorn Lipstick, perlees and Velvetines for luscious bold lips. She has palettes and bundles to choose for your whole face. Shopping Lime Crime is something anyone at any age or gender, which is Doe’s wish, should try Lime Crime at least once. It’s a makeup that any adventurous person with that is their own style pioneer will become addicted to.

Doe has said in many an interview that there are no holds barred when it comes to age or gender or rules of makeup. Cut loose and be who you really are! Wear a bold lip with a bold eye. Wear plaid with stripes just be sure that the colors are coordinated. This is the only rule. And wear colors that are many in number remembering the rule.  Follow them on Facebook, and be sure to stay on the Twitter feed for updates in real time.