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The Unbelievable Reach Of The Multinational Food Company OSI Group

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The OSI Group is certainly everywhere when talking about food in general. They are one of the main providers of ingredients and fresh food to more than seventeen countries across the globe, leaving them with more than 100,000 clients that utilize their products for food production.

The OSI Group has reached their mark of 65 facilities across their countries of influence, being one of the most relevant food producers of recent times, having clients in Brazil, Canada, China, Many countries in Europe, the U.S. and much more.

With a staff that actually surpasses 20,000 employees if counting every facility that works for the brand, OSI Group is a name that every restaurant owner, food delivering brand and any company related to food has already heard.

One of the strongest benefits of purchasing ingredients from the OSI Group is that they maintain a high quality while also being extremely accessible and easy to order from. Having thousands and thousands of delivery requests, the enterprise is continuously releasing new products that satisfy all types of food and all cultures.

For example, they recently purchased the Tyson Food Plant and the Flagship Europe, two renowned companies that will allow the OSI Group to diversify their menu of options and improve their global reach for their customer base.

The OSI Group is naturally ranked among the most influential companies in the world, and recently received their spot among the top 100 companies producers of food in the United States. Their place among such intense competition is certified by their insured quality control and efficient delivery that have a global reach through many continents.

The staff of the OSI Group works intensively to manufacture and ship for all types of needs, with orders that can be specifically designed for that client’s demand, meaning that the company also works with a malleable support.

Concluding from charts that depict the recent successes of the company, including their partnership with Baho Food, they are going to be ranking higher among the best food producers in the world.