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UK Vintners Lists the Best Wines for this Holidays

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The holidays are here! Most of you have been saving a coin or two just to enjoy your holidays in your dream destination. Probably by the pool in some town sipping some wine. Talking about wine, you may be wondering which brand you should buy. There are a lot of brands out there. You definitely don’t want to spend your money on wine that you will later regret. This is also the time you leave the brand you are used to taking now and then and try something new.

Well, the UK Vintners PLC has you covered. This is a firm that has traded in the wine business for a long time and, therefore, bears the knowledge and experience. Recently, the firm released a list of what it considers the best wines that one could opt for during the 2016 holiday season. Below is the list of the top five wines choosen by the best wine consultants at UK Vintners.

  1. Beychevelle from 2008

This is a soft drink with a taste of fruits. Its main fruit components that one can actually taste are cranberry and raspberry. The wine bears the brand of the Saint-Julien line of wines. After is has been bottles, it has up to 15 years to be taken.

  1. D’Yquem 2009

If you are thinking of wine that blends well with dessert, then look no further. This brand offers amazing tastes of honey, apricot and many other spices in minimal sufficient quantities. It is white and originates from Chateau d’Yquem, a wine manufacturing company in Graves, France. With over 400 years in wine making, the company definitely didn’t go wrong with this product.

  1. Montrose 1998

Ask anyone around St, Estephe region what the best wine is, and the answer will definitely be this brand. Are you having a party on the eve of New Year? Get the Montrose 1998 and it won’t fail you. It has been made from pure grapes. Also included are black cherry aromas and plum.

  1. Ducru Beaucaillou

Get a bottle of 2005 or earlier of this wine brand and don’t be dismayed by how good it taste. With its manufacturers being among the first in Bordeaux, France, the company boasts unparalleled experience which is depicted in the quality of wine it makes.

  1. Pichon Baron 1998

With a hint of charcoal, sweet toast oak and black currants, this brand utilizes natural ingredients, combining them to form a taste you will forever remember. A bottle of 1998 is at its peak at this time and suitable for the holidays.


For each occasion, UK Vintners selects a team of wine consultants that solely dedicate their time to pick the best champagne or wine. The team employs the knowledge of wine that they have gathered over many years of trading the product. The organization is an independent wine company that works together with numerous diverse wine brokers. From its connections, the company manages to trade in and out plenty and diverse wine brands, supplying them to consumers.

One can learn more about them through their social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.