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How Neurocore Uses Neurofeedback To Treat Many Types Of Mental Health Issues

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Neurocore is a company that offers a third way of treating many mental health issues including depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, ADHD, and migraines. The traditional form of therapy is to talk to a licensed therapist and take medication to treat one of these conditions. At Neurocore offer neurofeedback instead which has been proven to be effective and doesn’t come with side effects, unlike prescriptions.

When someone first goes to a Neurocore Brain Performance Center they have an initial assessment is done which establishes baseline brainwave activity. This is analyzed so that a clear picture of what is going on in the client’s brain is determined. They then develop a customized program that, through positive reinforcement and repetition, trains the brain to operate better and more efficiently.

Some people wonder why the same method of treatment works for so many types of mental health issues. On the surface, something like depression or ADHD seem to have absolutely nothing to do with one another. The succinct answer to this question is that when you have a stronger brain a lot more things are possible.

Whether someone wants Neurocore to help with their anxiety, migraines, or become a better athlete the process of neurofeedback starts in the same way. The client has a customized “hat” put on their head and a personalized “brain map” is created. During neurofeedback sessions, they watch a movie. Their brain is rewarded for remaining focused on the film by the movie not pausing. If attention waivers the film pauses until their brain has settled down and refocused.

The also use biofeedback at Neurocore in order to get a full picture of what is going on with a client. This includes heart-rate variability and other measurements. By using biofeedback clients learn to take slower, deeper breathes. This makes the heart function better which supplies better blood flow throughout the body including the brain.

Neurocore now provides its services outside of their Brain Performance Centers. They can go to a customer’s home and provide their services. The only service that needs to be provided at a Neurocore location is the initial brain mapping process.

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