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Eric Lefkofsky Is Partnering Up With Other Cancer Tech Companies To Build The Ultimate Cancer-Fighting Software Platform

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Eric Lefkofsky started up Tempus with the purpose of creating the world’s largest database for fighting cancer. Recently, he partnered up with Precision Health AI as well as CancerLinQ, which both offer specific information and abilities that will help to further Tempus’s goals. CancerLinQ, itself, can provide a database with information on 600,000 patients that were treated, and Lefkofsky commented that the partnership will help Tempus to reach more cancer patients.

Tempus has already joined-up with a spread of different research hospitals and has grown its team to 300 strong in just two years of being in business. Its intelligent platform allows physicians to to offer their patients individualized care based on analytical data, and part of the way it does this is through looking deeper at patterns and the DNA and RNA of past cancer patients. While Tempus will gain a lot from the partnership with CancerLinQ, so will CancerLinQ. The main issue that CancerLinQ is having is that it cannot organize all of the data it is gathering, because the way the data is structured is not always consistent. On top of allowing Tempus to organize the data so it will have an actual impact, the partnership will provide much needed revenue for CancerLinQ.

Eric Lefkofsky is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Tempus, and he hopes to make the fight against cancer less complicated than it is in today’s world. He also helped to found Lightbank, which is a company that invests in tech companies that are disruptive. Mr. Lefkofsky is heavily involved in his local community of Chicago and is a Board member of World Business Chicago, the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, and more. He also worked on a committee that was trying to make Chicago the home of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

As a philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky is always looking for a way to help people out. In 2006, along with his wife, he started up the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which is a charity that aims to improve people’s lives through a spread of initiatives and organizations that it supports.

Jose Henrique Borghi: Leveraging Advertising to Create Value

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Jose Henrique Borghi is a recognized senior advertising executive who has created innovative award-winning campaigns. He developed an interest in advertising while attending the Cannes Festival Award ceremony as a high school student. At the time, he gained insights on advertising and propaganda and discovered that the field required creatives and more information click here.

Jose enrolled at PUC for a degree majoring in Advertising. After graduation, he worked with Standard Ogilvy in 1998. He also worked with FCB, Leo Burnett, DM9DDB, and Talent. At DM9DDB ad-agency Jose Henrique developed excellent campaigns such as Parmalat’s mammals that discourage prejudice against people with Down’s Syndrome. At Leo Burnett, he rose to become CEO and Chief Creative officers. The Sazon campaign brought Jose Henrique to the spot light.

Later in 2002, Jose Henrique opened BorghiErh, his ad-agency. In 2006 the agency merged with Lowe and Partners. After the 2012 restructuring at the company was known as Borghi Lowe and later changed its name to Mullen Lowe Group. Jose became co-CEO of the company’ in 2015. To date, Mullen Lowe has won several key accounts and currently employs up to 300 people.

Jose Henrique uses advertising to create value for different brands. While he appreciates awards, he draws motivations from campaigns that positively impact on people and the clients. For Henrique, advertising is not a pure art, but a means to assign meaning to a brand, a market situation or a customer and learn more about Borghi.

Henrique Borghi has several accolades including 15 New York Festival awards, 20 Cannes awards, 11 One Show awards, 12 Clios, 16 Abril Awards and 7 London festival awards. In 1999 Archive Magazine recognized him as the most awarded copywriter. He also received the 2014 Columnists Advertising Professional of the year and was the 2009 Brazilian Advertising Professionals Association Agency Professional. Jose also represented his country at the 2002 and 2013 Cannes Lions Advertising Festival.

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What’s Tony Petrello’s Background, the Nabors Giant?

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Anthony “Tony” Petrello is one of America’s most popular and most successful businesspeople, best known for his current long-standing tenure with the energy giant Nabors Industries. Mr. Petrello had taken over at Nabors just a few years after they rebranded their organization, after failing quite roughly in 1987. Tony had joined the energy conglomerate in 1991, just four years after a burnout that very well could have spelled the end of the corporation’s streak of general success, barring that bad period in the middle of the 1980s. How did Mr. Petrello get to this point, however?

Mr. Anthony Petrello earned two degrees from the highly successfully Yale University, both in math. He had first earned a bachelor’s degree in only three years of schooling, far faster than the vast majority of people that go to university in the United States, let alone those who were fortunate enough to attend an Ivy League school. Following graduation, he was able to attend Harvard Law Firm, where he started his career as an attorney by earning a juris doctorate and learn more about Anthony.

Tony Petrello is also known for contributing to charities, in particular the Texas Children’s Hospital. This hospital is part of Baylor University’s College of Medicine, as well as the largest hospital designed solely for children in the Lone Star state, not to mention the entire continent of North America. He and his wife, Cynthia, donated a little more than seven million dollars to the brain research facility there, formally known as the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. Mr. Petrello has always been interested in neurological research since his daughter was born with a condition called PVL, or in medial terms, periventricular leukomalacia, a condition that affected his daughter, Carena, even before she was born. The baby was born extremely prematurely at only 24 weeks and less than 1.5 pounds. Tony is very glad is daughter is alive today, and is doing great things to help cure brain issues like hers, as Mr. Petrello also serves as the Director of the Board at the Texas Children’s Hospital and more information click here.

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Doe Deere’s Small Brand Has Taken Over Cosmetics

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Doe Deere has always loved the unique things in life, and it may not have been surprising for those who know her well that she decided to try out her own custom-made cosmetics. The sale of these products soon led to the formation of Lime Crime, Doe Deere’s personal brand that sells hair products and nail polish of exquisite colors and are created by a team of designers that share Doe Deere’s passions. The very reason Doe Deere has been so successful has been an adherence to her personal philosophies and the belief that everyone should be able to let their inner self out without judgment. learn more:


Doe Deere may be an example of how sometimes mixing business with pleasure actually can work to your benefit. In an interview given by Savoir Flair, Deere explained how from the moment she wakes up to the end of her day, she has a routine that makes every part of her day go smoother and allows her to accomplish everything she’s set out to do. She also is the first to try out every new Lime Crime product that is released and has even said she will never market a product she hasn’t used. Deere has always been one to explore different things from the moment she first got into business. Learn more:


Doe Deere grew up in Russia not long after the Soviet Union had collapsed and even at a young age became interested in selling things. One of her first products she sold was fake tattoos, and most passersby on the streets loved them. Around age 17 she decided to relocate to the US to attend college and attempt to become famous in a band. The dream of being the next phenomenal pop singer didn’t quite materialize, but she did meet the love of her life during this time and then turned her attention to other passions. Learn more:


Doe Deere soon enrolled in a major cosmetology school in Manhattan and before long the Lime Crime brand began to take shape. It was first marketed in 2004 on eBay, but as customer demand for the product started increasing Doe Deere then opened up Lime Crime HQ. She would soon move the company to Los Angeles and then start marketing it on a much wider scale. Doe Deere says her key to success has been to dream big and when one dream doesn’t work out, have another one that you don’t give up on and follow through to the end.


Duda Melzer’s Lifetime of Achievements and Awards

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Duda Melzer, also known as Eduardo Sirotsy Melzer is an internationally recognized family-based business entrepreneur. Brazilian by heritage, he’s made a large footprint in North America by creating a bridge in both business sectors. Duda Melzer attended college in Brazil at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande. He then moved forward to an MBA earned at the prestigious Harvard University. He’s also continued his education through professional development courses.

Duda Melzer started in business with his family-owned media conglomerate known as RBC Groupo. He worked in the US for RBC, bridging the gap between the US and South America. He’s worked as a financial analyst, and as an executive with another media corporation in the US. He’s most recently been named as Chairman of the Board and CEO of RBC; a spot he took over for his uncle. He firmly believes in family run businesses and is proud to be in the top leadership position. Melzer is also the founder of e. Bricks Digital, a firm that specializes in venture capital opportunities and other private funding. His entrepreneurial pursuits also expand to a vested interest in the largest wine company in Latin America and contemporary art and read full article.

Duda Melzer’s work doesn’t stop at the boardroom. He’s also actively involved in a 35-year-old nonprofit created by his family. The goal of the organization is to help protect children and teens from exploitation and violence. The group works with local and governmental agencies to help and spread their cause. Melzer has received much recognition for his work(s). Duda of Twitter, He’s recognized as a leading entrepreneur by Ernst & Young, as well as being actively involved with the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. Cambridge also recognizes him as being a top entrepreneur and has even asked him to contribute to choosing future entrepreneurs to be awarded. While Melzer is relatively young at only 44 years old, his accomplishments are enough to last a lifetime and what Duda knows.

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How Co-working Space Can Help Corporations

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The use of co-working spaces has long been popular among freelancers and small start-ups, but now that trend may be coming to a corporation near you. According to a white paper published by office furniture manufacturer, Haworth, large corporations could seriously benefit from adopting co-working space.

One of the main benefits of coworking spaces, the study finds, is that these open work spaces foster a sense of community and sharings. Workers from one company could freely mix with workers from another company and create new ideas and processes that may not have occurred separately. In addition, coworking spaces are less hierarchical in nature, thus letting employees make decisions on the own and express their creativity.


The popularity of coworking spaces speaks to the aspirations of younger workers. They do not necessarily want to go to work for a large corporation. They tend to avoid the rigid structure of the corporate chain of command.


One of the main ways corporations can use coworking spaces to their benefit is by treating them as an alternative to traditional professional training. Employees in coworking spaces can interact with other people in their field and gain knowledge and experience and a more natural, fluid manner. This could also be cheaper than in-house training and gives employees a welcome break from their daily corporate schedule.


Using coworking spaces could also allow similar companies to collaborate on different projects. A few companies could rent out coworking space and have heir employees fork together to achieve a common goal. These projects could move beyond the initial goals and create an even more valuable end product due to te synergy created by the culture of collaboration.


If this trend continues, NYC coworking spaces will be in high demand. Your business will need the help of experts. Companies like Workville are leaders in the coworking industry. They cater to a community of talented startup and small businesses. With move-in ready offices and flexible workspace, they offer all that their tenants need to succeed.

Major Development Projects Proposed for the NYC’s Real Estate Industry

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The New York’s real estate industry is growing at a fast pace. The development projects that were officially proposed in June were colossal office projects. The Tishman Speyer’s project (about 1million square-foot) in Long Island City was the biggest. Among the ten proposed projects: three are residential buildings, one is a hotel, and the rest are office buildings.

Tishman Speyer’s project

Speyer’s project is the biggest. The 27-story building will consist of an office space of 900,509 square feet and a manufacturing plant of 27,569 square feet.

Joseph Sitt’s project

This real estate developer is planning to erect an office building. The 645,100 square feet building will sit on the Red Hook Waterfront (Revere Sugar Refinery’s former site). It will be a five-story building.

Doug’s Steiner project

This developer will build a 248,489-square-feet house. An industrial plant will occupy approximately 126,000 square foot while the supermarket will occupy the remaining 74,000 square-feet.

Michael Shah and John Carson joint project

These two developers plan to construct a new residential building in Brooklyn’s Downtown area. The 150,431 square-foot building will reserve 2,000-square-feet for retail space.

Eugene Schneur and Mo Vaughn

They are planning to build a 148,318 square-foot rental building in the Melrose neighborhood of Bronx.
NYCHA project

NYCHA plans to build a 160-unit building on the Chelsea-based Robert Fulton’s parking lot. The 122,955 building will consist of 18 floors.

Hidrock Realty proposed plan

Hidrock is planning to construct a 31-story hotel in Midtown East of Manhattan.

F&T Group

This realtor will construct an office space of 77,228-square-foot in Flushing area.

Quality Capital’s project

A 14-story retail and office building will be built in Greenwich Village.

Boris Aronova‘s plan

The developer will construct the 57,996-square-foot office building in Midtown area.

Town Residential

In less than a decade since inception, Town Residential has transformed into one of the leading real estate service company. The company has earned respect from its clients and other service providers due to its commitment to excellence. Town Residential provides a broad range of services such as selling luxury residential properties, developing properties and selling them, commercial and retail, and property marketing.

Town Residential has set a unique standard of excellence in the real estate industry, especially when it comes to NYC properties. The company has a team of specialists who have unmatched industry knowledge and professional expertise. Its exceptional business objective and the winning formula have earned the firm several awards.

Kyle Bass And China: What Gives?

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Is Kyle Bass standing in a “pro” position toward China’s version of socialism, or is he against it? Or does Bass have in mind an idealized version of socialism which he’d rather see China adopt? It’s hard to tell. Many would argue that Bass isn’t even a socialist, but his history seems to demonstrate otherwise. From CAD to Bear-Stearns, Bass has a long history of capitalizing from the big-ticket losses of substantial economic powers; just like any socialist. He also has strong ties with a despotic socialist leader. Bass is from Argentina, and the president of that country is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. She has defaulted Argentina on two occasions in only thirteen years, and Bass seems to support her fully in everything he does and says in her regard.

When all these things are taken together, Bass saying China has a “forty to fifty percent” likelihood of facing a substantial economic collapse by the end of 2016 is something which sounds a little iffy. Socialist economic policy has different outcomes that are being sought, ergo predicating different modes of achieving them. Bass also said in the same Business Insider interview that China has built a credit bubble set to collapse within the next two to three years. While he doesn’t see a “Lehman Brothers moment” for the country, he does see collateral damage from the fallout resulting from his hypothetical collapse.

After saying these things, Bass continued the interview and when asked about his endorsement for president of America in 2016, he said that Hillary Clinton seemed to be the “most sane” player. When one considers that Bass also thinks de Kirchner is doing a great job with the Argentinian economy, and that CAD is a great way to help the sick remain sick, it seems as though Bass’ endorsements of China and Hillary may serve to drive American citizens toward obviously bad choices for the sake of diminishing this country’s economic largesse. It wouldn’t be a scheme beyond Bass, or the kind of socialist tactics those of his apparent ilk use on a regular basis. The Chinese crash seems imminent, but it could be that Bass is nurturing an ulterior motive in saying as much.

The Manse On Marsh Exceeds Expectations

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Anyone who has ever had to look for an independent assisted living facility understands how important it is to pick the right one. As a child of someone who has reached their senior years, it was important to me to find a great place for mom. As a result, we started to look into a selection of facilities. We found The Manse On Marsh to be exceptional.

Having a committed leadership team who can be reached onsite was very helpful. The staff of The Manse on Marsh is amazing. Chris Skiff is the center’s owner and we found it awesome that he was there to answer any questions that we had and to talk with us and the residents. The Manse On Marsh is just a very cool place because they have a great staff who care. Our experience is that they care about the community which they serve and they also care about each other. The Manse on Marsh has an amazing location right downtown and there is so much for the community to do. They have activities and the rates of the housing are cost effective too. There are so many things that we love about this center. Perhaps all of these reasons are why they have been getting awards from people who love what they are doing at the center. It’s a very supportive community for the seniors and anyone who needs assisted living.

This center is one of those where you notice that it special when you walk in. You see happy, smiling faces and people who enjoy each other and their staff. We have noticed their movie room too. This theatre is just amazing. The seats and comfortable and they make popcorn and show movies of all types to the residents and their families. You can watch everything from the classics to modern day movies. We enjoy our visits with mom when we go to The Manse On Marsh and it is easy to get her out shopping or out for some fresh air. We love the fact that she s living the good life and a full life at this caring community center.  The good Yelp reviews really drive the point home, and it’s worth checking out their blog for more information.

Sam Tabar Offers Tips About Investments

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Sam Tabar has offered tips for investing in the new year. If there is one thing that is needed for investors, it is a lot of knowledge and tips. A lot of the knowledge gained comes from being in action. Sam Tabar also understands that there are some pieces of information that could be missed while in education or just forgotten. These tips can be used in order to bring into memory sound investment strategies. These strategies and tips can help one make profitable investments. Sam Tabar is one of those investors that is very generous with tips and advice that will help people make great investments.

For those that are making investments without education, it is very important to get as many tips as possible. As a matter of fact, it is better to not get started investing right away except to get a preview on how it works. Otherwise, it is best to step back and observe while keeping the investments out of it. It is important to observe the price action and look for relevant news that has been released at the time of the price change in the commodity. That way, one could get a better feel of the market.

While he definitely has the proven pedigree, besides Sam Tabar, there are plenty of other sources of information that one could learn from. If an aspiring investor is curious, he could learn from the mistakes of someone that has failed in making profitable investments. However, it is better for one to learn from the likes of Sam Tabar. The only way someone is going to be successful like Sam Tabar is to study his career. On the same token, the only way for one to be successful in anything, he has to learn from the success stories in the industry. He must learn enough from the successes so that he could develop a similar mindset to the successful person.

As one takes the time to learn, he must be willing to learn from others who are learning from the same source. They may have some insight to what people like Sam Tabar are teaching. Then at some point, one will be able to earn from the market as he invests in profitable commodities. However, even profitable investors can afford to learn from others. Sam Tabar himself is open up to learning from other successes in order to improve his own strategies.

Sam Tabar has a wealth of information on his Twitter, for people who are looking to profit from commodities. He will tell them what to look for in companies and the signs of a company to avoid. He has made huge profits in companies and he wants others to make huge profits and succeed in their paths. Make sure to follow him on Vimeo to keep learning.