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Raj Fernando Always Gives Back

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Despite the success that Raj Fernando has had in his career, he never forgets where he came from. He knows that he would not be as successful as what he currently is without the different things that people did to help him. Raj Fernando wanted to make sure that he gave back even more than what people had given him.

Starting in college, Raj Fernando was a major player in the trading scene. He wanted to do different things and, for him, this meant that he was going to be able to provide people with the help that they need in trading. He worked for the Market Exchange and he was able to do a lot during that time. He learned a lot about what he could do once he started his own business. It gave him the help and the start that he needed to be able to propel his businesses to different points in his career.

Despite the fact that he had learned a lot from the Market Exchange, he still wanted to do things to make his own business better. He did a lot of things differently than what he had learned and this allowed his business to be even more successful than what it was in the past. It also gave him a chance to be able to do different things when it came to selling the business after it was all said and done. He wanted to make his business better and ensured that he was doing that through the different things that he worked on.

While Raj Fernando works to be successful, he sees the majority of success in the way that he is able to give back. He works with different charities and organizations in Chicago so that he can give back to the community. This ensures that he is able to feel successful and use his success to make things better for the way that things get better with the community. He does all of this so that he can make a better place for everyone who is a major player in the Chicago area.

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The Bid to Incorporate Olympic Valley Threat Fought Off Successfully

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Andy Wirth, who is the current CEO and president of Squaw Valley Holdings LLC, shares his insight into the recent events that have plagued the Squaw Valley community and its residents. The Squaw Valley Holdings LLC is the holding company responsible for the Squaw Valley Resort which is known world wide as a top tourist destination.

Andy Wirth, who has been apart of the North Shore community on Lake Tahoe for many years has also been very interested in not only making this area more accessible to tourists world wide but also to improve the lives of all ages within the community. This community improvement has been very close to Andy Wirth’s heart as he finds himself involved in many boards and other business.

In recent years he also suffered from a near fatal sky diving accident which saw him almost loose his arm. The journey was a very tough one and has taken months for him to return to full use of his arm. During his journey he came to meet a group of Navy Seals that were stationed within plan to Incorporate Olympic Valley.

This interaction saw him return to prior health faster as their will for survival and brotherhood gave Andy Wirth the strength he required. He thanks them for their friendship through the sponsorship of the Navy Seal Foundation. This is done through the iron man team he launched in order to create awareness and raise money for the Navy Seal Foundation.

The Squaw Valley region has had a difficult last few years as both the weather conditions and incorporation threat has had the community and its business’s in an unsettled state. The weather in the recent years has not been favorable to the ski resorts as drought has been troubling the north shore Lake Tahoe areas.

This has not allowed for snow to properly form which is the main attraction in winter. The other issue is the threat of incorporation of the Squaw Valley. According to Andy Wirth this would not be beneficial to the area and could potentially raise taxes and reduce beneficial services which the community rely on.

Andy Wirth told the Reno Gazette Journal that there will be a change on both fronts. The incorporation was thankfully withdrawn and the change in weather conditions has allowed business’s to open weeks earlier than usual. Andy Wirth has further plans for the community to improve the real estate in the valley by constructing both commercial and residential properties.

This is apart of the overall improvement ideas he has for the Squaw Valley community that are close to his heart. The community needs to work together more.

Get full details: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

Does White Shark Media Live Up To The Hype?

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With so many positive claims made by White Shark Media about their online marketing services and capabilities, it can be hard to decipher between what is true and what is mere marketing on their part to attract new clients. This review aims to answer that question using what their clients are saying about them and their experiences over the years, since having opened in 2010. TopSEO’s website reports that White Shark Media has 144 employees under its wing, dedicated to managing a group of 600 clients. Making sure that customers get the full attention that is required to fully manage their marketing ad campaigns has not been a problem yet, but only time will tell as the company expands, as well as the companies their clients manage. So far, they seem to be doing well, and doing it right, according to their clients statements.

A number of White Shark Review clients have voiced their happiness with their services on the Disqus website. The majority express their gratitude for what they have done to give them higher conversion rates and increased sales in general. Even when there is not a full understanding of what these services are doing in the background on, the clients seem to be pretty impressed in what they are seeing happen with their online business ventures. Increased sales in the double digit percentiles has to get any business owner a bit excited, and being able to compete with other companies much larger than you must give a sense of being on the right track for the future. One client is quoted here for White Shark Complaints as saying “Good work really appreciate to work with them!,” but there are so many more of this nature. If you desire, you can read the rest of the reviews at this link:

Most small online businesses overlook the necessity of having a proper marketing firm set into place for handling ad campaigns and optimization for ranking. However, doing this could mean the difference between seeing a business fall by the wayside or thrive as it grows into a household name across the globe. White Shark Media seems to be living up to their claims of carrying their clients into new frontiers, whereas many others simply do not. If your online business needs to expand, speaking with one of their specialists could be the way to go. At least, you may be able to gauge what is needed for you to take the next step through another route.

CCMP Capital – Business Practice Named World Class Investment Partner

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CCMP Capital according to the Wall Street Journal has been contributed by a long line of companies that have existed to come together. It is a private equity firm that is globally know and produces business throughout the world. CCMP capital Advisors has been known and reported to have invested more than $16 billion in buyout and equity growth transactions. The company’s heritage has been producing equity transactions since 1984 with a long line of expertise and years of experience. The company has been well known to concentrate on four different areas of business which have stemmed from previous companies, but exhibited a solid business structure for the company. The four different areas that they mainly focus on are consumer and retail businesses and services, industrial businesses, healthcare practices and chemical and energy services. Their active model structure has named them the world-class investment partner with a reputation that is prominent and outstanding.

CCMP Capital claimed its independence in 2006 and since then has worked to deepen the industry with experts who have driven power and years of experience in their field of practice. The teams at CCMP Capital exhibit exception management force, power and execution. They ensure that clients are taken care of and are satisfied with the business. Their goals continue to increase their business transactions drive the company into a new high of growth along with maintaining the operation efficiency of the business.

The company received much of its reputation and high standard procedures through a man named Steve Murray. Steve Murray was a private equity investor who sadly passed away one year ago. His career started in 1984 when he was studying economics at Boston College. He received his degree and decided to go from his master’s degree in business administration. He graduated from Columbia Business School in 1989. His career started in 1984 while he worked as an analyst for Manufacturers Hanover Cooperation. That was the beginning of his high sustaining career in investments. He worked for many companies throughout the years. All of which either bought the previous company out and branched off to form another company, much like what happened with CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital actually became a spin off From JP Morgan Chase in 2006 and was co-founded by Stephen Murray. In 2007 he was named the chief executive officer (CEO) and president of the company. Murray really enjoyed his time as a philanthropist working with the Food Bank and the Make A Wish Foundation. He also served on the board of many important, major companies like Aramark, Generac Power Systems and Cabelas. He enjoyed helping others and will be truly missed for his hard work and dedication, ensuring that CCMP Capital remain in the spot light like it is today.

Kevin Seawright Proud of Summer Youth Employment Plan To Get Students Working And Learning

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Kevin Seawright, the CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corp, is working with NewarkWorks along with other city organizations to help create more secure jobs for the youth of the city during this upcoming summer.

The partnership has created the Summer Youth Employment Plan which has a goal of creating six weeks of paid summer work available to students in Newark that will not only pay them, but help give them experience in the workplace. The hope is that these paid summer positions will help increase college graduation rates in Newark. Outside of just creating jobs, the plan also incorporates financial literacy lessons, on the job training, college readiness programs, an empowerment lectures.

Kevin Seawright stated in an interview that they have really created a strong program this year and have strengthened it by redesigning the application process and requiring them to apply online. He explained that the online applicant process and boosted interested and as of the start of the week they already have 350 applications from area youth. Seawright also proudly stated with WorldClassMagazines that usually it takes six weeks to get through the application process, but the online venue allows applicants to be done in 23 minutes.

Another large goal of the Summer Youth Employment Plan is to increase the amount of jobs that they can offer to students looking for jobs and opportunities. Last year they had 3,000 positions available, but this year they are hoping to get the number up to 3,500.
Seawright is also focused on providing top financial literacy services to the students in the program. He has done this by partnering with top banks TD Bank and Santander Bank. He explained that by helping students learn how to open and manage savings and checking accounts they will be set up for financial success in the future as well as right now.

The program will kick off this summer on July 5th and will continue for six weeks closing on August 16th. The program employers will pay their student workers minimum wage. In addition, they will have access to the other programs designed to help them as they get closer to college.  Kevin Seawright’s full career is summed up beautifully on SlideShare.

The Tech of Coriant

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Coriant is a tech company that, while new, has been in existent for years now. It first started up as a sector within Nokia Siemens. Inside of the company, the division helped produce fiberoptic cables and other hardware used to boost network connections and to improve the way large businesses and companies interact with one another through the sharing of data. While the company has moved on its own, it still focuses on producing the same kind of material, only now as an independent company under the watchful eye of Shaygan Kheradpir.

When Coriant first started to produce fiberoptic cables and similar networking equipment, this sort of technology had just started. It did prove to be new and helpful with the continual expansion of the tech industry. However, when Nokia Siemens was purchased out and a new management team moved in, the Coriant division spun off in order to create its own entity. Now, as an independent company, the new board of directors still wanted to focus on the creation of fiberoptic networking hardware and software. With this being said though, the company did realize he needed to bring in someone with experience to run the company. Otherwise, without the aid of a new professional who had knowledge on fiberoptic equipment and the ability to manage other businesses, it might struggle to find its way in the new world. With the help of Shaygan Kheradpir, the company found the individual they were looking for.

Shaygan Kheradpir does have experience in the world of fiberoptic technology. When he worked as a department head for Verizon, he helped produce not only the DVR service the company new utilizes, but he also helped create the fiber optics technology for the company’s FiOS Internet and cable service. All of this has prove to be especially helpful and it made him a desirable candidate for the job. On top of being a CEO for Juniper Networks, he served on the board of directors for several other companies as well. Now, he has become the head of Coriant and he aims to do everything he can.

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Brazilian Business Leader Flavio Maluf

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Brazil stands poised to see huge growth in the coming years. This large Latin American nation is one the world’s leading places to do business. Many business investors around the globe have found that an investment in this region can pay off in many ways. Brazil is one of the foremost hubs of industry in all of Latin America and serves a place where many investors come to find economic opportunity and the chance to work with a nation that has many skilled employees and many skilled business people. Those who have worked in this region have found it highly impressive and have learned that it is one of the best places to invest capital in all the world.

Someone who knows the Brazilian area well is native Flavio Maluf. Maluf is one of the leading business owners in the area, and he’s trusted to give leadership advice to the entrepreneur community. He has taken charge of Eucatex, an important Brazilian business and one that many companies around the globe find highly suited for their needs. Under his supervision, Eucatex has grown in the last few decades and started a program of expansion that has been beneficial for all those involved in the company. He knows that it is highly important for investors to consider investing in this area. To that end, he has helped the company streamline many business processes and become much more efficient at producing items for the local area market. His work has also included close supervision of various aspects of production in the market and the introduction of new products here at the same time.

The result of his efforts in this field has been that many people have looked to his company for many varied employment opportunities. They know that he can help provide them with jobs that will pay well and will help them be part of a competent team of qualified workers who can provide their customers with products that are high quality and designed to last. Maluf is always on the lookout for new talent for his business efforts, and it’s a big part of why he’s making movies to help entrepreneurs. He knows that it is important to help locate people who can provide him and his company with talent that will enable them to expand the business and meet the challenges of the coming decades. He and his group of skilled supervisors have done all that they can to attract both new investors to the company and new employees at the same time.  As the head of a family business, you have to run things a little differently.  That’s what Flavio is really committed to achieving.

European Startup Companies Are Investment Targets For Venture Capitalists

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Europe has had its fair share of challenges recently. The Greek debacle and the influx of refugees from the Middle East have dominated the news, but those issues haven’t stopped venture capitalists from investing in tech startup companies in Germany and the United Kingdom. In fact, American companies are investing millions in young tech companies that have a plethora of new ideas and management teams that excel in conquering challenges.

Companies like Salesforce Ventures, Microsoft, Google and Intel, are either acquiring or investing in tech-related companies or other firms that have the potential to produce an extraordinary amount of profit. One company that is familiar with these startup companies in Europe is Highland Capital Management. The Dallas-based Highland Capital Management is known for investing in European assets as well as assets around the world. The company has more than $21 million assets under management, and the firm has a team of experts that combs the international market for potential investments.

Highland Capital was established in 1993 by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada. Both men are experienced investors and money managers. Dondero spent time with American Express in the 1980s, and he developed an investment strategy that he still uses today. That strategy has given Jim Dondero the opportunity to invest in startups around the world. Dondero likes to invest in healthcare, technology and energy companies, but the main focus for other investors in Europe is tech companies. Microsoft, Google and Intel have already invested millions in tech companies in Berlin and England, but Dondero believes that other countries have young companies in other industries that can produce excellent returns.

According to a recent article published by the Seattle Times millions of dollars are being invested in companies like Relayr. Relayr is based in Berlin. The company makes software and sensors for heavy duty Internet applications. Google has invested in the music publishing company, called Kobalt, and Intel has invested in an open-source database company based in Finland called MariaDB. Those investments are just the beginning of a long list of investments, according to Jim Dondero.
Highland Capital Management will continue to invest in Europe as well as other areas of the world. Dondero’s goal is to be one of the top 10 investment firms in the world, and he usually accomplishes all his goals.

Highland Capital Management Celebrates The Success of Their Efforts

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Highland Capital Management, a renowned credit management firm with headquarters in Dallas, has once again received an award for maintaining their positive practices in the market. Co-founded and managed by James Dondero, the company has appeared in the list of the US Hedge Fund Performance, and award that Jim cites has offered them more motivation to offer better products and services. The company, which holds more than $20 billion credit capital from various people and firms, has been selected and awarded in the category of small/large healthcare funds of the year. They have maintained great and fair policies all along and Jim cites this as one of the things that have allowed them to achieve the great outcome.

Running a company is something that requires some prudence. James Dondero is optimistic they will manage to maintain their position despite many challenges that occur in the market each day. This award among others has earned the company more trust from the public, something that spells a better future for them. They are expecting to receive clients, who ate going to invest through them to enjoy the benefits of working with a well established company. For more than ten years, they have offered great services, which have been characterized with seamless management and assistance where possible. This is attributed to the fact the company has invested in having the right staff in place. Highland Capital Management with the help of Jim, has ensured the hiring process only bring on board competent individuals who are committed to making positive changes for the system.

James Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital Management and their CEO, is a shrewd individual with a focused mind. His willingness to try out new things has seen the company upgrade to many products that have proved useful to the clients. Jim has been offering advice to all the managers of the company to ensure all strategies that are laid offer value to the firm. He is also well educated and capable of offering a report about the market and how to prepare for misfortunes.

Staying relevant in the market is not an easy task, but with the help of Jim Dondero, Highland Capital Management has been able to cling on to the top position. James Dondero is also a philanthropic individual and has helped many young individuals understand how to perfectly manage their start up businesses in a highly competitive niche.

Kyle Bass Continues to Make Predictions

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Kyle Bass is the founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management as Wikipedia shows. The company is based in Dallas, Texas. It is run by Kyle Bass. He has been acknowledged by many as a techno guru that has a record of being deciphering economic cycles. There has been so much with the recent developments in China and he states that an approaching financing crisis is imminent. When he attended the Sohn Investing Conference in San Francisco, he spoke about the potential crisis and gave his foreshadowing. He stated he feels it will be even bigger and have a great impact on the entire world. He expects things will become rockier than it did in the crash of 2008. While the global impact won’t be that severe, he does expect the boat to be rocked a bit.

It just so happens that when the crisis of 2008 hit, he predicted what was going to happen. During this time, people thought he was just blowing smoke. However, now that his main prediction came true, people are listening to him now even though he’s also got a reputation as a bit of an investment gambler. He was known as a superstar for quite sometimes and road that high as long as he could. Even all the good he has done can’t outweigh the bad and the horrible calls he has made. It seems that he is always on television sharing his point of view. This conference brought together many people who would listen because China has trillions of dollars standing in reserve accounts.

It doesn’t really matter if they have almost $4 trillion in storage. That kind of money can only go so far when a storm comes blowing in. Less than a decade ago China had a much bigger base. It is estimated that the total net worth of the entire country is about $10 trillion. China is one of the most emerging markets in the country, but they are undercapitalized. If China goes into a recession, it’s going to hurt them big time. It could affect the overall growth of the country by more than fifty percent. As for a recession in the United States, experts don’t feel it will have that dramatic of an effect.

So many people are concerned that when the global economic structures are at a halt that it will cause a recession. Actually, there won’t be any growth in the US either, regardless of what the fall out brings, though it won’t be the end of the world either. The United States already has the banks recapped so that if there is a problem they will have it taken care of. China is anticipating the crisis too. They have bonds printed and this can help them get through times of desperation. It seems that Bass is just so eager to spread all sorts of predictions about the future; the problem is he doesn’t have the best tract record and it’s anyone’s guess who will take him seriously.